House Facing North West For Vastu

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House Facing North West For Vastu – Every person dreams of a successful home. Vastu planning for a north facing house will help bring prosperity to your home. Following the principles of Vastu Shastra for building your home will give you a truly rewarding experience. A Vastu compliant house always prospers.

According to Vastu Shastra, the north direction is dedicated to Kubera, the god of wealth. Kubera blesses your home and makes it prosperous. But this is possible only if the principles of Vastu Shastra are followed.

House Facing North West For Vastu

House Facing North West For Vastu

The north-facing house vastu plan quiet Kuberan. However, if your home does not conform to such a plan, you must ensure that you correct such defects. This will ensure that you have a truly rewarding experience staying in your home.

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How to plan your house according to Vastu plan for North facing house? Which directions are suitable for different rooms and furniture? Let’s discuss all about north facing Vastu house plan which will help you lead a successful life.

According to Vastu Shastra, the main door of your house should face north. When creating a plan for your front door, it is imperative that you choose the fifth step. Kubera likes it as the 5th padi or pada is generally considered to be Kubera’s house.

Apart from the fact that the 5th Padi or pada is auspicious for the Vastu plan of a north facing house, you can choose the 3rd, 5th and 8th as they are known to be auspicious augur. According to Vastu Shastra, Kubera will bless your home with wealth.

The advice of a vastu expert is essential if you want to figure out how to plan the rooms in your house. Similarly, Vastu Shastra provides some guidelines for other things you build in your home. For example, there are certain guidelines to follow when choosing the location of the staircase in the vastu plan of a north-facing house.

Vastu Compass And Directions [how To Find The Facing Of Your House]

Building stairs in the north direction in a north facing house may not be the best choice. A staircase in the north direction is known to cause financial problems.

According to Vastu Shastra, it is essential to find the right direction to build your house. Even a small difference in the Vastu plan direction of a north facing house can create problems. Normally, even a small difference can change the calculation of 16 vast areas.

The easiest way to determine the direction of your house is to stand in front of the main entrance. A compass can help you find the direction of a house if you place it horizontally in your hand in front of your front door. The compass needle determines the direction of magnetic north. If there is a slight difference, you may want to change the direction of the house.

House Facing North West For Vastu

Vastu Shastra guidelines suggest two directions for the living room. In the Vastu plan of the house facing north, you can build your living room in the north-east direction. The northwest corner is also a suitable direction for the living room.

North Facing House Vastu Plan

You must check the guidelines of Vastu Shastra to arrange the furniture in your living room. For example, a sofa, a table, etc. are suggested. Well placed in the west or south-west corner.

You can choose several directions for your bedroom. In the vast plan for the north-facing house, you can place the bedroom in directions such as west and northwest. South and southwest directions are also good for the bedroom.

Southwest is the best direction for the master bedroom. You should avoid southeast or northeast directions at all costs. A bedroom in this direction will bring instability to the house as it causes family disputes. Family members can also develop serious health problems.

Vastu Shastra says that a person should avoid the north-east corner of a north-facing house for the kitchen. A kitchen in this direction can cause conflicts at home.

North West Entrance Vastu For House: Tips To Keep In Mind

So you can consider southeast or northeast direction to build your kitchen. The southeast direction eliminates germs and ensures good health of family members. Because this direction indicates the conjunction of the Sun and Mars.

Vastu Shastra suggests that the dining room should face east, west or north. The person sitting at the dining table should look in this direction while eating. According to the Vastu plan, you can choose the west direction to make your living room in a north facing house. A house with north west entrance can give you a very high cash flow rate, but the outflow is faster than the inflow rate. These houses are always sensitive due to increased frequency of quarrels, lack of coordination and lack of harmony. These families are more prone to a high level of jealousy towards their near and dear ones. Having a kitchen in the northeast and two toilets and a bathroom in the southeast definitely causes long-term health problems in such houses.

At the same time, it is also responsible for issues related to cash flow, academic progress and health. This creates bottlenecks, delays and a large proportion of unproductive costs. A child’s bedroom in the northeast is good, but God’s abode is the parents’ bedroom. The master bedroom is well placed in the southwest, but it is still ineffective because the head is facing west and faces a part of the encroachment from the central region – Brahma, but moved diagonally from the opposite corner, the same bedroom as the head. south will make this master bedroom completely positive.

House Facing North West For Vastu

A canal with a toilet and bath in the southeast, another toilet and a cut in the south are more likely to have problems in marital relations. A wound in the west causes physical, mental or financial instability. In the child’s bedroom, the abode of God should be moved from northwest, north, to northeast east. This house is only 25% positive; However, with proper evaluation and thorough measures, it can be converted to 95% positive without structural collapse. Residential Vastu Vayavyamukhi Vastu | Vaastu for North West Oriented House | August 2, 2018. By Sanjay Kuti. 44711 views

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Vayava direction is approximately fixed at 292.5° or 337.5° in Vastu Compass | There is an additional direction in the wind direction condition north direction | Vayavya Disha Ka Swami Graha Hai| जे ही सुर्य में पशिशिम आस्त होता होता हैरिशिम मी मैक्षा में इत होने ला गाता है | Agya Dikpala Havayom Devata Marut Dev Hai | choongi vayavya garmmam r thande milan b indu hi hi agya keshtar vayye parvatam tan he |

Vayu Ka Nishti Swavar Hota Hai – Bahana | Suku yai pupu pupu rukuttai atiku qpu wayai wai welpu gaasa waya ya yai parai So it is not the best place for the bedroom of the head of the house but the best place for the guest room. Due to the air, it is especially useful for people who want to stay away from their parents.

This dish is also a great place to store food.

Also, this direction is suitable for married women’s bedroom, pet bedroom and one bedroom. Vayu Bhi Samana has the royal nature of Agni.

North Facing House Vastu

If the way you enter the house is located in the north-west direction of the house, then your house is said to be west-facing.

The location of the main door has a special significance in architecture because jet architecture adhibya ko has an earthquake don ko 32 dumbbells vivia kia jati | This is date 32 of 32

Adhiya aru dhyan dene wali bath hai ki ki bhee bhavan naam diogala dishana, agadhaam satyam, vayavya) mem mikya dwaram illa bathe hai | In a west-facing building, the main entrance can be built on the fourth or fifth floor in the west or, if possible, in the north. [ Main gate to know vastu read it – /main-gate-vastu ]

House Facing North West For Vastu

1- The slope of the house and the house

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