Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

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Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim – I’m not sure if you have noticed, but there was a revolution in the interior door in the last year. Interior door colors and styles are no longer your basic white doors with traditional raised panels. We are seeing doors as statement pieces and focal points in more places than ever and I love the look! If you need help choosing interior door styles and colors, today’s article is sure to inspire you!

I wanted to share some of the best door colors/styles I saw while I was in Salt Lake for the House Parade. If you missed the SLC Parade of Homes recap, you can watch it here.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

The good news is that interior doors are a very inexpensive way to instantly update a space/home. Almost every new house I visited in Salt Lake a few weeks ago had beautiful interior doors. Most of these spaces had neutral/white walls so the colorful doors stood out and looked amazing.

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I am in the process of replacing all the doors in my house so it was very helpful for me to see all the styles and design ideas.

Before I get into all the pictures, I wanted to share this door style cheat sheet I found on Pinterest. It’s a great resource if you’re considering a new door for your home. So many wonderful opportunities!

I couldn’t find all the door paint colors in the pictures below. I will list the information if I get it.

One of the first houses I visited had these beautiful simple modern doors. I’m not sure what the technical name is, but I call them modern style shakers. I love the clean modern lines and I especially love that they are painted in rich colors. The color is Sherwin Williams Dovetail.

Painting Walls And Trim The Same Color

I loved the double doors at the end of the corridor. Note that the walls are white and the doors are the focal point. Very scrolling!

I also noticed that many of the houses used more modern square door materials, which I liked. It’s a great modern combination!

I have not been able to confirm the door color with the builder, David Weekley Homes, but the color is very close to Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

I have seen many doors with rich black colors such as dark grey/brown and almost black. Black with gray color is a good alternative to traditional black. Like this Sherwin Williams Black Magic Painted Door in Jackcraft Homes Home #13, the gray color diffuses black to a muted/subtle black.

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I love the dark brown gray paint on the front door #11 by Hardrock Homes. The color is called Qual Paint in Color Brainchild. Qual is a specialty paint owned by Sherwin Williams. By the way, this color is similar to Benjamin Moore candle charcoal.

By the way, I have also seen this type of five/six panel door a lot and I like the look. Another updated door style to consider!

I especially like the interior front door painted navy by Benjamin Moore Hale of Silverhawk Enterprises. Navy gray is a great color to consider if you don’t like black or white interior doors.

Also at the Silverhawk house, they really mixed the door styles and colors throughout the house and it looks amazing!

Customizing A House

I especially love that barn door in the laundry/craft room. I can’t confirm the color but I think it’s Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey.

I love the door patterns on the second floor of this house and the color is Benjamin Moore Super White.

So, as you can see, many designers and builders are really using rich colors and contemporary door styles to use doors as a focal point. So many possibilities! What is your favorite style?

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

If you want to see different door styles, I found this door ordering site here which is another great tool to see what’s in style. Heather has over 10 years experience as a writer and has been a contributor since 2021, covering interior design. Over the past four years, she has written content for a variety of home and lifestyle publishers, including Apartment Therapy. Her home has been featured in Haute, Washington, and more, and she currently runs her own e-design business, providing interior design and interior design advice to clients across the country.

Painted Trim Ideas {that Aren’t White}

Think about every house or apartment you’ve ever lived in. How many of these doors were white? Our guess is the highest. It is rare to come across a door that is painted black, a subtle neutral or a rich wood stain.

It shouldn’t be like that. A door isn’t just down to a functional element to make it easy to get in and out of a room – it can be so much more. The door can be used as an attractive color to draw you into a room or as a surprise when you close it from the other room. When a room feels like something isn’t quite clicking, it might be the perfect place to work in a favorite color.

On their favorite colors for interior doors and projects, five design experts say white is “no thank you” and chose bold and colorful. And, yes, for those all-white moments, we’ve included an actual white designer

Dominique Gabreu, an interior stylist and content creator, recently completed a massive home DIY that included painting her interior doors, drywall, tile, and yes. She chose a subtle black color that contrasts beautifully with her white walls, colorful bookshelf and antique rugs.

How To Paint Your Interior Doors

About the project and her trial-and-error journey with her interior door, Gabru says, “I tried a few different colors (mustard, bright green, white) on the inside of the front door of our apartment, but none of them felt immediately satisfying. Like black. I completed the one room challenge in my house and decided to add the same black color to all the interior doors in the space – a complete game changer. My grandmother had great taste and her number one trick was to “paint it black,” “whatever.”

Gabru’s tip: Don’t go as dark as black. “Black doors add a bold aesthetic and update a space,” she says. “It’s a color known for a reason.”

Gianna Caputo, the jeweler behind indie Boho Hut, knew that white wouldn’t look out of place in her bright, white, neutral space, so she went with a calming, warm green nature.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

“I wasn’t sure I was going to go green, and you better believe I got funny looks from my family and our painter, but I know I got that little green swatch and put it on the door,” Caputo says. Fixed and flat, it was perfect.”

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Once it turned green, she couldn’t resist painting the other doors in her house with the color. She adds, “When I was all over DIY closet door designs, I didn’t think white would go well with all the whites out there, and black or gray would be too dark or too boring for me. So I spied some pickup deep greens and fell in love with this shade.

The door must not be renewed. “A door can act as an attractive architectural element in a space,” advises Mary Flanagan of Mary Flanagan Interiors for some more dramatic, full doors. It is the first and last thing you see when you enter the room and it deserves special attention. I celebrate by including unique images painted in deep, rich colors.”

This stunning peacock blue-green adds a sophisticated sensibility to Dutch farmhouse-style doors and classic white kitchens, but uses the color in monochromatic spaces where the walls, trim and doors are all bathed in this deep shade.

There’s a reason you see white in 99% of homes: it’s classic and allows the rest of the room to take center stage. The trick here, of course, is to choose just the right shade of white.

The Andrea Interior Paint Palette

Sanda Stojakovic likes to base her design playbook on bold and bright designs with calm white Chantilly lace. “I like bright colors and patterns in a room, so I keep doors in a neutral white to avoid being the star of the show. But, if it’s a fairly neutral room, I like to use a cool onyx-colored door for some drama.” Get a designer-inspired look when painting your interior doors. Go for a dramatic shot, bold color or more. – Use a muted color for key style.

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Bloggers and designers have been painting interior doors for years. It’s a look that can pack a punch.

Paint Colors For Interior Doors And Trim

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