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Evite Wedding Save The Date – If you’ve planned (or are planning) a big event like a wedding, you’ve probably heard of “save the date.” But did you know they’re a relatively new concept on the party scene (and by “new” I mean in the last 20 years!)? Considering how busy everyone is and how much wedding planning goes into it, we think it’s best to save the day for the wedding industry after the cakes. These simple cards can guide your friends and family as they mark their calendars and make the necessary arrangements to attend your big day. Save the dates are relatively easy – especially if you use digital save the dates – but here’s a guide on when and how to send your wedding or event date to ensure proper timing and etiquette.

Save the date is the first announcement to your desired guest list before sending formal wedding invitations. It includes important details like the event date, city and state and prompts your recipient to put their chosen date on the calendar. Although save-the-dates are usually associated with weddings, they can also be used for other important events such as anniversaries, birthdays or company meetings. Basically, if it’s an important event and you want to make sure your dream guest list is scheduled to attend, sending a Save the Date will help make that happen!

Evite Wedding Save The Date

Evite Wedding Save The Date

Short answer: no. Long answer: Sending save-the-dates is a thoughtful move, especially when planning an event or destination wedding with a large guest list. Give your friends and family plenty of time to make travel plans, book accommodations, and make sure they’ll be there to celebrate with you. So, while they’re not mandatory, they’re guaranteed to make planning easier for everyone and help you achieve your ultimate goal: to be surrounded by your loved ones on your big day!

Online Save The Dates: Etiquette & Ideas

“How far in advance should you send the dates?” This is a common (and very good) question. Generally speaking, it’s best to send out dates six to eight months before your wedding or event. During this time, guests can mark their calendars and make any necessary travel arrangements, especially if they need to plan work or school schedules. Four to six months before the wedding is acceptable, but remember: the early bird gets the dream guest list! For destination weddings or events that require more extensive travel or events that take place during peak travel times, such as the holidays, consider sending out the dates a year in advance to ensure your family and friends can attend.

If your wedding or event is more than a year away, it’s best to hold off on sending the due date until you’ve finalized the wedding date and location. Additionally, sending dates too far in advance can lead to confusion or forgotten commitments, as plans are more likely to change over time. Remember – it’s not like a dentist appointment where you have the option to reschedule closer to the date!

The save the date should include the date and city of the event along with your name and location of the wedding or event (or event name if it’s a business event). Long story short – keep it simple and clear. You can also include a text message expressing your happiness and a reminder to follow the formal invitation. If you have a wedding website, consider adding it so your guests can be more informed and excited about your upcoming celebration!

Save the dates should be sent to all family members, close friends and anyone else who wants to attend your wedding or event. Basically, anyone who receives the invitation later has to save the date. It is important to compile an accurate guest list before sending it. If you agree to a reserved date, you will receive a formal invitation later, so make sure your guest list is final before sending the date.

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While your save-the-dates don’t have to match your wedding invitations exactly, most couples prefer a consistent theme or design throughout their wedding stationery. It creates a cohesive and visually appealing experience for your guests from the first date to the last wedding reception. A variety of wedding collections are offered for save the dates, bridal showers, bridal showers, invitations and greeting cards. However, if you haven’t finalized your wedding invitation theme yet, we still recommend sending your save-the-dates ahead of time, as communicating your commitment to your foreign guests is the most important thing. In this case, choose a frugal design that matches your desired wedding invitations or whatever. A great option is to personalize save the dates with photos!

First, be sure to confirm the date and location of your wedding, as this information is critical to your save-the-date card. Although you can update the dates for your paperless venue at any time, your guests may not be able to easily change their plans! Also, if you want to include engagement photos, make sure you have them ready before putting out the date cards.

It is important to remember that a save the date is not a wedding invitation. A way to let your loved ones know about the event in advance and allow them to make advance arrangements. Again, it is important to send a set date only to those who are certain to receive a formal wedding invitation. So don’t forget to send out your actual wedding invitations with the big day details for guests to RSVP. Once you’re ready to send out your wedding invitations, check out our wedding invitation wording and formatting guide for all the information you need to create the perfect invitation.

Evite Wedding Save The Date

Well, now that we’ve discussed important date details and etiquette, it’s time to talk about how fun creating a date can be! Think about it, the save the date is your first chance to share your vision for your wedding or event with your guests, so don’t miss this opportunity. The design you choose can really set the tone for your big day, so think about what you want to convey visually.

Save The Dates Vs. Wedding Invitations: Differences, Explained

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Evite Wedding Save The Date

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