How To Build A Corner Bookcase Step By Step

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How To Build A Corner Bookcase Step By Step – I’m so excited to reveal the first room in our new home: the library! This is our favorite room, my husband comes for coffee every morning before work, my kids love to sit on the floor and draw, play with stickers (or draw from all the magazines on the shelf), and I love to watch. all our beautiful and beautiful things with beautiful memories. This isn’t the first BILLY Bookcase app you’ll find, but it’s the first app with a corner device! I wanted the whole room to roam Princess Belle style, so adding a corner and adding a CD tower to fill the entire wall took some ingenuity. We decided not to add stairs because guys, but maybe that’s something we’ll add in the future!

We love books very much. While most of the rooms I’ve inspired on Pinterest don’t have books on the shelves (ugh, what?!) they’re in a row (are you kidding!?) or decorating tips that say they have books have to be with brown paper, and the same color doesn’t appeal to me. eye rotation). This is a legitimate collection of books organized by topic and as organized as possible!

How To Build A Corner Bookcase Step By Step

How To Build A Corner Bookcase Step By Step

I found a few tips on how to organize and style shelves, and I plan to publish a full post later that day, so stay tuned! Simple little things like working on the diagonal, coordinating metals, textures and colours. Overall it’s a bit crowded – definitely not minimalist – but it’s really special to stand close, look at the size of each shelf and find little hidden treasures! Of course, I filled the bottom shelves with kid-friendly books, toys, and boxes full of stickers and pencils.

Piano Modern Corner Bookcase Display Unit

And we built it ourselves! Can you believe this? My husband did a great job! This was definitely a “me” project and ultimately a “you” project, but he was willing, able, and really delivered. I did the planning and construction of the IKEA shelves, but the cutting, painting, and building (and thus the hard parts) were in his capable hands. I’d like to think I dug out the green painter’s tape and it turned out to be a great investment!

Here’s how we do it. It’s not that hard, it takes a while to get through all the stages but it’s worth it, I promise. I was still in my first trimester (which was messy) and he was working shifts so we could only work when time and the baby allowed, but we were able to do it within a few weeks. If you can do it consistently, I’m sure you can do it on the weekend…maybe a long weekend haha!

Step One: Remove trays, stoppers, grids, etc. remove it. Technically there is a “zero step” to determining how many shelves you need in your room, how far apart the shelves are, and how high the extension needs to be. Get as close to the ceiling as possible. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to remove the shelf panels (if your shelves don’t cover them) and anything else that’s preventing the shelves from being supported.

Step two: build the shelf, determine the distance, drill holes for outlets, grilles, etc. We have four regular BILLY bookcases, three narrow BILLY bookcases (one of which will be the corner), and a GNEDBY CD tower (see steps two and four for technology). ) has two long extensions that will each fill a 9′ ceiling. We placed them on the wall, measured the distance between them, measured carefully, and then determined where to cut the back panel to reattach the grille. Since the finished room didn’t require as much wiring, we decided to sacrifice some covered electrical outlets.

Diy Ladder Bookcase

Step Three: Create the Height Expansion Unit. Each shelf requires two units, and we installed them on the shelves according to IKEA’s instructions.

Step four: DIY height extensions for shelves that don’t come with IKEA height extensions. The CD tower didn’t come with an IKEA height extender so we had to build our own and I think we were very smart there. We just bought a second CD tower, cut it to the height we needed to add it, and attached it to the main shelf using two unused CD shelves. It worked perfectly.

Step Five: Extend the depth of the corner unit yourself and attach it to the wall. This particular move surprised me! IKEA has a BILLY bookcase on their website that comes with a corner unit and three shelves… but NO! It’s not technically a corner, it’s just a narrow BILLY bookcase in the corner! I’m so impressed by this! I had a BILLY corner shelf in my dorm room a few years ago, legit a corner shelf, pentagonal, just what I expected. No, it’s just a narrow shelf with a bracket to hold it at an angle to other shelves (we don’t use it). I was very angry, I won’t lie. Because instead of being pushed and bolted directly into the wall, it stood out flush with the other shelves and didn’t touch the wall at all. So we used angle-cut 2 x 4-inch lumber to create the space we added to the wall and shelves. This was a little tricky because your corners need to line up perfectly with the BILLY bookshelves on both sides, so do this step before attaching anything else to the wall.

How To Build A Corner Bookcase Step By Step

Step Six: Make yours narrower than the BILLY bookcases, then attach all the shelves to the wall. So the GNEDBY CD tower is not as deep as the BILLY bookshelf, which means it won’t touch the wall when stacked with other shelves. But that wasn’t a big deal, we used 2 x 4 inch wood that we nailed to the wall and shelf to create the space. After this process is completed, we press the middle of each shelf, maintaining the required distance between them, and attach it to the wall.

Easy Diy Corner Shelf

Step seven: Independent ports on the side walls to connect the front panels. Since there wasn’t an easy place to attach the front panels to the side wall, we used several pieces of 2 x 4-inch lumber to create a mounting surface. We nailed them at an angle, but if you have the foresight, I think you could do this step all the way to the pegs and then nail them straight down with a hammer. But that’s not a big deal, it’s your decision! We were more interested in stacking things and stacking them first.

Step Eight: Install the front, top and bottom edge panels. It is then drained, applied and painted. We used nails to attach 0.25-inch plywood to the front of the bookcase. We then did the same to fill the ceiling and floor gaps. We had to cut a few pieces because the plywood wasn’t long enough for one large strip, but these points and nails were then covered with glue so the seams weren’t visible. Make sure to fill any gaps between the plywood and the bookcases (front and side). Then we painted the plywood with primer. My husband took it to the IKEA store to get a match for white paint, but the exact formula is: Behr, Base 7900, BEHR ALKYD EAMEL/SATIN, Custom Color Match, LRNT oz/84th, CL 0/12, EL 0/4, and scan code It became 706518355746. Even though I don’t like looking through holes in bookshelves, I DEFINITELY decided to go. The reason I say this is because one day I won’t need to keep all my valuables out of reach of children, and maybe I’ll want to rearrange my shelves and avoid pulling the seal. through these holes.

Step 9: Install sockets, grills, etc. remove it. reinstall. Now that everything is in place, reinstall the outlet covers and grilles removed in step one. Easy.

You have a corner DIY BILLY bookcase, how cool! If you use it, let me know in the comments.

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