House Colors That Go With Red Brick

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House Colors That Go With Red Brick – We’re big fans of brick painting, and we’re here to help you find color palettes that might work if your brick needs a facelift. But we also understand all customers who want to keep their natural bricks! Red brick houses can be beautiful; However, it looks good and can be one of the most difficult to work with, especially for color palettes. We are constantly getting emails from clients asking what color we recommend for their red brick home, what color best complements their red brick facade, etc. We think this challenge will help some of you decide how to improve your red brick home.

Having trouble finding improvements for your red brick home? That’s why we created our virtual design service. We’ll help you see what your exterior renovation will look like before you do it.

House Colors That Go With Red Brick

House Colors That Go With Red Brick

This two-story red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – it just needs a little updating to spruce it up and beautify it. Benjamin Moore paints offer new colors: Revere Pewter on trim, Dragon’s Breath for wood siding and black on windows. Dark paint on the roof, beautiful new wood doors and copper pipes are a nice touch.

Of The Best Paint Colors To Go With Red Brick

The red brick house style is a classic style seen in American communities built after World War II. Renovating the front of the building with new materials has the biggest impact on bringing it into the 21st century. Our designers also recommend removing the doors (as they are the wrong size) and updating the windows and doors. Wood accents and copper trim combine with the contrasting tones of Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze to create an incredible solution.

This two-story house has a second floor with a Tudor-influenced facade that looks both dated and unfinished. Introducing the new Hardie® Vertical Panels in Benjamin Moore Graphite for a color blocking effect. Revere Pewter trim accents the roof. A new front door and raised walkway draw attention to the front door.

A few simple updates have brought new life to this beautiful two story home. The exterior is painted and trimmed in Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal, while windows, gutters, new double front doors and an onyx metal canopy contrast the sky-red brickwork. The lighter-than-usual shade of the roof ties everything together.

Another beautiful home that has been given an updated look after a simple update. New modern windows with black mesh and several awnings add a touch of modernity. Further, a wooden gate accent and two beautiful front doors that coordinate with copper gutters accentuate the exterior of the building. Finally, a bluestone walkway and new front steps keep things above ground.

Exterior Paint Colors For Older Red Brick House?

Modern houses have a dark red brick that goes well with the wooden surface. We recommend using Woodtone’s wood-textured side option on your front door. Black and charcoal gray are the new roof, modern garage doors, exterior lighting and Benjamin Moore onyx trim. Finally, we recommend James Hardy’s Upstairs vertical pattern painted by Benjamin Moore in Rockport Grey.

This beautiful historic red brick home has been given a new look with thoughtful renovations. Not enough. First, we recommend new Marvin windows and new double doors. Other black accents include an X-shaped railing between the existing brick columns and a Bahamian-style shutter above the window to the left of the entrance. Classic copper lighting from Bevolo pays tribute to the past. Finally, Tivertino panels modernize the entrance door to the roof.

The bright red original mid-century batiste contrasts well with the white gold. Other than that, there’s a lot going on with the dark shingle siding, navy blue doors, and gray slate roof. We recommend making the brick shine by closing the color palette. A new soft brown metal roof takes off the copper pipes and outdoor lighting along with a beautiful new wooden front door. Added a roof over the garage for interest. Trim, cornices, soffits and new garage doors appear in Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak. And new Hardie® Shingle siding, painted Rockport Gray, graces the front yard.

House Colors That Go With Red Brick

We always recommend taking a sample and checking the color before working. Factors such as natural light, low noise levels and your furniture will have a big impact on how the colors will look on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer an extra large 9 x 14.75 inch peel and stick paint swatch of our favorite body colors. Order your “color still, no problem” at Samplize here.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Moving to a more contemporary design space is the new exterior design of this detached home. Red brick is a ton of this facade because the top is important. We recommend replacing the chimney with Hardie® vertical boards and painting it – and the chimney – Benjamin Moore Graphite. Edges and cornices are painted Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams, which complements black family lighting, garage doors, windows and a new fireplace. Wood and copper accents bring natural elements that appeal to the warmth of brick.

As you can see, many red brick homes were originally paired with white facades and a color palette that we love to double shirt. In this home, we recommend Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore on the side with Pale Oak trim. The entrance has been significantly updated with beautiful new wooden double doors, beautiful surrounds and beyond, sound and a new stone front path.

We are offering this large red brick home with an exterior design that includes modern amenities including new garage doors, new lighting and new front doors. To emphasize the middle two-story window, we used James Hardy’s new concept, drawn in Benjamin Moore’s Winter Wood. Onyx on the trim provides contrast. The stone is warm in the space of the house and we also use it to wrap around the pipe for added interest.

We love lefties. It’s a good compromise between painting bricks and being outdoors. The red brick on the bottom of this home is made of custom Romabio limestone, tinted Seapearl by Benjamin Moore. Limewash gives you the flexibility to allow some of the natural color of your brick as above. It works well on brick roads too! Here we combined the filters with all the Benjamin Moore colors: Seapearl again on the sides, just white on the trim, Sea Haze on the doors and black on the new doors.

Exterior Paint Colors Tips: Auburndale Newton, Ma

As you can see from these examples, a red brick home doesn’t have to look dated. You still don’t have to paint your brick red if you like it but want a more modern look. All in all, you might as well have your cake and eat it too. Our job is to show you how. Let us help by getting started with our color image viewer.

Red brick can be beautiful. It can also be difficult. Therefore, when you are planning the exterior construction of a red brick house, it makes sense to work with a professional. We want to work with you to make your dreams come true! Get started today.

Our designers only use and recommend products that we know, love or want to use in our products. When you buy from our links, we may benefit, free of charge to you. Red brick is far from form – it has different shades, undertones, confusion. The color that complements the red brick is also included in the width. Choosing white and neutral colors as a partner for red brick can increase the warmth of the appearance. Conversely, darker colors improve visibility.

House Colors That Go With Red Brick

“[I] usually look for the gray in the brick and use colors to highlight it. For example, Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore can look good with red brick with a little gray. [It’s] also warm enough to go with most brick,” explained brick & batten co-founder Allison Vaquero in an interview with Hunker. Here are some of our favorite colors to go with red brick, from soft and welcoming to soft and brave.

Front Door Colors For Brick Houses

Looking for a color partner for your red brick home? Or do you mean something completely different? However, our designers will help you see everything before starting the renovation. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

The red brick, white trim and white bottom lines of this modern home create a beautiful look. Our designer used Benjamin Moore’s Westcott Air to paint the interior and exterior

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