Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

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While gray, gray, and beige have been great trends, there is one color that has an INCREDIBLE quality, and that color is beige. That’s why we’re looking at one of my FAVORITE creme paints, Benjamin Moore Navajo White.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

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Best Cream Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore In 2023

I ONLY use photos of my Online Voice Inquiry clients to show you REAL, REAL homes. This means I may not always have the type of photos I want or the EXACT photos, but I do have great information to help you on your journey.

Alas NO Although the name suggests otherwise, Navajo White is not a white paint, but a CREAM paint color and a very bad one at that.

ROSE is a beige paint color with a hint of yellow without it. And when we get to skin color in the near future, it’s the yellow undertone of Navajo White that makes it a good choice for cool, north-facing rooms, as well as rooms with midday eastern or western morning light.

Navajo White, on the other hand, is not too warm and yellow, so it would look a bit jarring in a downstairs facing room, even though it would be very warm.

Williams Sonoma Home: ‘shaker Beige’ + ‘navajo White’ By B…

Navajo White has an LRV of about 78 or 79. I gave you both because Benjamin Moore can’t tell the difference between a fan deck and their website. However, Navajo White is a WHITE paint color.

With such a high LRV, you can expect Navajo White to wash out a bit if you have a room with lots of light. However, its softness and low profile make it a good choice for very dark rooms as well as rooms with moderate lighting.

The picture above shows Navajo White in a good room facing north. Notice how the color washes over the main part of the wall and you start to see more “color” on the bubbles.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

Not sure what an LRV is? It could save your loved one’s life – read all about it HERE.

Navajo White (947): 9

As you just learned, Navajo White has a yellow tint like the rest of the paint colors. Now, the yellow base can slightly lean towards yellow-green or yellow-orange. Navajo White leans toward yellow-orange, but not enough to balance the yellow, as well as a good neutral base.

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That’s not to say that Navajo White is BAD, except for the colors, it’s just that many people looking for this color choose cream cream and no YELLOW inside (like Benjamin Moore Ballet White or Sherwin Williams White Duck).

OK, yes. But I don’t mean popular in a GOOD way. I can’t tell you how many clients I have who are trying to recreate the look of Navajo White kitchen cabinets and have trouble finding the right paint.

Prestige Paints Exterior Paint And Primer In One, 1 Gallon, Semi Gloss, Comparable Match Of Benjamin Moore* Navajo White*

If you love cream-colored cabinets, you can fill your shoes, but know that it could affect your resale value down the road. Regardless of your personal taste, many people choose white cabinets because they are the most unique and flexible when it comes to new and new styles.

Sherwin Williams Navajo White is similar to Benjamin Moore Navajo White. The difference is that the Sherwin William version has more orange mixed in. You can also check out the Benjamin Moore Gentle Cream if you want more depth (I really love the gentle cream).

If you are wondering what paint colors work best with Navajo White CABINETS or TRIM, please read this blog post.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

Well, how you look at Navajo White cabinets and trim is DIFFERENT than how you look at the room next door with Navajo White. cabinets and trim are more difficult.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White

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Benjamin Moore Navajo White Review & Inspiration

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Get all the details on one of my favorite paint colors, Benjamin Moore Navajo White (not to be confused with the Sherwin Williams color of the same name).

We’ll show you the colors used in our homes, at different times of the day, for a complete overview that will inform your paint choices.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

This color seems complicated because Benjamin Moore has changed its color code several times over the years, so you’ll see it listed as OC-95 or 947. Make sure it is the same color.

Oc 95 Navajo White

Another reason why this color feels flattering is that it changes a lot throughout the day. I like it as a rich cream as well as a warm white.

Therefore, you will see the characters in different lights throughout this post. The color is rich and pure, with a strong yellow undertone, although it doesn’t look like true yellow. Want to learn more? Continue reading.

We started using Benjamin Moore Navajo White in the north facing bathroom with mud and mud. This type of paint is often used by one of my favorite designers, Phoebe Howard. Don’t miss out on my favorite hot whites!

I studied the space he was using and felt it would fit well with the new light we had in the space. I’m right! The colors are amazing, day and night.

Best Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

Our hope is that when we buy a house now, we will only use 1-2 colors of paint for the whole house. However, the lighting in different areas of our house is very different, so I used a few shades of cream that work best for each room.

Our well-lit morning room needed something a little warmer than the Sherwin Williams Zurich white we originally painted. After the roof leaked not once, twice, but three times (after replacing it), we decided to finish the room according to the first look.

Since we wanted it in the mud room, we decided to use it in the north facing dining room. The room is very beautiful, although I like it better during the day than at night because the color is more red.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White Color

Although we painted the room bright white with a hint of yellow, we kept this color in the other rooms because it felt right.

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Our breakfast nook was painted Navajo White (as seen here) before we changed it to bright white a few years ago.

The LRV of a color is important because it indicates how much light is reflected on the luminance scale. Learn more in our What is LRV?

With an LRV of 78, this color is similar to Soft Chamois at 78.94, and Sherwin Williams Zurich White has an LRV of 76.

Be careful with this color cut as it uses light warm colors

Warm And Cozy Cream Paint Colors For Any Room Or Style