Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

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Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms – Bathrooms are often small and utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Spending time in a beautiful space reduces the amount of work you have to do. Painting is a cheap and easy way to decorate your laundry room. Here are five of our favorite laundry colors that we use at work. Benjamin Moore black panther

For the Summit Creek Project laundry room, we chose Benjamin Moore’s Black Panther cabinets. Black is neutral and a bit expensive. It has a bold and sophisticated look and pairs well with contemporary and traditional designs.

Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

I wanted the palette for the Villa Bonita project to be neutral, but I also wanted some contrast and warmth in the laundry room. We chose Smoke Embers, a warm gray by Benjamin Moore. The color is beautiful in combination with warm plain wood.

Best Paint Colors For Laundry Rooms

We added the beauty of Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue to the built-in floor in the laundry room at Double Eagle Projects.

In Project Brio’s small-space laundry room, we added cabinets to the ceiling to create as much storage space as possible. The upper cabinet is painted with white Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace. I try to create a space that feels clean and bright, but I don’t want it to be bland. To add some color and contrast, I chose a nice blue for the cottage, Farrow and Ball Pigeon.

If you like the idea of ​​a clean white laundry room, check out our Perfect White. Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is bright and white and will not attract yellows or blues in most spaces. I love the combination with the warm wood and terracotta tiles.

For more painting inspiration, check out our e-Paint guide. We share our favorite colors, painting tips, and tips to help you paint your DIY cabinets. Download the e-guide here. Ashley Knierim has over 10 years of experience in writing, editing and content planning. He has held positions at Time Magazine, AOL, and JPMorgan Chase. She is an avid home decorator and DIY enthusiast who spends her free time decorating (and redecorating) her home.

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Let’s be honest: Nobody looks forward to laundry day. Everyone loves the smell of fresh laundry and the sight of a closet full of neatly folded sheets, but the task of putting dirty laundry in the basket can be difficult. Additionally, while the rest of your home may be well decorated, you may be overlooking the decor of the bathroom. But this space is not all work and no play.

You can invest in a floor-to-ceiling bathroom to brighten up your favorite indoor space, but even painting can go a long way when it comes to designing your reception area.

To improve your bathroom, we talked to designers to get ideas about their favorite colors for this space. From dark to bold to neutral, here are some of our favorite picks.

Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

If you’re looking for a classic color palette for your laundry room, a nice gray like Repose Gray is a good choice, says Ashley Moore of Moore House Interiors. The color creates “a look that will remain classic for many years,” he says. Perfect for renovating a large laundry room.

Best Green Cabinet Paint Colors For Laundry Room

On the other hand, the laundry room is also a good place to experiment with color, says Moore. “The laundry room is its own space, so you want it to look like any other room in your home,” she says. “You can give it a unique design and ‘personality’ with fun colors.”

A pop of color, like Sherwin-Williams Festoon Aqua, adds some interest to your laundry room without being overwhelming.

Want to add some color to spice up your long Sunday work day? Think yellow, says Michelle Lysack of Michelle Lysack Interior Design. Adding a pop of color like Clean Joy to your bedroom door or built-in storage is an effortless way to transform your bathroom.

While bright colors are fun to create something unexpected, Lisac’s favorite colors for her bathroom are simple neutrals like classic gray. And if you’re worried about dull colors in your laundry room, Lysack says, look at the color’s longevity. “Be sure to choose a bright color that will hold water and dirt well,” he says. “The fabric is washable, but the finish is not too shiny.”

Best Light Blue Paint Colors For Any Room, According To Designers

Rosemary Capellano of Dlux Design & Co I love The Philosopher by Sherwin Williams. “The laundromat is a great opportunity to try something a little different,” he says. “Green makes a room soft and inviting and pairs beautifully with metal rings and cabinet hardware.”

Sometimes the simplest choice is the best. I am totally in love with Carly Roger Dove White from Citizen and Company. This neutral white color is soft enough to pair with almost any outfit, yet provides enough depth and warmth to match your own.

Pure white gives a sense of cleanliness, but I prefer a slightly warmer white that doesn’t make the space feel weak or gloomy.

Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

Green is a new color that evokes a sense of rebirth and energy, so it’s no wonder that designers like to use it in washrooms. Exploring shades of green in your bathroom is a great way to add color. We recommend using it as a cabinet or on an accent wall in your bathroom.

Moody Laundry Room Makeover

Farrow & Ball Plummet is a rich, bold gray color that can make a small laundry room feel larger. If the rest of your home has a neutral palette, introducing a dark color like this can give your laundry room a sense of purpose while maintaining the same look in every room.

Studio Surface’s Michelle Salz-Smith says black is an unexpected color that brings punch to a laundry room. he says, “It feels clean and organized.” “It’s a great contrast to terracotta floors and textured backsplashes.”

A rich blue like Studio Blue Green is perfect if you want a warm color with personality in your laundry room. Green in some lights, blue in others, this color is different and unique. Cameron Beal is a writer, marketer, photographer and creator with over a year of southern living experience in the housing and construction fields. I was interested in interior design from an early age due to the influence of my mother and grandmother.

Laundry services may be custom, but that doesn’t mean your laundry room should be either. We offer bathrooms with stains. Underground secret rooms are a key area that requires careful attention, especially when it comes to color. Think bold, exciting and fun. It’s an opportunity to experiment in ways you couldn’t do in your kitchen or living room. Are you feeling motivated? Try a strong orange or black tea shake. Or, if you’re looking for something softer, try purple or powder blue. Whether your style is based on bright colors from floor to ceiling or neutral colors with the right colors and details, 20 wall colors that can make your laundry room look great.

Laundry Room Paint Colors To Love In 2022

Homeowners EJ and Whit Brown chose color when renovating their 1,400-square-foot home in Florence, Alabama. Add personality and style to your gallery wall with this warm Sherwin-Williams Fame Orange, color SW 6346. There are lots of fun things to do while you wait for the weights to dry.

Maggie Bullwinkel took a bold approach to renovating the kitchen and bathroom of her 1970s home in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. “This is where I live,” Bullwinkel says of the impressive space. She chose Benjamin Moore Slate Teal (2088-20) to tone the room’s stainless steel appliances and gold fixtures.

Whites can be difficult to clean. In the Southern Living 2019 showroom, we used Sherwin-Williams Dover White, SW 6385 to enhance natural light and create a clean look. Remember to tone down the dark tones to make the whites brighter.

Popular Colors For Laundry Rooms

If your bathroom doesn’t have enough natural light, brighten the space with color and pattern, as designer Meg Kelly did in her Nashville home renovation. To achieve this look, pair attractive wallpaper in shades of blue from Sherwin-Williams Wondrous Blue, SW 6807 with trim and cabinetry.

Blog Loads Of Laundry Room Wallpaper Ideas

“We spend most of our time in the laundry room every day, so we wanted to make it fun,” says interior designer Andrew Howard. internal

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