Front Entry Door Paint Colors

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Nothing adds curb appeal to your home faster than a well-painted front door. Not only is it an affordable way to add a touch of personality to your home’s exterior, but the update requires little work and the entire project can be completed in a week. “The front door is a real focal point of the exterior of your property,” says Patrick O’Donnell, Farrow & Ball brand ambassador. “Painting it in one of your favorite colors can easily improve its appearance.”

Front Entry Door Paint Colors

Front Entry Door Paint Colors

When you’re looking for paint samples, you want to choose a paint color that reflects your unique style and the exterior of your home. “Always consider your surroundings when choosing a color for your door,” says interior designer Becky Shea. “Think about your windows, roof and everything else that will live on your front porch, so there’s no surprise when that bold or subtle door takes center stage.”

Front Door Paint Colors You’re Guaranteed To Love

Since your front door is the first thing that welcomes visitors to your home, you’ll also want to choose a color that sets the aesthetic tone for the rest of your space. “I always encourage people to try a few different colors in the palette of interest,” says Shea. “While the front door is a different space that allows for an element of surprise, it’s important that everything works well in the end.”

A dark, earthy brown complements a variety of landscapes, so whether your front yard aesthetic is an English garden or a Western desert, your flowers and trees will stand out.

“Chocolate brown is a warm, inviting color,” says interior designer Kate Marker, who likes Little Green Paint and Pepper’s Chocolate Color 124. and environment.”

A pale green, like Little Green Paint and Peppers Pearl Color Dark, is a tried and true shade that can be used in modern or traditional exteriors.

Do You Paint Exterior Doors And Trim The Same Color?

“Teal is a color inspired by nature, reminiscent of the calming tones found in leaves and plants; this connection to the natural world can bring a sense of peace and harmony to the outdoors, Marker said. “It’s going out of style. That’s unlikely, so it’s a reliable option for a long, long-term view.”

If you can’t decide what color to paint your front door, look to the sky for inspiration, suggests color expert and stylist Sarah McLean of Dunn-Edwards Paints. “Use nature as inspiration for your next door color,” she says. “Peace River is a soothing blue that presents itself as a welcoming color for visitors.”

Looking for an attractive front door color that still reads as neutral? Joshua Tree is an earthy, golden mustard yellow that Jamie Davis of Portola Paints says feels unique, but versatile. “Use a foam roller for an even application,” she advises.

Front Entry Door Paint Colors

A front door only takes up a small portion of the front of your home, so Annie Sloan, creator of Chalk Paint, says you shouldn’t shy away from a dominant color. “As a total color freak, I can’t resist multi-colored front doors,” she explains. “Amsterdam Green is elegant and timeless sophistication, referencing the grand Dutch houses that line the canals of this great city.”

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A thick, glossy coat of almost black paint can make a big impact on your front door. “A front door painted in a classic, noble, strong, masculine tone, like a Dune-Edwards horror engine, is always in style,” says McLean. “Make sure you finish with three or four coats of high gloss to show it off.”

Nothing brightens up a home’s exterior faster than bright yellow lighting, says Hannah Yu, director of marketing and color development for Benjamin Moore. “If the door is in poor condition or has been repaired, consider the door with a high-quality primer.”

A dark red door painted on a light-colored house, in the shade like 100 MPH outside, makes an immediate impression. “Red is great for the front door because it’s fun and makes the first thing you see in the house a conversation piece,” says Shea. “It’s a great way to add color without going crazy.”

Don’t underestimate the impact of a sleek, dark front door. “Dark, warm greens that are almost black, like Sharon Williams Jasper, make a dramatic statement that works well with almost any exterior shade,” says Sue Wedden, director of color marketing for Sharon Williams.

How To Choose The Best Entry Door Color For Your Brick Home

Believe it or not, our experts say painting your front door a soft, muted green, like Behr’s 2020 color of the year, is a back-to-nature, relaxing tone for the rest of your home. It can help to organize. “A soft shade of green creates a calming way to welcome your friends and family,” said Erika Woelfel, Behr’s vice president of color and creative services.

For a beautiful and unexpected color that will add charm and elegance to your entryway, our experts say a soft pink, like funky coral from Sherwin Williams, is the way to go. “Add a unique and elegant accent to your home with a pale coral front door,” says Wadden. “It also works well with white siding.”

If you want to mimic the tones of the surrounding landscape when painting your front door, our experts recommend a subtle earthy green like Farrow & Ball’s lichen. “I like green for the front door because it works with nature as a whole,” Shea said.

Front Entry Door Paint Colors

Ask any color expert, and they’ll tell you the same thing: classic navy blue, like Bahr’s Very Navy, is a neutral that’s both versatile and attractive. “Navy is a great choice for your front door and shutters,” says Woelfel. “Especially for a house with a white exterior.”

Bold Front Door Colors For Bright Curb Appeal

Dreaming of a red door but want something a little softer? To liven up your home’s exterior, consider a terracotta shade, like Cavern Clay from Sharon Williams. “A warm, welcoming red attracts visitors,” says Wadden.

A rich shade of blue teal brightens up any exterior. “Rich, jewel-toned blues, like Sharon Williams’ Oceanside, are bold and fun in the driveway,” says Waden. “They provide a cheerful pop of color for homes with bright, neutral-colored siding.”

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Choosing An Exterior Door Paint Color

When home buyers call, the first (and most influential) visual in front of them is the exterior of a property. Curb appeal is important because it causes an immediate reaction, as exterior aesthetics often reflect what’s found inside.

However, when it comes time to renovate, many homeowners underestimate the aesthetic (not to mention financial) value of giving their home an exterior makeover. Instead, they tend to focus their time, effort, and a lot of money on home projects like kitchen and bathroom remodeling, master bedroom redesigns, and bedroom additions. While such updates also add value, it’s important to keep the outside as attractive as the inside, especially if your client is trying to put their home on the market.

Remember, selling a home is all about first impressions, and a property’s curb appeal can attract or repel potential buyers in seconds. Raising your client’s outdoor game isn’t about spending more money, it’s about making their investment work

Front Entry Door Paint Colors

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