800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

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800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans – This small but cozy “country cabin” (plan #141-1008) makes the most of its 800 square feet of living space. 1-story floor plan includes two bedrooms and two porches! A covered front porch spans the entire front of the house, while the back porch is covered for summer evenings.

Each set of plans includes the following elements, but the presentation of these elements may vary based on the size and complexity of the home and the individual design style:

800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

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Square Foot Micro Living Country Home Plan With Loft Overlook

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800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

All plans presented are designed to comply with local building codes when and where the original plan was created.

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Homes shown in photos and renderings may differ from actual plans. For more detailed information, please carefully review the floor plan images here. Beautiful wooden buildings come in all shapes and sizes. These two custom projects are excellent representations of the appeal of small scale post and beam features. As shown below, consistent footprint, no compromise on character! The first is a 468-square-foot luxury man cave, which can easily be converted into a one-bedroom, one-bath cabin. The other is a 780-square-foot treetop retreat designed for private retreats and vacation rentals.

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Without neglecting any style of design or style, this project has many unique elements that stand out. First, it is a roof line on the bow. It is basically a stylistic choice that also adds more shelter function to the porch. Second, curved drywall drywall beams add interest and visual appeal. Finally, the floor plan has been kept very simple for this client’s specific use. The wooden structure itself is a reflection of the property that contributes to the comfort and relaxation environment. This layout can easily be modified to add space for a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or more.

This treetop hideaway is a well-designed little log cabin! A natural vaulted ceiling combined with an open concept layout makes this space feel much larger than its square footage. Primarily used as a holiday rental and relaxation space, it features SIP panel walls and an open air porch. It also placed first in the 2019 SIPA Building Excellence Awards for homes under 900 square feet! Don’t lose your saved projects! Create an account to access your saved games whenever you want. Please see our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Under 800 Square Foot Cabin With Covered Front Porch

Looking for a short vacation/vacation home? With two bedrooms, a full kitchen, dining area, and gathering space, this cabin plan has everything you need for a vacation or extended getaway.

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800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

*Total square footage generally includes conditioned space only and does not include garages, porches, spare rooms or decks.

Floor Plans 3001

Note: This plan is not available for construction in the state of Nevada. Please call if you have any questions.

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House Plan 78476

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$ 1,95.00.00 Square Foot 1 story to $ 1 of the 3 of the 3rd £ 1 “4”. square feet. Stories 6 Bedrooms 117′ 4″ Wide 6.5 Bathrooms 155′ 6″ Deep Plan 20-2066 $1,055.00 to 1,436 Sq Ft 1 Story 2 Bedrooms 52′ Wide 2 Bathrooms 50′ Deep Plan 20525205250 2 Bedrooms 52′ Wide 2 Bedrooms 50′ Wide. 2.5 Baths 38′ Deep Plan 20-2225 $1055.00 to 1195 sq. ft. 1 Story 3 Bedroom 40′ wide 2 Bath 48′ 8″ Deep Plan 20-2356 to $2430.00 6195 sq. ft. ‘Story Bedroom’ 2 ft. wide 2385 sq. ft. Deep plan 20-2364 $1005.00 to 682 sq. ft. 1 story 2 bedroom 22′ wide 1 bathroom 37′ deep Plan 20-2390 $1105.00 to 1664 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 20 ft. bath 57′ deep plan 20-2390 $1105.00 to $2135 0 -2477 to $1055.00 sq. ft. 1382 Bedroom Story 1389 sq. ft. ‘Wide 2 Bathrooms 54′ Deep Plan 20-2487 $ 555.00 4 Bathrooms 41′ Sq. SQURE 38′ Sqaire’ – 3613S. BATTH 3S 3) TO 682 SQ FEET 1 STORY 2 BEDROOM 40′ 6′ WIDE 1 BATHROOM 37′ DEEP PLAN 20-2557 $2030.00 TO 2554 SQ FEET 2 STORY 3 BEDROOM 44′ WIDE 2.5 ‘Deep Bathroom38

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800 Sq Ft Cabin Plans

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