Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

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Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors – Tudor style houses have a unique and unique style of architecture. Because of this, it can be scary to update. Certain color palettes and finishes will not work in a Tudor style home. But there are ways to make Tedders feel modern without losing their personality! This post will walk you through our best ways to update this type of home.

If you have a Tudor style home but don’t know where to start with your exterior renovation, our designers at Brick & Button can help! Check out our Exterior Design Services page to learn more about what we do.

Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

The Tudor style houses you see in the United States were popular in the early 20th century until World War II. According to House Beautiful, the stronger materials used in the cold weather Tedders are expensive to manufacture. As a result, the architectural style failed for the most practical options at the time.

Tudor Style Home Paint Reveal (& How Much It Cost)

The modern house in the Tudor style is based on the original medieval and Renaissance houses in England during the 15th and 16th centuries, a period that coincides with the reign of the British Tudor House, which gave the style its name. As Bob Vella’s website explains, these original Tudor houses were built with timber beams, with a wooden core called wattle. The spaces are filled with a mixture of soil, sand and manure. Then they painted it white with whitewash. This construction method is known as half-timbering and gives the Tudor house its unique and recognizable design.

Ready to learn how to update the exterior of a Tudor style home? Let’s take a look at some examples from our designers at Bricks and Buttons.

Aside from the half-timbered frames that make Tudor-style homes attractive, there aren’t usually many other exterior wood accents. Instead of the traditional use of brick or stone, this exterior design uses modern wood cladding to create texture and contrast.

Our designers painted the brick to look like stucco in contrast to the exterior of this large Tudor style home. Benjamin Moore’s spiral gets a modern appeal. The only difference now is the half wooden frame, the beautiful bronze lights, and the unique design itself.

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home Based On Its Architectural Style

This traditional two-story brick home had Tudor accents on the second story. To update the exterior of the house, our designers used large panels painted in graphite by Benjamin Moore. Removing the half-timber frame and replacing it with color block panels provides a modern update.

Most of the tedders you can see in the neighborhood are bland white. This color is reminiscent of the mortar used in medieval and renaissance houses. This Tudor has been modernized by our designers and features Shirin Williams wrought iron in stucco and Benjamin Moore river pewter in half wood.

Brass accents were not often used in residences during the Renaissance. This is why brass is not seen in traditional Tudor houses. However, using bronze accents is a great way to bring a modern touch to this style of home, like the one above, while still feeling contemporary. Painting this Iron Mountain home with River Pewter by Benjamin Moore further enhances the look.

Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

Some modern Tudor-style cottages are half-timbered. Instead, they have a forward exhaust pipe and a bow port. Our designers updated the exterior of this home with new paint, black windows and copper gutters to highlight the fireplace and porch.

Inside A Modern Tudor Home, Reinvented

If you’re wondering how to monochromatically update the exterior of a Tudor-style home, here’s a great example. Half of the wood is painted as stucco. In this case, we used Cloud Cover by Benjamin Moore. The trim and windows are in Jet Black (Benjamin Moore too) with a slight difference that doesn’t detract from the design.

Nothing makes a home more modern than a black and white color scheme. If you are looking to update the exterior of a Tudor style home, this example shows one of the easiest ways to do it. Paint the brick or stucco or wash it with a muted white like Origami White by Sherry Williams. Trim the house and windows with black or near-black paint, such as Benjamin Moore’s Dragon’s Breath.

Tudor style houses are different. They also have historical value for architecture and great staying power. This list includes many online suggestions that will enhance this classic home style. Whether you’re looking for contrast or an elegant monochrome look, the modern Tudor style home of your dreams awaits!

If you are looking to update the exterior of a Tudor style home, we can help you make your dream come to life. Get started today! If you’ve connected with us on our social media, you may have seen how a custom home recently posted our modern Tudor project with SD Custom Homes and David Charlies Designs on their website.

Tudor House Exterior Paint Color Ideas Worth Copying

This home was featured on the Twin Cities Art Home Tour this summer and was one of our favorite projects we completed in 2019. So it’s safe to say we’re very excited to hear about this trade. The home team loved it as much as we did!

Since there are so many amazing places that we want to share in this house, we decided to split the revelation into two parts. Today, we will start with the exterior, the dining room, the office, the porch and the kitchen/pantry. ready? Well, let’s dive in!

As the name of this project suggests, it is a modern Tudor house. There are many things we love about the Tudor style – the tradition, the character. But, you don’t often see this in new construction homes. We knew we couldn’t fool anyone into thinking it was a historic house, so we decided to deliberately incorporate new modern details into the design.

Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

We worked closely with SD Custom Homes and David Charlies Designs to create this vintage home and we couldn’t be happier.

Exterior Paint Color Design: Classic Tudor

As you walk through the front door, you enter a beautiful and bright foyer. Our client’s artwork from Hong Kong and a vintage rug from India complement the furniture and provide a rich and unique feel to the space with modern touches throughout.

When designing this area, the owners expressed their desire to have a privacy wall or separation between the foyer and the bedroom. We didn’t want to remove any natural light, we had the idea to create a special led glass partition.

SD absolutely nailed it when it came to getting this piece shipped from Baltimore to Minnesota. value is this.

For the office space, we wanted to play with a more masculine aesthetic. From the masculine inspired wallpaper to the gray painted cabinets, this space is beautiful and inspiring – features we believe every office should have!

The Tudor Reno

The reeded crown molding gave a nod to the traditional style throughout, while other modern details (like hardware and lighting) balanced the outdoor space. Collected accessories from Brock and Lowe’s decorated the built-in bookshelves that also gave the room a unique and unique look. Our favorite!

Now it’s a room where we can spend hours. Our client named this area the “Garden Room” because it is surrounded by walls of windows that overlook the beautiful outside air.

With lots of sunlight, marble floors, a checkerboard pattern, and soft touches of pink, this room allowed us to play with a more feminine design scheme (without going over the top!). We love that it makes it feel special and personal while not looking out of place compared to the rest of the house.

Modern Tudor Exterior Paint Colors

For the last leg of our tour today, we’re done with the kitchen and pantry! Of all the spaces in the house, we believe this room embodies the most modern Tudor style.

Choosing Our Exterior Trim Color

The diamond-shaped metal bars atop the island bring shape and weight to an earlier era, as does the white brick backsplash. However, the Cumbria waterfall island and the sleek, black stools speak directly to this day.

Antique oak pocket doors separate the kitchen from the butler’s pantry which also houses the appliances. We often find that our customers want to hide their ovens, sinks and microwaves from the rest of the kitchen and we are attentive to all of them.

Although the Butler’s Pantry is very functional, we found it lacking in beauty or attention to detail. The hand-tiled floor offers durability and time-honored style, and the bright wooden cabinets make the perfect place to display additional kitchen accessories in style.

That’s it for today! Be sure to check back next week to see part two of our modern Tudor project. If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember the inspiration post I put together a few months ago featuring classic Tudor homes. . At the time, I noticed I was starting to see modern versions of the Tudor style on social media, so I promised to follow up with a post featuring the modern Tudor exterior.

Everything You Need To Know About Painting Your Home’s Exterior

Before diving in, I want to take a second to recognize the difference between the word.

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