Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors

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Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors – We’re seeing more and more consumers opting for black and dark colors for the exterior of their homes in 2021, and we’re excited for that. New paint and siding technology allows for darker colors without fading, and more people are opting for bolder, bolder color palettes. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite black exterior paint and dark gray paint colors so you can decide for yourself which option works for your home.

Brick and siding samples can help if you need help deciding which paint color is right for your home’s exterior. A virtual home design service can help you visualize your new curb appeal before making any expensive commitments.

Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors

Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors

Black Knight by Benjamin Moore is a dark, black exterior with rich green accents that we love. At an LRV of 4.76, it’s a bold choice for your home’s exterior. It’s very saturated, so we recommend pairing it with natural tones like wood and landscaping to soften it a bit. Too boring for your taste? Try using Black Knight as an accent for trim or windows.

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We love Tricorn Black by Sharon Williams for its depth and beautiful color. It has an LRV of 3, so it’s still a pretty dark option. One way to use this color is to choose to use it as an accent with black siding, as with the house above. The house features a black Tricorn on the trim, eaves, eaves and gutters.

Sharon Williams’ Black Magic leans slightly hotter and also has an LRV of 3. It pairs well with yellow and light brown, so you can think of it as an accent – yellow houses with black shutters are very classic. Or you can live in a tiny house by painting the exterior black and softening it with flooring and natural colors.

Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty is a touch more reflective with an LRV of 3.26. If black is a bit bold for you, adding dark wood tones and metallic finishes gives it a monochromatic look that calms down (see above). However, if you want more contrast, you can add white accents to your black exterior paint, like the fireplace below, to change up the norm dramatically.

Our designers are pleased to offer Green Black by Sharon Williams as an option for those looking for a darker tone. Coming in at a 4 on the LRV scale, this black exterior paint offers more depth and visual interest than some blacks we’ve seen so far.

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Turning to darker grays with LRV 5.77 is Benjamin Moore’s Dark River. Because this color is much more reflective than our previous options, you can start to see the shades shine through: in this case, a deep forest green. We love the contrasting white porch columns in Chaparral above, but if you want a more earthy feel, use natural wood accents on the porch instead.

A classic dark grey, Graphite by Benjamin Moore has an LRV of 5.66 and is a great choice for both modern and traditional homes. It doesn’t have a pronounced accent, so it blends well with any existing color palette and accent choices.

Sherwin-Williams Iron 6 is an LRV and is an option our designers love to offer clients in modern homes in unique locations. Whether you have a waterfront home or a rustic mountain lodge, iron will give your exterior a stormy feel, accentuating your architectural details.

Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors

The painted metal is Benjamin Moore’s 6.16 LRV paint which works well in traditional as well as modern or contemporary applications. It pairs well with white accents for a nice contrast and with black for a more monochromatic look. It is a very simple and calm black with shades of gray and blue.

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Another dark gray with blue undertones (and a fun name), Raccoon Fur by Benjamin Moore has a 6.34 LRV. These materials show full color in black window trim and white window trim and show how the same color can vary with accent colors and textures.

We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural light, furnishings, and fixed elements of your property will have a big impact on how color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Sampleize offer additional 9 x 14.75 inch peel and stick samples of our favorite outdoor colors. Order ‘Real Money, No Mess’ Samples in detail here.

Benjamin Moore’s Betrayal Heart is a deep gray that is as timeless as it gets. With an LRV of 6.89, its blue tones appear with just the right amount of light and tone. Its depth makes it a good choice for painting textures like brick and stucco.

Black Fox by Sherwin Williams is where black and brown meet for a unique neutral look, with an LRV of 7. It earned a spot on our top paint color list because it works well with so many materials and home styles.

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Benjamin Moore’s Iron Mountain is one of our most used dark gray shades. With an LRV of 9.13, it leans towards gray with blue and brown undertones. Iron Mountain is a versatile color that works well with blue, green and beige.

Bracken Slate by Benjamin Moore is a light gray with mixed white and black tones for a cool neutral dark gray option for your exterior design. 12.23 In LRV, it is less bold and contrasting but can still provide a contrast when paired with one of the white colors or dark black colors earlier in the list.

Last but not least, the lightest gray on the list is Candle Charcoal at 13 LRV. Still a dark gray color, but with green undertones, Kendall Charcoal works well with a classic color palette in traditional settings. We love pairing white and black accents for a balanced look.

Modern Grey Exterior Paint Colors

Our designers are going bold and moody during 2021 by offering designs in popular black and dark gray colors. While we know dark colors aren’t for everyone, we hope this list gives you a few options that stand out as winners.

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Let our brick and plank samples help you decide whether to go bold or neutral on your home’s exterior with our virtual design services. We are ready and waiting to help you build your dream home. Get started today. Struggling to choose the right exterior paint color for your home? I’m here to help you and guide you every step of the way in choosing the right color combination for your home’s exterior. I’ll make it super easy for you, I promise!

The number one painting question I’ve received over the years is about choosing exterior paint colors because it’s one of the most difficult painting decisions you can make for your home. You want your home to have a beautiful curb appeal and you don’t want to make any color mistakes. If you follow my seven steps below, I promise you’ll avoid common mistakes and be able to make exterior paint decisions that turn out beautiful! Bear with me on this one!

The first thing you’ll want to do when deciding what color to paint the exterior of your home is to choose a color shade. When I say “shade” I mean do you want a light, mid tone or dark color on your home? At this point, you don’t need to think about anything other than deciding whether you want a light or white color, a mid-tone or medium shade, or if you want a dark color.

For most of you, choosing a shade is an easy decision and you know right away whether you want a light or dark color home. However, some of you may not be sure and are open to any shade and need some help to decide. It will help if you search Pinterest for exterior homes for inspiration to decide which shade will be best for your home. For example, if you have a ranch style home, search Pinterest for “pet style house exterior” to see all the different color options to inspire you.

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Before you go any further into your color decisions, you’ll need to consider the color of your ceiling. If you have black or neutral gray, you don’t have to worry too much about color clashing. Unfortunately, I have a black roof with a bit of a red tint, so colors like green or blue won’t work for me and resist. For those of you with red, tan, green or blue-gray roofs, you must consider your roof color when choosing your exterior color palette.

If you’re like me and

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