Lined Drapes For Living Room

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Lined Drapes For Living Room – When you think of curtains, you might think of the messy, heavy, floral variety from your grandmother’s living room. However, screens have come a long way from the sight of your childhood memories. You don’t believe us? We rounded up 10 living rooms that prove curtains can still be cool.

But before we dive into inspiration in all its glory, let’s go over a short lesson about screens. While curtains boast a light, sheer, airy quality, draperies are heavy and lined, sometimes with fabric thick enough to block out natural light. They are attached to a rod in a sleeve of eyelets, rings, hooks or built-in fabric and hang from the floor, sometimes even sunk under the window. If you want to create a layered look across the walls or add an element of natural light control, drapes are the way to go.

Lined Drapes For Living Room

Lined Drapes For Living Room

While drapes can often be used to bring dimension and contrast to a space, we love how this tonal living room uses drapes in a practical way, keeping things minimal. The brown fabric on the wooden wall adds a little texture when open and blends in with the wall when closed. Overall, they create their own aesthetic and leave the spotlight where it belongs, on that standing marble mantle.

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Because they hang high and boast vertical fold lines, curtains have a way of elongating any room. Our favorite trick to make a room feel taller is to place your curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible, regardless of where your window is. By doing this, the eye thinks the room is taller than it actually is. This is a very simple decorating technique, but it makes a big difference in the outcome of your design.

Whether you’re renting or prefer not to mess up your clean white walls, drapes can be your answer to adding color from floor to ceiling without paint. This room has a touch of soft pink, thanks to the patterned drapes, but if the drapes are closed, they would be a stunning alternative to a pink painted wall. A pair of curtains with a bold accent color is probably the easiest way to give your living room a new color, and the best part is that it’s temporary, so feel free to switch things up every now and then or whenever the mood strikes. .

Patterned curtains can be hard to pull off, but when you find a print that works, it can mean a beautiful room and one that stops you in your tracks. If you want to work with patterns, it’s important to consider the color scheme and other prints used in the room. By doing this, you want to create a cohesive design and not make the space too busy. Notice the cream and black geometric pattern of these curtains and how they tie in perfectly with the color and composition of the artwork hanging on the adjacent wall.

Curtains are the perfect addition to living spaces that double as media rooms because of their ability to block out natural sunlight. While we love light and airy spaces, it’s impossible to be engrossed in your favorite shows when the sun is shining brightly on the TV screen all afternoon. Place heavy curtains on all the windows in your living room to transform your space into a perfect viewing room when you want, but rest easy knowing you can pull back the curtains whenever you want to let in natural light. .

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Although it’s all about the fabric, the rod you choose to hang your drapes from is just as important as the fabric you choose. Although an essential piece of hardware, a curtain rod can compliment any style of decor, from industrial to rustic, or shabby chic to modern glam. The combination of black rods and white drapes on this window work well to tie in the achromatic color palette that flows through the rest of the living room.

We love how long and luxurious drapes can make a room look, but length plays an important factor in the overall design of a room. If they are too small, they can look cheap and throw off the entire space decor. If they are too long, they can look messy. Instead, install a pair that simply treads or partially laps the floor for a custom and therefore expensive look. Our tip: Measure the height of your window before investing in a pair of curtains you love.

The shape of windows can make dressing difficult, but leaving windows bare can make a room feel unfinished, no matter how well you decorate. Do yourself a favor and go the extra mile to find the right rods and make some fabric. Your living room will finally look complete from all angles.

Lined Drapes For Living Room

If your living room has multiple windows, dress in the same fabric using the same rod and hang at the same height to create a cohesive, expensive look. If you can’t find multiples of the same design, try sticking to the same color palette for a consistent feel.

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Although curtains may seem like a utilitarian item used only to keep out light (and noisy neighbors), they are an extension of your room’s design. If you’re going for a slightly retro 70s vibe, for example, it makes sense to install a pair that shares a nostalgic feel. Consider gold-colored velvet to tie the rest of the room together.

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