Ici Dulux Paint Colour Chart

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Ici Dulux Paint Colour Chart – Be inspired by our 20-year history of Color Futures in our special edition and discover all the colors from two decades of trend research and color analysis.

Our Dulux Professional Color of the Year 2023, Wild Wonder™ is a bright and vibrant tone that celebrates and reflects the magic of nature.

Ici Dulux Paint Colour Chart

Ici Dulux Paint Colour Chart

Dulux Professional is the first to launch this innovative product which delivers the same high performance and superior weather protection you trust, requiring just one less coat, saving time and increasing productivity by up to 30%

Litre Ici Dulux Gloss Finish/cat Kayu/cat Besi

An up-to-date, best-in-class range, including the world’s most popular and trendy colours. With great color composition and flow, it’s time for a new fan stick for a color palette you can use for years.

Our professional partners expect the highest quality and standards, and we keep those promises. We give our partners the tools for their professional needs to create better results. Our partners’ happiness from the joy of their customers, our pride from the success of our partners.

Dulux Professional constantly invests in developing new designs and techniques. We believe in always providing our partners with the best performance products so they can create the best space for a bright future.

As partners in close cooperation, we bring together a special team of professionals, especially for your sector. Our team works with you to create tangible solutions, support your entire project and collaborate with decision makers at all key stages. You know you can rely on Dulux Professional as a total solution provider to complete your project reliably, easily and on time.

Dulux Weathershield 1l P2 For Exterior Wall *available In Multiple Colours (cat Kapur)

Our team works with you to create tangible solutions, support your entire project and collaborate with decision makers at all key stages.

Specification support We offer full specification support with a range of products and color solutions for your projects

Sales support We provide full sales support to ensure your projects are supported every step of the way. Also, the climate in Brisbane is hot and humid. When you choose Dulux ceiling paint, you want a paint that serves the dual purpose of enhancing the beauty of your home and keeping your home cool in the warmer months. Choosing light colors for Dulux ceilings such as white, white and cream will help keep the heat out and keep your roof space cool. These lighter colors are the best choice for energy-conscious homeowners who want to reduce costs on their energy bills. Darker colors of Dulux roof paint such as Ebonite, Indian Red and Dark Brown will absorb heat and may not be suitable for residential and commercial buildings in Brisbane.

Ici Dulux Paint Colour Chart

It comes down to personal preference. Use the same color as Dulux roof paint if you want the roof and gutters to blend seamlessly. This will give your home a modern finish that will enhance its overall beauty. You can then project your personality onto other surfaces, such as the front door and mailbox. Alternatively, you can choose another complementary color from the Dulux color chart for your gutters, or a color that is lighter or darker than the color you have chosen for your roof. Having a roof and gutters in a different color can make your home look more modern.

Ici Dulux Inspire Exterior Paint Collection 1 , 5 & 18 Liter Arizona White / Parchment / Tawny Birch

Contact one of our professional ceiling painters to match your current Dulux ceiling colour, or help you choose a new Dulux color scheme for your home. Dulux paint color looks different on the card than in real life. As a general rule, colors will appear brighter when applied to a large, shiny surface, such as your ceiling. We recommend that you request a sample from our team to help you decide which Dulux paint color is right for you.

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