Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

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Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors – As a professional painter, you know that some jobs go more smoothly than others. Sometimes customers know exactly what they want and where they want it, and are ready to hand paint. Sometimes they are overwhelmed with color choices because they only have a vague idea of ​​what they want.

Of course, every job has its ups and downs, but the latest scenario is one of delays and frustration on both sides. While it’s not your job to choose colors for them, painting should be a positive experience (translation: glowing tips) for both your career and yourself. Help them find their perfect color and everyone wins!

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Some clients may have a style or theme, some may not. To kick things off, schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to understand their perspective. Here are some questions you might want to ask when browsing fan sites.

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At the end of the meeting, you can suggest that your client visit The Home Depot® and pick up color cards/chips with colors that suit them. Let them sit with the chips for a few days and look at them in different lighting conditions so you can see the colors at all times of the day. For example, color tones of white and neutrals (yellow, blue, green, pink, brown, etc.) can be easily identified by placing them on white paper.

Once you’ve helped your client through the best options and reviewed the color charts, it’s time to select the final colors to try! Don’t be surprised if your customers bring in a brand new box full of paint chips. Choosing the right color is a process and depends on your expertise. Plus, you’ll find that the extra time spent navigating these color choices pays off in better returns and referrals.

Antique white is born to decorate the walls of kitchens and dining rooms, because its warmth perfectly compensates for pure white accents. Perhaps your clients want to integrate other colors into living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms. Then Antiikvalge goes beautifully with dusty purple, green and blue tones, medium brown and dark brown tones.

Along with yellow, off white is often paired with pure white, gray or brown, all of which can be used almost anywhere. However, this shade prefers subdued accent colors from pale pink, peach and purple; medium olive and plum; Dark blue, greenish blue and earthy red. Stick to traditional tones for dining rooms and kitchens, but go ahead and introduce color—through accent walls, furniture, pillows, artwork, rugs, bedding, and more—with white paint as the connecting thread that ties everything together.

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Navajo White is a favorite color for neutrals and is a warm, classic shade that works well with traditional styles, both indoors and outdoors.

This soft shade works well with bright whites, but also earthy browns, rust reds and blues. Consider it for an office, bonus room or kitchen.

Navajo White’s natural complementary colors are Lunaria, Spun Wool, and Antique White, which combine with dark browns and wood trim to create an elegant look for living and dining rooms.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Warm and welcoming, Linen White is a blank page ready to be transformed into a work of art with colorful accents, embellishments and decorations.

Behr Premium Plus 8 Oz. #230f 6 Earth Tone Satin Enamel Interior/exterior Paint & Primer Color Sample B370316

Whether your customers prefer understated elegance, casual comfort or free-flowing creativity, white linen is here to stay. In fact, its versatility allows for almost complete freedom of association. Let your customers play with colors: gray and brown; or pale pale bluish pink and brown; or black for expansion; Or bold deep yellows, pinks, purples and blues!

Dove is a warm greige that almost resembles a soothing gray and exudes a calm and gentle atmosphere that lifts spirits. This extremely versatile shade is somewhere between warm and cool, meaning it works almost anywhere with beautiful results.

Living and dining rooms, as well as kitchens, are ideal candidates for pairing dove with an accent wall. Dove has bright orange and red colors, so it pairs well with warm accents like purple, pink, yellow, or a deep shade of red. Bottom line: Your client can’t go wrong with this neutral-toned gem.

A soft and creamy note kissed by honey-gold notes, Cottage White exudes soft warmth and a sense of calm wherever it is used.

The New Neutrals

In the master or guest room, subtle undercurrents bring out the charm and timelessness of pure white sheets. Cottage white is the perfect neutral color for those who prefer strong off-whites that contrast with clean white accents and create a sophisticated atmosphere in living and dining rooms. It also works well with colors ranging from light purple to dramatic, deep blue-green. Cottage white is neither too cold nor too warm, providing an attractive and inviting look for both traditional and contemporary exteriors.

White Veil is a dreamy white inspired by vintage wedding dress lace with gold accents.

This friendly color shade has a beige undertone and is airy and earthy making it perfect for a family room or bedroom. Due to its neutrality, white veil goes well with almost any interior and furniture. It is suitable for people who want a light and bright dining room or living room without choosing a harsh shade. The white veil has a subtle hint of orange and red, which is cheerful and youthful. However, a strong accent color is needed to bring out those beautiful undertones.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

Spanish Sand is a rich brown accented with warm, light to medium browns and subdued grays. It is an impressive, soft greige that will transform the exterior of the house with its subtle shades.

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Using Spanish sand on kitchen cabinets – depending on the client’s style – paired with a complementary color such as pale peach, dusty teal or dark brown, or keeping it neutral to create drama is recommended. Dark gray or dark blue on the bathroom walls.

Inspired by nature, the crisp linen is an authentic tan that feels warm and balanced, like a sun-dried wash, yet clean and fresh.

Crisp linen pairs well with other neutral tones, as well as soft, light to midtone pinks, greens, blues and purples. Add color with accent walls in social areas of the home, including kitchens and living/family rooms, for a casual and natural feel. For a more traditional look, pair crisp linen with shades of gray and pure white and dark wood furniture and decor.

Up your neutral game with Even Better Beige, a versatile neutral that delivers a warm, unique feel wherever you wear it. Even Better Beige is a true brown with a hint of yellow, and it works well not only with other neutrals, but also with colors ranging from orange-gold and earthy yellows to mid-tone greens and blues and dark browns.

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In the living room, this shade serves as a flawless backdrop, allowing architectural elements like fireplaces, exposed beams and wainscoting to really shine. Depending on your client’s style, kitchens and dining rooms can range from elegantly monochromatic to imaginatively multicolored.

Does your client have a particular color? Bring your inspiration to The Home Depot® – an approximately 1″ x 1″ paint swatch: paint chipping, fabric scrap, competitor’s swatch or paint scraps – and we’ll match it. The color your customer wants is the color they get.

Both DYNASTY® Interior Paints and MARQUEE® Interior and Exterior Paints provide one coat when dyed with one coat concealing color collection paints. See all available neutral colors in one layer.

Most Popular Behr Neutral Colors

*Colors similar to Sherwin-Williams color names are the names of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only. ® Paint has developed a similar color using industry standard technology.

Most Popular Behr Paint Colors

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. By creating an account containing your personal information, you agree to our Privacy Policy. I’m sharing my top tips for choosing the perfect paint color and my top 5 neutrals!

When building a new home or starting to remodel/renovate a space, the list of decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming. Cabinets, lighting, flooring, paint colors, upgrades, decor choices…the list goes on.

Although color schemes may seem small (how many names and variations of beige are there?!?), choosing the right color can create the perfect atmosphere in your home. By starting with a great base color, you can always add solid accent colors to narrow down some of the initial choices you have to make during construction or remodeling.

If choosing a paint color seems daunting, try some of these tips and tricks to see which color will look great in your home.

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If you want to try larger, pre-dyed samples, I would definitely look at the sample.

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