Orange Based Red Hair Dye

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Orange Based Red Hair Dye – Scroll through your feed right now and you’ll be taken to an aesthetically pleasing hair video. In true Christian girl fall style, the videos featured colors from deep purple to pumpkin spice, with many celebrating roaring fireplaces, books and their love.

As their primary motivation. Among the many warm shades, the one-season shade stands out to me more than any other.

Orange Based Red Hair Dye

Orange Based Red Hair Dye

Poison Ivy shade is made for those who want to enjoy it through the leaves. But what makes mirror orange different from other shades of red?

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“When someone says mirror orange, I’m really thinking orange,” explains Bleach London junior stylist Cornelia Sezetit. “It’s orange, as opposed to bright.” With that in mind, I booked Dalston Hall in Bleach for a gold and mirror orange overhaul.

I knew very little about what the process would be like, what maintenance would be required, or how to take care of the colors in the house. Luckily, Sassetit answered my hair-changing questions at my appointment with some important information about what orange means this season.

Sasetit stresses the importance of getting a good photo reference of your hair, which shade you want should be orange or dark depending on your skin tone. Once the ideal color is settled, you can discuss which permanent or semi-permanent color is best. It all comes down to the basic color and level of maintenance to match your lifestyle.

Working with bleached blondes, we wanted something that would blend in easily once my natural dark roots came out. We decided on a semi-mirror orange color using Vela Tones (this will vary between salons). After applying it all over the head, the color was left on for 20 minutes with a mix of hair-friendly copper dyes mixed with Bleach London’s Tangerine Dream and conditioner.

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From there, a beer mask was applied to the mid-lengths and the colors were popularized, adding a glossy effect to the hair. Next, we cut out a few layers for the page frame.

The reference photo is a good jumping off point, but the final shade always depends on whether you start with light or dark hair. “Bleached hair acts like a blank canvas,” Sassetit explains. “When you’re going through the dark, when you’re a blank canvas, you have to navigate it differently.”

When it comes to dark hair, Sesetait says that while you can get a nice copper color, sometimes it’s not bright. “There will always be depth of color because you’re working with the hair’s natural color, as opposed to bleaching it, which takes it out of the hair,” she says.

Orange Based Red Hair Dye

Briefly? Before deciding, it’s a good idea to find out what the orange color is so the colorist can determine if the hair needs to be bleached.

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If you want your fall oranges to last long into the season, there are a few things to keep in mind. “Usually when it comes to color, the first thing you notice is that it’s orange,” Sassetit explains. “Because the shade is a mix of brown and orange, it’s always the lightest color, so it will still be a copper color, but not as bright.”

Although the color will start to fade after a month, Seketait says, there are a few things you can do to make it last longer, such as cutting back on washing. “If you don’t wash your hair often, you don’t need to curl it as much,” Sasetit explains. His suggestion? Increases the strength of your hair.

It sounds like a lie when people say they’ve trained their hair to grow longer between washes, but Sasetit says it’s possible. I usually wash my hair every three days, and she recommended switching to once a week for four days, then three, then four, and so on, until there was no difference between my hair. Four days of hair.

From there, you can wash your hair once a week and increase the days between washes for maximum color protection. Cecetaite also recommends using a heat protectant spray over heat or alcohol, as heat styling can also lighten hair color.

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All hair colors eventually fade, but maintaining vibrant colors requires a little more than your average haircut. “Once the hair is bleached, you’ll find it fades significantly faster because there isn’t as much pigment to hold the color,” Sasetit explains. “So if your base is blonde, you’re going to have to redo the whole color, not just a little bit of orange or brown on top of it, depending on what pigment is showing through. The best thing you can do is let it all go and then redo it,” she says. .

If you want to maintain the color, another option involves mixing the color with conditioner. “Every time you shampoo your hair, you can leave the color and conditioner mixture in for a few minutes to fill in any gray.”

For at-home bleaching, Cecetaite suggests trying tangerine powder and half bleach right away. [

Orange Based Red Hair Dye

The most important thing about caring for colored hair is the products you use. “When people say color-protecting shampoos make color last longer, they’re right,” Sasetit says. To prevent excess color from fading, use products designed for colored hair. Josh Wood’s Color Miracle Shampoo and Nexus Color Assure Shampoo are great options thanks to their nourishing, non-greasy ingredients. For those looking for a budget-friendly option, OGX Fade-Defying Shampoo gets great reviews for its sulfate-free formula.

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Cecetaite recommends skipping conditioner altogether in favor of a nourishing hair mask. Using this in the shower will hydrate the hair, and a leave-in hair oil like Hair Elixir is great for extra smoothness and shine.

Fall orange may be the color of the moment, but it’s always good to think ahead, especially if you change your hair often. One of the main things that affects the ease of color change is that paint is often added along the way.

Sesetait explains that if you add color to your conditioner every time you wash it, it will add more stress to your hair, which you’ll eventually have to get rid of. If the color gradually fades to a full red, the hair will have less color and the underline will be easier to work with.

In my case, Sesetait said that I could go back to blonde when I was satisfied that the hair was warmer than before. “With bleached hair, you can go a little orange or peachy before you go blonde, but I think it’s fun. There’s a nice contrast between the shades.”

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In other words, the color process is a journey, but I’m more than happy to enjoy the journey.

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Orange Based Red Hair Dye

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