Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

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Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick – Update: Since this is a custom color and paint shops may not be familiar with the paint formula to create the paint, I am now sending large hand painted samples to all buyers. Prize- For a small fee. If you take my sample to your local paint shop, they can easily match it for you. Email me and I will send the product to you as soon as possible (products will continue to be sold in 2022 and beyond). Or send $20 to my PayPal to send a reply: and include your message address.

I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a great title for this post 🤔, one that captures the amazing look our new paint color has given the exterior of our house. “I’m not sure of the title.”

Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

“Enough. What I do know is that after all the research and reviews of red brick paint colors, after all the little experiments in our house and outside of it, this blue color is a natural for me and my husband It is definitely the best dog If you have the same red brick in your backyard and want to update your home, it could be the paint colors that will take your home to a new level.

Red Brick House Design Updates With Photos

When we moved into the house, it was painted a sage color with creamy ivory trim that really erased the Cape Cod style of our new home. I think it’s beautiful and goes well with the brick, but it doesn’t hold up and the house looks old. It almost dusted me off. Actually, it was interesting and possible.

The dark sage door is perfect, but again, when I look at the front door, it feels old and dusty. As you can see below, our dog wanted to go outside too 😆.

Anyway, the first thing I did when we walked in was remove the mutton sticks from the side light window you see below. They kicked up dust and I caught them and they’re still on the ground. You can see the wooden shutters we made to replace them cheaply here: wooden shutters for side windows. Shutters provide privacy!

About a year later, we hired a crew to paint the house a cheerful blue (be sure to check several references and get several quotes). Did I get the color right? yes No It grows on us, and this periwinkle blue is definitely an improvement on sage. Once we replaced the custom shutters with DIY cedar stained shutters, I started enjoying the blue better. It stayed that way for about 10 years. You can see the updated garage door is installed on the shutters and they all move smoothly.

Exterior Paint Colors For Red Brick Homes: 12 Best Choices You Can Select

Unfortunately, the door is not fixed yet 🤔. Even after replacing the old brick steps with beautiful DIY mahogany wood steps, I still don’t feel like this front door is complete. We even thought about replacing it completely, but this old door was so strong that it didn’t seem like the right choice. Especially considering the cost of quality doors. Maybe someday, but wait until you see how the final colors make our old door pop…

Get it! Welcome to our home. See how this bold dark blue paint color brightens our front door. So bright you could catch a rainbow 🌈…

Here are some more photos after the painters were done to show how the deep blue highlights the fun colors of the brick and the white outlines the shape of our house next to the forest/pond in the back. The difference is really scary, especially in person.

Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

I really like how the cedar shakes with this dark blue color. You’ll want to note that using a glossy finish on cedar shakes makes them stand out rather than mimicking their unique design. The image above and below really confirmed for me why I think our unique color scheme is “

Exterior House Colors & Inspiration

Then tell me. Can you see the blue in the brick? This is the main reason why I love this color. I only knew it would work because the brick was the same shade of blue.

When the painters were done with all the patching and the cleanup that took days and days because there was a lot of it, they asked me to come out and make sure the color was right. I almost had a panic attack right there in the middle of my living room in my pajamas, but I just said, “Oh right! I’ll be right! 😳.” As I walked out, I slowly turned around, swooning at how beautiful she was. she was. It was definitely a risk, but I guess it could be considered a well-thought-out risk.

I told the couple what a great job they were doing. I even made them cookies 😂.

My husband (note: Rick went to law school while running his painting company during the day) and I spent months researching paint colors, interviewing paint companies, and basically waited all winter before getting one because the price is really crazy (some estimates exceed 10,000). So be careful).

Front Door Colors For A Red Brick House Ideas

This season we had a husband and wife team and as I mentioned before, they did a really good job. There are only two, so there is no “staff” on our property. I told them directly to clean everything every day (be careful with the floor), and not to smoke. There is nothing worse than people smoking while working in your house. When I was younger I tolerated it, but not anymore. The redhead is in charge now.

Update: Since this is a custom color and the paint formula may not be enough information for paint shops to create the paint, I am now sending large hand painted samples to all buyers. prize- for a small fee. If you take my sample to your local paint shop, they can easily match it for you. Email me and I will get you the product today or tomorrow.

Together with our designers and a local paint store we were able to design a dark blue color that matched the image I fell in love with. Isn’t it amazing?

Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

Talk to your local paint store and ask if they can match colors for you. I found my favorite color combination on Pinterest, but this is a custom color combination made especially for our home. If you are interested in the color, I have detailed information on the formula below. Simply take this post to the paint store and show them: Exterior paint colors for red brick houses are colors you can incorporate into an exterior dominated by brick materials. In other words, we can say that it is like the color of the painting.

Top Paint Colors That Complement Red Brick

Color affects other things. This includes secondary walls, doors, windows, moldings, shutters, columns and more.

What you should pay attention to is the choice of color. The reason is that not all shades combine well with the natural color of red brick.

No problem. In this article, we will share with you the 12 best paint colors that can match well with red brick materials in your home exterior design. See the list and information below.

Traditional house with white paint on the first floor and red brick on the second floor. Photo ©

What Color Siding Goes With Red Brick [8 Attractive Options]

In any case, white always comes first. It is true that we cannot deny that white always combines well with any color.

The same applies when we talk about the house’s red brick exterior. If you are looking for a great color to update your home, the first color option we recommend here is not just white.

The combination between white tones and red brick material is not just about compatibility, nor about neutrality to mix white. It’s more about the view that connection can give you.

Best Exterior Colors With Red Brick

When combined with white paint, red brick materials can create a timeless look. Works with any white color, from clean to warm with yellow undertones.

Brick Home Exterior Color Schemes

The image above is a good example that we can show you. It is a traditional two-story house. As you can see, brick materials are used for the walls of the first and second floor. However, it is mainly found on the walls of the second floor. Others are in the fireplace.

This is the second main color in the exterior design.

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