Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

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Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

Two new door styles, five new finishes and 24 new design options; it has a lot of new stuff! Available only at Home Depot, Martha Stewart Living Kitchens updates its PureStyle™ cabinetry collection with stylish designs and colors that add lasting beauty to everyday living. The selection also includes countertops and appliances, so you can customize the look of your kitchen. With more than 75 combinations of styles and finishes, this high-quality brand offers beauty to every home.

Visiting A Kitchen Make Over

PureStyle furniture is the perfect recipe for a kitchen that combines style and functionality. This unique material has the durability of laminate and the beauty of color, making it resistant to moisture, scratches and stains from common household foods and cleaning agents. The easy-to-clean surface is also cheaper than wooden furniture and paints. Martha Stewart Living Kitchens now divides its PureStyle cabinets into three types: PureStyle (satin, solid color), Textured PureStyle (true natural grain) and High-Gloss PureStyle (smooth and polished).

The brand new Overbrook door style, shown above in a Feather Gray finish, features a profiled frame detail that creates the look of an expertly handcrafted interior door. The result is abundant and high-quality at an affordable price. This PureStyle door model is also available with a smooth fence.

Also new to the range is the Easton door style, seen above in the ‘Truffle’ finish. It is characterized by a simple tile door. As part of the Textured PureStyle line, the vertical depth pattern flows smoothly through the sides of the doors and drawers, creating an attractive, almost seamless look reminiscent of real wood. Other finish options include Ceruse and Bark Brown.

Dedicated to making everyday cooking more efficient, Martha Stewart Living Kitchens is expanding its beautiful selection of cabinet and drawer storage options. With this waterfall rack, you can store ingredients three deep and still get what you need easily. A clever organizational feature for your four-legged family member is the pet station for storing dry food, treats, grooming products and accessories. Increase drawer space with staggered piece dividers and corner dish organizers that prevent cooking utensils from getting mixed up. The distribution cabinet models can be customized to store pantry items, pots and pans, and serving utensils.

Diy Kitchen Cabinet Refacing The Easy Way To Transform Your Cabinets

Martha Stewart Living PureStyle cabinets can also be used in other areas of your home to create a cohesive look. A work surface with plenty of storage space can be installed on the other side of the kitchen for homework.

The built-in breakfast nook is a space-saving solution that functions as both dining chairs and additional storage space. Use open shelving to display family heirlooms and beloved cookbooks; It is a decorative way to make a corner more beautiful.

Helpful tip: When you meet with the designer, be prepared to provide information about your kitchen, your budget, and your needs. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

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Purestyle cabinets are easy to maintain and more durable than paint. They resist heat, moisture, cracking and chipping, and hold their beauty. We now have 56 finish and door style combinations in the Martha Stewart Living™ kitchen range – imagine the possibilities! I’m so excited that we’ve introduced two new PureStyle furniture colors, Rainwater and Brook Trout, along with storage features such as: a pet feeding station, knife and canister holder, and a heated drying rack. All of these are now available at Home Depot.

Renovating a kitchen can be a big job. To make your life easier, your local Home Depot is hosting several Martha Stewart Living™ Cabinetry events themed around Ask the Pro for Kitchen Week from the 20th to the 22nd. September This allows you to speak one-on-one with The Home Depot kitchen designers to learn more about PureStyle, storage and organization features, and how to design your kitchen. For more information, visit our The Home Depot website. Enjoy these pictures.

Introducing Rainwater, one of two colors recently added to the popular PureStyle finish palette. If you’re looking for a change from wood and darker tones, Rainwater is a real breath of fresh air and will make your kitchen a brighter and more inviting place to cook, eat and entertain.

Classic Brass Cabinet Hardware From The Home Depot

Combined with shelves or shelves, these clean and uncluttered shelves allow for an attractive display of service equipment or collections.

Available exclusively at The Home Depot, Martha Stewart Living™ by LG Viatera quartz countertops have a beautiful tone and depth of color and are designed to blend well with a variety of MSL surfaces. They are the hardest and most sensitive surfaces on the market, and they are also heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, crack- and stain-resistant, and therefore easy to maintain. This kitchen uses the popular Snowcap LG Viatera Quartz from the Martha Stewart Living series.

Now you can add bulletin boards without taking up wall space. Our black and white eraser lines help with daily communication and can be resized to fit any cabinet door.

Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

This is a new addition to my Home Depot collection. Everything the family pet needs can easily be placed in one cabinet. The pet store has large containers for dry food and treats, as well as storage space for grooming products and accessories.

Peek Inside Martha’s Kitchens (and Steal The Looks For Your Home)

Another great addition is this retractable basic knife and tool organizer. This frees up counter space and provides a safe place to store knives and other sharp kitchen utensils. The knife block has movable rods that can be adjusted for different knives of different sizes.

The new Base Pull-Out with canisters includes seven OXO Good Grips POP containers that fit perfectly and hold everything from cereal to nuts to pasta. Transparent containers make it easy to see the contents inside.

Another part of the pet feeding station that I love is the finger feeder – it keeps the litter in and controls food availability.

Less frequently used trays, pots and cutting boards can be stored in the cupboard and removed easily if necessary.

Home Decorators Collection Tremont Pearl Gray Painted Plywood Shaker Assembled Sink Base Kitchen Cabinet Soft Close 24 In W X 24 In D X 34.5 In H Sb24 Tpg

One of the most common questions in kitchen design is how to create as much organization as possible in a small space. Use every inch of your kitchen and choose cabinets and storage solutions for specific purposes. Here’s a three-tier cutlery drawer to store and organize all your cutlery.

The beauty of my Home Depot furniture collection is that it can be used in any room of the house. Our new PureStyle Brook Trout taupe has a great advantage that neutrals have: it helps tie in all the other colors in the room. This earthy side is a beautiful background for the colors of the interior, from the dishes in the kitchen to the bedding and rugs in the other rooms. Pictured here is my second PureStyle color addition, Brook Trout in Maidstone Furniture Style. I like using Purestyle in the bathroom because it resists heat and humidity and doesn’t expand or contract with changing conditions.

This is our linen wardrobe with four adjustable shelves and a chrome door shelf with a laundry basket underneath. This completely changes the functionality of any bathroom.

Home Depot Martha Stewart Cabinets

With stainless steel dishes

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