Kerala House Plans 1500 Sq Ft

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Kerala House Plans 1500 Sq Ft – Looking for a small, family-friendly home design on a tight budget? What about a single layer design? Nowadays people are very fond of single layer designs in Kerala. This is my good budget project for home designers and builders (only INR 13.5 million). Check out the project! Project Details Residence […]

If you are looking for a custom built and designed home, check this out. At first glance, it looks like a house made of blocks. But if you look closely, you can catch its beauty. The room is decorated with granite-like brick columns, […]

Kerala House Plans 1500 Sq Ft

Kerala House Plans 1500 Sq Ft

Single Storey House Design In Kerala: Posted Photos Every day you come across such a wonderful house. It is aesthetic, luxurious and affordable. With this, almost anyone looking for a new, single-story home can do so. At first glance you […]

Kerala Style Double Storey House Plans Under 1600 Sq.ft. For 5.5 Cent Plots

A single storey house in Kerala doesn’t get any better than this. It is characterized by an amazing mix of modern and traditional architecture. The architect’s options are limited to 1070 square meters. Some parts of the front wall appear to be made of wood. sitting […]

A modern single-storey house is perfect for a small family. The 1,480 square meter area has all the necessary amenities to make living easy. This room is again inspired by the flat roof, making it very modern and stunning. The surrounding walls […]

Are you an architect or designer? Send your work to [email protected] and we’ll publish it absolutely for free! Looking for two bedrooms? Or a small family? Here’s a great homemade tent that won’t cost you much. Measuring just 1,337 square feet, this home has a simple yet elegant design. The top of the flat roof is not visible, but […]

This one-story, 1,000-square-foot porch couldn’t be better than this gorgeous floor plan. It has some of the smallest designs of traditional residential areas in Kerala. With 3 bedrooms, this plan has everything you need to make your home a comfortable one. It has bathrooms, a living room […]

Bedrooms 1550 Sq. Ft. Modern Home Design

It is not easy to find a decent project to build a one-story house. This project may change your mind. The plot occupies 1270 square meters and is distinguished by its simplicity. The height of the cover is sufficient to provide an overview of the entire design. You have chimney and […]

This is a beautiful 3 bedroom single storey house in Kerala with well thought out elevations and plans. A house occupying 1320 square meters of space should generally be comfortable and beautiful. Columns often have a traditional structure, but are essentially modern. A flat roof makes […]

Affordable Homes in Kerala Are you looking for a beautifully designed home on a tight budget? Then this home could be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. An architect will work it out and you’ll get the best bang for your buck. A small area […]

Kerala House Plans 1500 Sq Ft

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Bedrooms 1500 Sq. Ft. Modern Home Design