Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

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Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint – Want to learn more about chalk paint for kitchen cabinets? This is a simple guide with lots of information and some frequently asked questions.

The results are amazing and it has performed well with my two large dogs and an active family of three teenage daughters.

Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

I’ve never gone into detail about my love for chalk paint, how easy it is to use, where to buy it, and how it helped me remodel my kitchen.

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I answer questions (if you have questions about specific things about the house, you can find them here ) and offer advice, building a little confidence as well.

However, there are several companies that make chalk paint, so there are many brands to choose from.

I love using it because it is easy to use, easy to clean and looks great in any interior.

When the chalk paint dries, many DIYers apply a layer of wax to seal the paint, protect the color and add a vintage feel.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets With Chalk Paint

While chalk paint can be used on a variety of surfaces without pre-spraying, I prefer to lightly sand most parts with rough spots or smooth surfaces before painting.

Regardless of pre-sanding, it is important to thoroughly wash the piece before applying chalk paint to remove dirt and grease.

If you have pre-sanded the surface, wipe it with a damp cloth to remove any dust before painting.

Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are in good shape, why spend so much money replacing them when you can freshen up the room with paint?

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And since paint costs so little, you’ll have more money to budget for other items.

That being said, when you paint anything, you risk normal wear and tear. Kitchens and bathrooms are high traffic areas.

I think you have to accept what happened, especially if you have an active family and pets.

Since this is a high traffic area, I decided to use a poly coat as I thought it would protect the cabinets better.

Chalk Paint Master Bathroom Cabinets

When I decided to go with a polyethylene finish, I chose polypropylene over polyurethane. They are different because polyurethane is oil-based while polyacrylic is water-based.

From my research, it looked like polyacrylic was less prone to yellowing and easier to work with, so I went with that.

After upgrading, I bought a few different polyacrylic colors and did some testing to see how much more yellow they were than the white chalk paint I was using.

Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Some of them were more yellow than I expected. I ended up choosing this polyacrylic because there was very little yellowing.

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Three years later, I’m still glad I chose the polyacrylic finish and would use it again.

– Before diving all in on a project, test the inside of cabinet doors or sides you don’t see often.

Not only did I chalk paint the cabinets, but I also removed the wallpaper borders (not easy) and painted the entire kitchen!

I’ve detailed the entire process of chalking kitchen cabinets here, with lots of before and after photos.

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This is why I recommend using chalk paint in smaller sections to get used to the process, build confidence, and get an idea of ​​how you want to paint your cabinets.

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Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

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Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint—pros & Cons

Join the VIP subscriber list to access my free, members-only resource library. I’ve always wanted white kitchen cabinets. But all three houses we own have dark cherry kitchen cabinets. Don’t get me wrong, cherries are delicious! But in our current house, the cherry wood cabinets really annoy me. I find it really bothers me! Especially since our kitchen has dark wood floors and the kitchen is on the north side of the house. So the kitchen always feels dark and not…. Be happy for me. I love a happy kitchen!

So I wanted to find a way to paint my kitchen cabinets without having to pay a huge paint bill or spend half my life sanding and priming cabinet doors. I found it! Here’s an easy way to paint your kitchen cabinets white!

Well, let me tell you the story of my good friend Heather. Shortly after I started this blog, Heather started Whiperberry, a creative lifestyle blog.

Heather and I met in 2011 when we both attended our first blogging conference in Arizona. We became fast friends and stay in touch to help each other navigate the crazy world of blogging. We joined together with many blog groups on Facebook and shared hotel rooms at conferences and events. I’ve known Heather for a while.

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A little over a year ago, Heather teamed up with a friend to launch a revolutionary DIY product called BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder. Heather mentioned this powder on social media, so last fall I texted her to ask if it would work on kitchen cabinets. She replied, “Yes!” So last March Heather flew to Virginia to help me paint my kitchen cabinets white using BBFrosch Chalk Paint Powder and my kitchen would never be the same!

My kitchen is now bright, fresh and a very happy place. I like it! I couldn’t believe how much easier it was to use chalk paint on my cabinets than traditional latex paint. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about painting kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. Well, at least that’s all I know!

After painting the white cabinets with chalk paint, Davis and I tackled a few more projects like the backsplash, new jar pendant lights, wood crown molding and more. I’ll be sharing all the details about our full kitchen remodel in another post soon! promise But now I know you’re wondering how we painted our kitchen cabinets white!

Painting Cabinets With Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is unlike any other paint you’ve ever used. It will change the way you look at all your furniture, cabinets and nightstands. Believe me. Now it makes me want to paint everything in my house! Chalk paint is so easy to use and the results are stunning! BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder ensures that you can turn any flat latex paint into chalk paint.

How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets

I have now tried other crayons because I was curious how they compare to BB Frosch and honestly they don’t compare at all! My good friend Cindy and I tried one together and we were both shocked at the difference. Another type of chalk paint will not break down, it will just smudge. terrible.

One of the many things I love about chalk paint is that it dries quickly. And I live in a humid climate. Once we have completed one coat of paint, we can start applying a new coat of paint. There is no waiting time between coats. That alone speeds up time!

2 – 16 oz containers of BB Frosch powder paint, flat latex paint, paint brush, cleaner, squeeze bottle, BB Frosch Clear Wax, 200 grit sandpaper, wax cloth, small bowl of water, spatula or small stir stick , lint-free cloth, painter’s tape*.

*We used very little tape as the chalk paint washes off easily within 24 hours. We easily rubbed the spots as we went. Also, we are planning to paint the kitchen walls gray so it would be ok to paint the walls. I think the only thing we attached was a quarter turn of wood flooring.

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Now, I wanted to add a picture of Heather and I when we were almost done painting the kitchen, but for some reason I can’t find it on my computer. It’s too late, I’ll keep looking and add it if I find it.

Now I know you are wondering how long it will take to finish our white painted cabinets. Well, while Heather was here for three days, we were painting almost non-stop and about 80% done. When she left, life changed and it took Davis and I another few weeks to complete the last 20%. So I would say it depends on the size of your kitchen and how

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