One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

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One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms – All blueprints are copyrighted by our designers. Homes pictured may include changes made by the homeowner and builder.

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One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

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One Story 2 Bedroom House Plan With Split Bedrooms

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Most concrete block (CMU) houses have a 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 exterior wall on the 2nd floor.

Barn Plan: 1,844 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms

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There are two main ways to organize bedrooms in a home. On the one hand, all bedrooms (including the master) are packed into one home space.

One bedroom house plans have a master bedroom off the other bedrooms rather than a master bedroom. Found in modern interpretations of traditional home styles.

One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

In typical houses only, the master bedroom of the house may usually be in the same part of the house as the other bedrooms; they are either grouped together on the first floor, as in a ranch style, or on the upper floor of a two-story house.

Single Story 3 Bedroom Modern Farmhouse With Side Loading Carport (house Plan)

When you tour historic homes or plan to buy a home in parts of the country with older homes, such as New England, you’ll often see groups like this.

There are many ways to ‘divide’ bedrooms in a house; But even in houses with four or more bedrooms, there are only two main ways to divide the house. It depends on the number of stories you want to create at home. In a single-story home, you have the master bedroom on one side and the bedrooms on the other side off the living area. In a duplex, you place the master bedroom on the first floor and the second floor bedrooms upstairs.

This small 3-bedroom, 2-bedroom walk-through master-style home (above) features a classic two-bedroom floor plan (below); common living areas create a buffer zone between the master bedroom and secondary bedrooms (plan #142-1067).

If you are planning to build a single story house, your floor plan will look like this:

Split Bedroom Hill Country House Plan With Large Walk In Pantry

The 1,300 square foot 3 bedroom Ranch style home floor plan splits the master bedroom to the right and the other two bedrooms to the left. Occupying opposite sides of the home, the master and family bedrooms maintain privacy (plan #142-1046).

Homebuilders can create a sense of privacy by placing the master bedroom at the opposite end of the house from the other bedrooms. This is especially true if the home has a small square footage.

The owner keeps it separate (especially the living and dining areas), the house has the illusion of more space and therefore feels more practical.

One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

With or without wings: Some architectural designs, such as Georgian, Colonial, and other traditional styles, use “wings” along the edges of the house to give the structure a formal, symmetrical look. Like the whitewashed house in the photo above, these wings are ideal for placing the master bedroom and secondary bedrooms on opposite sides of the house as shown in the main mezzanine floor plan (plan #142-1131). Other modern house styles, such as the 1-story European home center, have an asymmetrical appearance that hides the placement of bedrooms on either side of the house in the overall design (shown in the floor plan) (plan #142-). ). 1043).

Split Bedroom Floor Plans (with Drawings)

However, if the home you want to build is two stories or more, you want the master bedroom to be on the main floor and separated from the other bedrooms upstairs, as in a downstairs plan.

This 2-story Rustic style home features a traditional modern/transitional floor plan with a main floor master suite and remote secondary bedrooms, giving parents maximum privacy when sleeping and waking (plan #161 -1076).

This is the most popular setup for multi-level homes because the head unit is easily accessible from the home’s kitchen and living areas; Because it is so far away from the rest of the house, it remains very secret.

This idea works for four-bedroom house plans, as the “wrapped” concept of master bedrooms allows multiple bedrooms to enjoy great amenities such as natural light or beautiful mountain views from sunrise to morning and other great views.

Single Story 3 Split Bedroom Hill Country With Large Walk In Pantry (house Plan)

There are many reasons why future homeowners choose to build their dream bedroom in a two-bedroom style.

It’s simple: If you want a four-bedroom house (or a three-bedroom house!), your children can live in the other bedrooms of the house.

If your children are grown or you are single, these rooms can be filled with friends and family members.

One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

That’s why many modern home plans choose to separate the master suite from the other bedrooms, so mom and dad (or grandparents!) can enjoy some time away from the rest of the family (or their guests). ).

One Story Craftsman House Plans With A Separate Master

This 4 bedroom, 4 bath Florida beach style luxury home is located on a private oasis with a large master suite (above) overlooking the koi pond and pool/spa with a left side front porch. and just a few steps (floor plan, below). great for leisure (plan #175-1086).

It’s easier to relax when you have your own space. Apartments with separate bedrooms make this easier because you won’t hear the sound of little feet, loud music, or your neighbor’s snoring.

This is a 1900 sq ft plan. This 3 bedroom, 2 bath Acadian home has a master suite that occupies the back left corner of the home. Although the master and secondary bedrooms are on the same side of the floor plan, the layout suggests that the master is isolated to the rear. Access to the second bedroom is limited to the left side of the house. Entrances are separated by living space (Plan 14 142-1048).

Separating work and home life is important, but it can often be difficult. This is especially true if you have a home office.

House Plan 41415

Most home workers choose to walk less than three flights of stairs from their bed to work. It doesn’t matter if you work entirely from home or use your free time for personal projects; This applies to everyone.

Having a master suite in a completely different part of the house makes it easier for many homeowners to fully dedicate themselves to their projects and relax at the end of the workday.

This master plan of a 6-bedroom, 6-bedroom traditional European-style mansion (above) features a gorgeous, stand-alone master suite to the left with a large bathroom and walk-in closets. There is a large office next door to work from home or finish projects on time. The other bedrooms are upstairs (plan #153-1945), except for the guest bedroom, which is located behind the office file.

One Story House Plans With Split Bedrooms

Split-bedroom homes make more efficient use of floor space than one-bedroom homes. This is because a large or large hallway is not always necessary in these home design plans.

Craftsman Plan: 1,940 Square Feet, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

Because instead of a hallway, the living room or kitchen divides the two sleeping “zones”.

There is no need for these corridors, the square meters of two-bedroom houses can be divided into the living areas of the house. These larger rooms usually mean a higher price for the home.

Although the area of ​​a two-bedroom house is the same as a “team room”,

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