Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

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Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets – Friends… I wish I had a kitchen full of white cabinets (with white counters and white light fixtures). But alas, we are now on our sixth rental in a row with honey oak kitchen cabinets. My minimalist version of the closet

… a kitchen full of oak cabinets. But the truth is, it was always something I tolerated because it was important. I never fully embraced them, or thought about how to tone down the orange tones to create a more vibrant look. Well… House 6 is enough time to look for my favorite cuisine; so this time I decided to do a little research to find out what kind of kitchen designs work with honey cabinets. Today I’m sharing what I’ve learned and giving you the perfect inspiration if you have oak cabinets in your home that you’d rather love than hate.

Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Beautiful white kitchen cabinets for rent. I don’t know that they exist. Well, they do. I saw them But we can’t seem to get there. Whether we live in military buildings (where most kitchens are construction) or we’re trying to find everything we can at the right time and price, we just couldn’t find a good home again. have a clean kitchen

Updating A Honey Oak Kitchen

It’s all good…really. It’s just, looking at these pictures of our last 6 houses…it’s fun. O

I wanted him all the time, he told me over and over again. I think this shows how standard oak cabinets are presented.

Also, a quick look at these photos shows how I feel about their aesthetic. As much as I love redecorating our entire kitchen, I just couldn’t embrace our oak cabinets to make them look…well…well!

Below is our new kitchen in our current home. As I mentioned in my “Before Tour,” this iconic home is spacious and sophisticated…except for the kitchen. It’s a door-to-door builder with “extra orange” oak cabinets, linoleum flooring (a pop color), cream walls, and beige laminate counters with a matching (deep) backsplash. And while we’re allowed to do a lot of things in this house, we’re not allowed to paint the cabinets (and store the furniture).

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To say my work is done here is an understatement. And while I’m tempted to put this space on the back burner and get to it later (or not at all), this space (like most kitchens) is central to our family. We don’t spend a lot of time here doing homework, cooking, snacking, etc. it’s also where most friends and guests enter our house (through the back door, not the front door).

So I’m determined to have a kitchen space that I love, I’m not ashamed of, and I’m happy to host guests and friends. And for that I have to work

In all the rooms I’ve decorated over the years, I’ve never been able to crack the code that makes honey cabinets look so good. So I looked at a bunch of pictures that make them look so much better! Let me show you some great kitchen inspiration and highlight some of the essentials.

Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Since I’m drawn to a lot of white kitchens, it’s no wonder I gravitated toward kitchens that use white colors to offset the honey oak color. In almost all of the examples below, these kitchens feature white floors (usually subway tile), white counters, white appliances, and white furniture to create lightness, airiness, and comfort. Since white is a neutral color, it is not only a safe but stylish choice that can also be changed for the season with beautiful accessories.

Modern Kitchens With Oak Cabinets

Using white in the kitchen runs the risk of looking like you’ve done nothing. To make this classic combination look pretty, be very intentional about incorporating white. Adding a decorative (or peel-and-stick) tile backsplash, hanging window shades, painting white, and accessories and textiles (such as towels, curtains, runners) in different shades of white is an opportunity to intentionally contrast. wood grain temperature.

Another good option is to combine black and white with honey oak cabinets. Adding black changes the atmosphere from airy and fresh to modern and sophisticated, but with a very elegant feel. Of all the different “styles”, this is the most accessible and possible with small changes such as hardware and furniture.

Adding black to the kitchen doesn’t have to look heavy and dark. In fact, many of the spaces shown above are still light, airy and fresh. Instead of relying on black for cabinets, wood, or wall color, use it as an accent island, rolling cart, window frames, backsplash, lighting, and hardware.

At this point, most of our home and belongings are blue, so I was interested to see how blue could work in our kitchen design. Blue kitchens are very modern (still are!), and in cold water they are very different from warm wood (as they are close to the color wheel).

Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations To Try

That said, I can find examples of (decorative) kitchens where the main color is blue and accented with natural wood (not the other way around). If you are tempted to use blue in your oak kitchen (like me), it should be very wide, known to have enough heat.

Almost every kitchen I came across used blue oak and honey, there was one too

A large presence of white (usually in upper cabinets and/or splashbacks). To make this combination difficult instead of youth or mud, bright white materials and even some matte black materials can help the different colors to combine well.

Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

The last color combination that jumped out at me while researching color options for honey oak cabinets was the use of green. This surprised me a bit as the green and yellow tones in the cabinets can be very close on the color wheel. That said, this combination works best when using soil types like woods, moss, and green leaves (not lime or kelly leaves).

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Unlike blue, I think green works best when used as a small or single word rather than a common color. And like most of the examples shown in this post, green looks best when baked with lots of white and some matte black.

So what is my plan? This renovation is “in progress”, and you can follow my kitchen transformation below:

If you have ideas, suggestions, or have found the best colors to match honey oak cabinets (or honey oak trim) in your home, please share them in the comments.

In the meantime, I hope these color ideas and wood inspiration help you understand (and maybe even love!) your honey oak cabinets. Learning how to choose the right paint color to match your oak kitchen cabinets can be a difficult task. I chose my classic farmhouse paint to go with the oak cabinets in this post.

Help Me Find A Stain Color For Oak Cabinets

Replacing your old oak cabinets doesn’t mean you have to paint the actual cabinets. You can take a few simple but important steps to transform the space and bring the kitchen into the 21st century.

I share all of these steps in my oak cabinetry series, from backsplash, countertops, hardware, lighting, and remodeling. Please note that the colors I share will vary from kitchen to kitchen. Painting the walls is the first step in modernizing your oak kitchen cabinets. It all depends on what other things come up on my schedule that will eventually change.

Maybe you don’t have the budget or the skills to renovate your kitchen and need to do it right now. One of the first steps in refinishing oak kitchen cabinets is to paint the surrounding walls.

Colors For Kitchen With Oak Cabinets

Paint is cheap and a great job to start with. When we lived in Texas we bought a dresser and a ton of oak cabinets. Painting the cabinets, on top of everything else I had to do, seemed like too much work and I had no interest in doing it.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Will Stand The Test Of Time, According To Designers

The key to choosing a farmhouse paint color to match your oak cabinets is to find one that doesn’t clash with the oranges.

The first step in modernizing your oak cabinets is to choose a paint color that tones down the orange color of your oak.

You want to move away from cool toned colors and choose a color that has warm undertones. You want to tone down the orange tones in your cabinets, not increase them.

12-inch cubes and 12-inch vinyl cubes that have real paint designed to give the models a realistic look in the colors of your choice can also be used and reused. It gives color

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