Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

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Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors – If you have a home near the coast or a body of water like a lake, here are some beautiful exterior colors that are sure to inspire you!

Owning a home by the sea may be a high priority for some and I don’t blame them!

Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

While not everyone can afford a home on the ocean, you can bring some of that coastal beauty to your home with the right exterior colors.

Blue Exterior House Paint Colors

From the timeless combination of white and blue you know I love, to soft pastel shades inspired by tropical islands, here are some of the hottest outdoor colors your favorite beach!

Sometimes I think that our designers look like broken records, but this is another proof that whiteness does not always guarantee disease!

It means light, warm, inviting and welcoming, and if you choose white as the exterior color of your beach house, it’s a good choice!

Not surprisingly, another popular color for a beach house is blue.

Beach Inspired Paint Colors We Love

If your house is on the coast, but not near a body of water, the blue exterior is a great way to bring the water closer to the house.

Shades of blue can mimic clear skies and beautiful ocean waters, and are often a great color choice for your exterior.

Of course, I have nothing against a forest green for an outdoor house, but when it comes to blue options for an outdoor house, I think green is amazing!

Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

You have the option of painting your front door a fun color to add character to your beautiful home.

Serene Coastal Living Room Paint Colors

In the same way, the green is more like an ocean, it provides the perfect balance of blue and green.

This color reminds me of the famous houses on the coast of Charleston and is a great way to add southern charm.

The color is also nice if you are right on the water, because your house will be like the waves crashing on the beach, and it is very calm and warm as possible.

Large windows in a house like this also make the color brighter and more airy and you can sit anywhere in the house and see. in the sea.

Marnie’s Favorite Paint Colors For Any Home

I know if you think the house is brown or brown, maybe don’t scream house water, but stay with me for a second.

Think of things like trees, palm trees, etc. that are on the road in a city or town.

Also, don’t forget you can always add color to your curtains, flooring, and front door if you’re worried it won’t be enough on its own. a neutral color.

Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

But when you combine it with fresh landscaping and some color in other home design elements, gray can be a great choice for an exterior color.

What Color Should You Paint Your Exterior Trim? Here Are 10 Colors To Try Out

Hopefully these beautiful homes have inspired you to pick up a coat of paint (or hire a professional to apply the paint) and start building an outdoor space that reflects your style. and your attitude!

Hi, I’m Kerry! Welcome to my home decor and lifestyle blog, where I share different ways to use the calm and peaceful elements of the coast in everyday life. Whether it’s through my makeup, creative work, travel, fashion or fashion, I hope Casually Coastal is a place of inspiration for you. I think one of the most common questions for anyone who shares photos of their home online (ie bloggers) is, “What color is this?” I’ve never been secretive about my design choices and almost every paint color can be found somewhere on this blog, but I think it’s nice to put them all in one place. one. I have a personal style and all my colors fall into a category

In this post I will share all the colors in our house. I think it’s very useful to see paint colors in real spaces. By listing all my colors and pictures of each in a real room in our house, I hope this guide will be a great resource for you if you are looking for a specific color in my home or you are looking for a beach. color concept. When I think of a new paint color, I always look for pictures of that color in real spaces. Not only will I share my color scheme for the whole house, but also pictures of all the colors in my house.

For more information about coastal decorating in general, check out these tips on how to apply your traditional coastal style.

The 17 Best Exterior House Paint Color Schemes Designers Love

If you are looking for Sherwin Williams marine color or a general marine color for a beach house, these colors are perfect for you!

The color scheme you see above matches my heart with the coast and the house. It can be seen that I am very attracted to calm colors that represent the atmosphere of the sea and the sea.

Behr Ultra Pure White was originally used to paint the entire house. I loved it so much that I painted all the cabinets in our house the same color. I get this color with a satin finish that wipes off easily. . The perfect white for baseboards and signage.

Coastal Gray Exterior Paint Colors

I fell in love with this Benjamin Moore color almost immediately. I tried half a dozen colors for our bedroom and the cloudy sky won by a mile. I wanted a strong color that felt calm and peaceful at the same time. In our bedroom, this color does exactly that. It’s a grayish blue against grey, but in natural light it looks more blue. It’s scary but beautiful. It is important to note that in this room there is a wall and windows that usually show the color. You can read more about this paint color in this orange paint color post.

The Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

This Benjamin Moore color may be one of my all-time favorites. In some rooms this color is more blue and in others it is more green – the perfect color. My bathroom is a beautiful shade of blue-grey. If you’re looking for a bright color with blue/green tones, it’s worth a look. I also try to say that it can be a good neutral color for a space with a lot of natural light.

We used SW Topsail paint in our daughter’s living room. It’s a nice soft blue that’s not a bright baby blue. Peyton loves the color blue and was passionate about having a blue room. I was happy to help when I found SW Topsail. It’s a calm blue with a hint of green and gray. It’s definitely not bright and not too full. It’s softer and that’s why I liked it.

If it’s wrong that white is your favorite color, I don’t want it to be right. White is optional. How the color will look on your walls depends on many things. The lack of natural light in our living room made many colors look yellow or pink. It was outstanding – my favorite. I wrote a lot about this color, especially about Chantilly Lace, you can read more here. They are preferably white in color, not yellow or beige. We ended up painting the entire living room with chantilly lace and it was perfect.

Sherwin Williams sea salt is very popular. If you search for “sea salt” on Pinterest, you will find thousands of images of this color. It is a color that really changes and can take on many shades when it goes into space and surprises many people. If you want to try this color, make sure you get a test before you go. It’s much greener in the test than my bathroom vanity shown above. It can also appear in a blue sky in a space with lots of natural light. It creates a rustic feel, perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. So peaceful – the perfect blue on the coast.

Blue Exterior House Colors We Love

White Heron is the white color we used in our kitchen/breakfast room. I tested this color in a small area in our kitchen and it’s really white when the sun goes down a bit, it’s more green. I noticed that this color has some green tints that show up under normal light. In the morning and until noon, this color is the best white in our kitchen. Once the sun starts to set you can see hints of green but I still like it.

Our kitchen is like our host

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