Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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Rustic Save the Date Template, Instant Download, Printable Kraft Wedding Save the Date, Fully Editable, Digital, DIY #018-107SD

Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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This listing is an “instant download” that includes a high-resolution, printable Rustic Save the Date template. You can purchase from TEMPLETT and edit templates in minutes. A full editor that lets you customize templates directly in your browser. There is no software to install or fonts to download.

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Country Side Rustic Save The Date Card

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Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

Download the template as a PDF file with the “Show Bleed” option selected. Upload it to our website and we will print it and deliver it directly to your door.

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Download the template as a JPG with the “Bleed Marks” option selected. Upload it to the Zazzle link above and we’ll print it and have it delivered straight to your door.

Find a print shop, copy center, or photo studio in your area, including Staples, OfficeMax, FedEx, Walgreens, and Costco.

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Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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Yes. The text shown in the listing image is automatically available when you open the template, so you don’t need to install new fonts. Our store also offers a variety of fonts that you can modify and use in your templates.

• PDF – for printing at home, at a copy center, or at a print shop (use the “Save Paper” option to print multiple templates on 8.5″x11″ or A4).

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It is best to print on thick paper. 100lb or more is recommended. Most home printers will comfortably print on 90 – 110 pound card stock.

For most credit cards, you can check your local copy center like or Staples. If you are looking for specialty paper, visit,, and This is because there are a variety of products to choose from.

Sorry. At this time, we do not offer changes to current designs listed in our store or requests for new designs. Please read the description carefully and seek clarification before purchasing.

Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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Rustic Save the Date Template, Instant Download, Printable Kraft Wedding Save the Date, Editable Text, PDF Template, Digital File #018-107SD

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Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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Zazzle Rustic Save The Date

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