If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due

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If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due – Although not directly related to modern Valentine’s Day traditions, the celebration of love in February dates back to the Romans. The festival of Lupercalia was a pagan fertility and health festival celebrated from February 13 to February 15, dating back to at least BC. It was celebrated in 44 AD (the year Julius Caesar was assassinated). Some historians believe it goes back further, perhaps under a different name.

Associated with the Roman god Luparchus (similar to the Greek god Pan), the festival was originally meant to bring health and fertility to shepherds and their flocks and herds. As it became more absorbed into Roman culture, it celebrated Lupa, the wolf that nursed Rome’s legendary founders Romulus and Remus to health (another reason for its name). Ritual sacrifices took place in the cave on the Palatine Hill where Rome is believed to have been founded.

If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due

If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due

Ceremonies included animal sacrifices, dressing of goat skins, and stripping. Priests sacrificed goats and dogs believed to have “strong sexual tendencies.” A wine party will follow. When the people were all fat and happy, the men took off their clothes, painted their naked bodies with old sacrificial skins, and ran through the city to attack the naked women.

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Lupercalia, which many say was celebrated by the ancient shepherds, has some connection with Lycia in Arcadia. At this time many noble youths and courtiers strip the city and run naked, and they resist the laughter with sport. Many high-ranking women also deliberately obstruct their path, clapping their hands like schoolchildren, believing that it will help the pregnant woman to conceive and become sterile.

It is speculated that matching at weddings is similar to what people did on holidays in the Middle Ages. Be it the first marriage, the subsequent youths draw the girl’s name and pair them randomly in marriage. Marriage can be terminated if both spouses agree. Otherwise, they separated.

Over the years, Lupercalia was celebrated less by the upper classes and aristocracy and enjoyed more by the working class. Indeed, the rich insulted each other to participate in the “Lupercalia” festival.

In the 5th century, Pope Hilary tried to ban this holiday because it was against pagan practice and Christianity. Pope Gelasius I banned it in the late 5th century (AD 496). In a long letter to all the Roman nobles who wished to continue the ceremony, he said: “If you affirm that this custom has a favorable power, establish it in the example of the ancestors; Run naked to fix mockery.’

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Pope Gelasius instituted another Christian holiday, which was declared to be celebrated on February 14, and St. Valentine was declared the patron saint.

Between the second and eighth centuries, the name Valentine took on the Latin meaning “strong or strong.” Dozens of different Valentines have spread through Christianity over the past two thousand years, including the Pope (who was pope for only two months in the 9th century). The Valentine to whom Pope Gelasius dedicated his feast seems to have consisted of two or three different persons. They never explained who they were trying to respect even the Catholic Church today.

Some say that one of the 3rd century Valentines was beheaded under Emperor Claudius because he had improperly married a Christian couple. Claudius (like other emperors before him) believed that soldiers fought better and were more loyal if they were single and had no wives to return home to. So he forbade soldiers to marry.

If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due

Another account states that Valentine was executed in the Roman province of Africa in the 4th century for his apostasy. Another was the 3rd century bishop of Interamna (Italy); His head was cut off.

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Back to 496: Pope Gelasius I instituted the festival as the patron saint of Saint Valentine, and some believe it replaced Lupercalia. After all, it has been the practice of the Catholic Church since time immemorial to Christianize pagan practices. Whatever the motivation, the new festival of Gelasius was not really adopted and was not celebrated in mid-February for the next several thousand years until the 14th century.

(Although Pope Gelasius banned Lupercalia and proposed a new holiday, most historians do not associate this holiday with modern Valentine’s Day because it seems to have nothing to do with love. For example, there are assumptions that it was just a festival of purification.)

So what about the ultimate straight birth on Valentine’s Day? It started with Geoffrey Chaucer who became famous as a writer

. However, he also wrote other things, such as “Fulder’s Parliament”, a 700-line poem written in 1382 to celebrate the 1st anniversary of King Richard II of England and Anne of Bohemia. This poem is generally considered to be the first clear Valentine’s Day/romance written in one line (actually translated into modern English).

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“Because it’s St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird imaginable comes here to pick a mate.”

Some scholars believe that Chaucer invented the Valentine’s Day/love association, which is not mentioned in any surviving writings, and he may have helped spread the idea. At the time Chaucer wrote this poem, at least three other notable authors (Otto de Nebere, John Gower, and Pardo of Valencia) had mentioned St. Valentine’s Day and the mating of birds in their poems.

However, we think of Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day in 1477, when Margery Bruce wrote the first Valentine to John Paston, titled “My dear Valentine.”

If You Conceive On Valentine's Day When Are You Due

Tomorrow is Saint Valentine’s Day, early in the morning, I’ll be at your window to be your lover.

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It wasn’t until around the 18th century that the idea of ​​exchanging love cards on Valentine’s Day became popular in Great Britain, first handmade and then commercially produced (at first called “mechanical valentines”). The tradition of exchanging love letters on Valentine’s Day soon spread to America. Father Esther A. ran a large book and stationery store. Howland took Valentine’s Day and decided it was a good way to make money; Thus, in the 1850s, the United States was prompted to begin mass-producing these cards. Others followed suit.

Since then, the holiday has grown into an absolute marketing and monetization machine (second only to Christmas in terms of consumer spending). And, according to the Greeting Card Association, more than 25% of all cards sent each year are Valentine’s Day cards, amounting to about a billion cards each year. In the 1980s, the diamond industry decided to corner itself and began launching marketing campaigns promoting Valentine’s Day as a day to show off your jewelry.

So this Valentine’s Day, when your arms are full of roses, chocolates and Valentine’s cards, you know who to thank – Pope Gelasius banned nudity, drunken pagan rituals and head banging. Persons supposed to be married and Geoffrey Chaucer and his Parliament of Fowles.

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