30 X 30 Floor Plans

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30 X 30 Floor Plans – First, parking in front of the house. The entrance to the terrace is on the front side of the house, dimensions 1.00 x 6.00 m. Going through the large glass door, the dining room is 3.00 x 3.00 meters, which accommodates 4 people in this family. The living area of ​​3.00 x 4.50 meters is very ideal for this small house, it is beautiful and modern. The multipurpose bathroom measures 1.40 x 1.50 meters. The bright kitchen measures 1.80 x 3.00 meters, clean and beautiful. Finally, wash and dry outside the house. Storage room 1.00 x 1.70 m. The most important thing in the house is the door from the kitchen to the yard.

Bedroom 1 measures 2.90 x 4.50 m with a 1.60 m bed and a large wardrobe attached to the 1.30 x 3.00 m bathroom. Bedroom 2 is a children’s room measuring 2.90 x 2.90 meters with a bunk bed for two children, opposite the door there is also a wardrobe.

30 X 30 Floor Plans

30 X 30 Floor Plans

Finally, the hipped roof is made of zine tiles that cover the plasterboard ceiling. This makes the house look simple and modern.

X30′ North Facing House Design As Per Vastu Shastra Is Given In This Free 2d Autocad Drawing File. Download Now.

Similarly, for the edge color of the roof, we choose a combination of light dark and light colors with a large glass door and window to make the house very beautiful and modern.

1 Bedroom (2) 2 Bedrooms (10) 3 Bedroom (44) 4 Bedroom (28) 5 Bedroom (9) 6 Bedroom (3) House Plan Free Download (1) Table Lamp (1)SKU: S-04 Categories : 2bhk House Plan 1 Floor 2bhk House Plan South Facing House Plan Tags: Single Floor House Plan 2bhk House Plan House Plan House Plan South Facing House Plan

Drawings available at this price – working drawings (architectural, electrical and plumbing), structural drawings (based on site conditions) and 3-D views.

Welcome Home – 30’x30′ (South Facing) – S4, a charming residence designed to provide comfort and functionality. This charming home is the perfect retreat for you and your family, offering a comfortable living space that you can be proud to call your own.

Farmhouse Style House Plan

With a 30’x30′ lot size, this home maximizes every square foot to ensure efficient use of space. The well-planned configuration has a 2BHK layout that provides enough space for your family needs. The bedrooms are designed to offer privacy and comfort, while the living rooms create a warm and cozy atmosphere for shared moments with loved ones.

Detailed architectural, electrical and plumbing drawings are included in this package. These comprehensive plans are your guide to easily and accurately building your dream home. Structural designs optimized for site conditions provide a solid foundation that gives you peace of mind in your new home.

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing 3-D view that shows both the exterior and interior of the house – 30’x30′ (South Facing) – S4. Imagine charming shapes, efficient layouts and comfortable living spaces. This virtual experience allows you to realistically imagine your future home and make sure it reflects your unique style and preferences.

30 X 30 Floor Plans

The southern exposure of the house provides enough natural light throughout the day, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight streaming into your home and promoting a healthy and vibrant environment. In addition, orientation improves energy efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint and utility costs.

House Plans 9×9 Meters 30×30 Feet Shed Roof

With a built-up area of ​​900 square feet spread over one floor, this home offers compact yet comfortable living space. The open layout seamlessly connects the living room, dining room and kitchen, allowing for easy interaction and a sense of harmony. Well-designed bedrooms offer peaceful privacy and ensure a good night’s sleep for you and your family.

Invest in Home – 30’x30′ (South Facing) – S4 and create lasting memories in a home that fits your needs. This thoughtfully designed residence offers a balance between functionality, comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for small families or individuals looking for a comfortable living space.

House – 30’x30′ (South Facing) – Don’t miss the opportunity to make S4 your own. Start imagining your future and make your dreams come true in this charming home.

You can easily customize this design, just let us know the changes you would like and we will provide you with an estimate for the design service. Click on the given number to submit your request. +91-8234030892. It was built on the area of ​​the floor plan of the house 30 × 30, i.e. The house is 900 sq ft, it is a 30*30 house plan with parking, in this plan you get 2 bedrooms with kitchen, hall and shared bathroom. You get this house plan with all the utilities, you can also install solar panels here, you can install solar water heaters which will save electricity and also make proper use of solar energy. This house plan does not provide for a large parking lot, the size of the parking lot is 8 × 7, you can garden and park here.

X30′ East Facing House Design As Per Vastu Shastra Is Given In This Free 2d Autocad Drawing File. Download Now.

From here comes the living room, this room is big because the living room looks great and if the interior of the room is also well done, it is even better. Then there is a chimney in the kitchen, a sink is also built in, and a small sink is built near the kitchen where you can store your things.

The kitchen is built in an area of ​​8 × 7, and the washroom in an area of ​​6 × 4. And there is a shared toilet near the kitchen, it is built in such a way that it is accessible. For everyone else, it is exactly the same as the guest room and it is also close to the bedroom, it is 7 x 6′ 5. Then we moved to the master bedroom, this room has a very nice interior and has a bed. The room is also built-in and the closet is also mounted on the wall, the size of this room is 14×13’5 and there is a 6×6 bathroom to this room.

If we move to the second bedroom, this room has no bathroom, this room is simple, but in this room, the wall cabinet and the bed are also made as before, and the size of this room is 13×12 and large, this room also has a built-in window and above it has a built-in fan. This house plan is specially designed with only 2 bedrooms, you will also get all the amenities and then you can do any changes or new work you want.

30 X 30 Floor Plans

Welcome to Design House Plans, offering thousands of plans for houses, cottages and garages. And more, from many world-renowned architects. 30 × 30 Small House Plans 9 × 9 Meters 3 Bed 2 Bath Roof Full PDF Plans. This home is perfect for a family needing 3 bedrooms.

Spacious Open Plan House 3 Bed 2 Bath 50’x30′ Custom House Plans And Blueprints

Note: engineeringdiscoveries.com Your company should recognize my hard work. Thank you for your understanding. 30×30 Small House Floor Plan Features:

This 30×30 house plan is designed for those who want to live in a smaller space, but still have the benefits of a larger home. With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this plan is perfect for families with children or retirees looking for a simple lifestyle. A gable roof will help you reduce your energy costs!

This charming 30 x 30 tiny house plan has 3 beds, 2 baths and is only 9 feet wide. It also has a pitched roof, meaning it can be built on sloping ground.

Finally, the roof shed is made of cement tiles or shingles covering the plasterboard roof. This makes the house look simple and modern.

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For more details, watch the video: Exterior Design 3d: Elevation Design 3d: Interior Design 3d: Layout Plans PDF:

This home plan is a spacious option for anyone with room to grow. The 12×9 meter floor plan offers three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an outdoor carport that can accommodate four vehicles. There is also additional storage in the house which can be used for various items such as laundry and outside supplies.

You are purchasing a PDF file for this plan. Print it whenever you want, as many times as you want.

30 X 30 Floor Plans

I do not accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. However, if you have any problems with your order, please contact me.

X30 Metal Home: The Centennial

1 Bedroom (2) 2 Bedrooms (10) 3 Bedroom (44) 4 Bedroom (28) 5 Bedroom (9) 6 Bedroom (3) House Plan Free Download (1) Table Lamp (1)

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Today we are going to discuss the 30×30 house plan which is also a small house plan designed by our expert planner keeping all the privacy in mind.

Custom Modern Tiny House Plans 543 Sq.ft 1 Bed & 1 Bath Room With Free Cad File

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