Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

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Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015 – Gray interiors are gaining in popularity and remain the most popular color for home interiors for the second year in a row, according to the Paint Quality Institute.

“It’s understated and sophisticated,” according to the Paint Quality Institute in its 2015 Color Trends Report. “And most shades and shades of gray are ‘chameleon’ colors that change their appearance when the light changes, so which are of great visual interest.”

Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

Part of the appeal of gray is that it can go with any color, an easy-going neutral that home buyers will appreciate. Gray combined with other neutral colors such as white, off-white, beige, taupe, soft blue or black can also provide a calm color scheme for interior spaces, especially for family rooms and bedrooms. according to the Paint Quality Institute.

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“Greys that contain warm colors, such as red, yellow, or brown, look more comfortable and work better with warm colors,” notes the Paint Quality Institute. “On the other hand, grays that have blue or green undertones look colder and harsher, so they’re better suited to colors on the cooler side of the spectrum.”

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How to Emphasize Your Home’s Positive Features in Your Staging Before “Heavy Metal” Comes In Home Design Accessories NextPantone, the internationally recognized authority on color, recently announced the color of in 2015: marsala.

Although it seems a far cry from last year’s bright, cheery, bright orchid, marsala has been seen on the runway and in decor magazines.

Marsala is a deep, earthy red (think red wine) that, thanks to recognition from Pantone, will now be seen in clothing, furniture, jewelry and home decor throughout the new year.

Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

Here are five ways to incorporate Pantone’s color of the year, marsala, into your home in 2015.

Relaxing Blue And Gray Living Room Ideas

Maybe you’re not ready to paint your entire living room wine red, even though the color appeals to both men and women. That’s all right.

Introduce the color of the year by painting an accent wall instead of an entire room, or by painting a transitional space like a hallway. When painting marsala on walls, contrast the wood and trim it by painting it a crisp white. Marsala is a great choice if you want to add warmth to your home.

Perhaps the most natural place to introduce the color of the year is the kitchen, as it is named after the wine used in the kitchen. But for many people, the kitchen is a functional room where snacks are assembled and dinner is prepared, and no thought is given to the design of the room.

Display a bottle of wine with pride or purchase a Marsala tablecloth or napkin. A set of wine-colored dessert plates can pop on the table and update a well-used kitchen.

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Marsala complements gray, golden yellow and taupe, all of which are popular color choices for neutral walls. So chances are you have a room in your home that easily has a marsala accessory.

If you want to go the DIY route, spray paint an existing light fixture in your home and update it with a new color. Or you can add a wine-colored blanket, rug, or pillow. Take a critical look at your living room or bedroom to see if a small update might be a good way to modernize your home decor.

The bathroom is an easy place to introduce some wine-colored accents in nail polish bottles, perfume sprays, or beautifully displayed necklaces and bracelets. Don’t have wine colored jewelry? must! Marsala looks great on many skin tones and hair colors. A small bathroom sink arrangement can go from sloppy to elegant with this year’s signature color.

Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

When was the last time you considered art on your walls? Is your hallway full of family photos in different sizes and frames? Or maybe it’s a piece of art that’s been in the same place for the past decade. Marsala paintings and photographs can add drama and richness to plain or dated walls.

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Marsala, the reddish-brown color named after the grape, is sophisticated and glamorous without being overpowering. Update your home by introducing marsala in any way or detail in 2015!

Get special deals and offers, subscribe now! Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates! When it comes to living room paint colors, we see bright, bold, and rich colors everywhere! It is a view that brings life to the space, adding vitality and energy that comes especially with color. While you can get this look in a variety of colors, there’s a trend toward cool blues and greens—sapphires, emeralds, and peacocks take center stage. . However, you will also see many people using eggplant, mustard and hot pink.

Want to liven up your room with a bold paint color? Here are the dos and don’ts to achieve this look:

– Paint large and medium-sized rooms with a dark color. Dark colors will make the open space very large and comfortable. Check out the floor-to-ceiling indigo ink treatment at the Royal Palm in Marrakech, Morocco. The room actually has a fairly minimal footprint, but the ceiling can create a void of dead space above the living space that can make the room feel cold and uncomfortable. Dark colors attract space and create a cozy and warm room.

Brightening Up Your Homes Interior

– Do not paint all the walls in a small room with a dark color. What’s good about the upstairs room will be to reduce the small room into a claustrophobic coffin. Sad but true. Check out our next tip on how to incorporate saturated colors into your small space.

– Paint one wall in your small space with a bold, saturated color. Our friends at Paintzen, experts in providing paint color help, say that “accent walls are a great way to add bold color to your space without overwhelming the room.” Test the power of an accent wall in a small setting like this modern kitchen dining room. They chose to paint a partial wall that separates the two spaces a deep blue green and full color notes for the wall away from the kitchen. Bright white walls and surfaces keep the light and open and allow the accent wall to shine.

– Paint the cutout the same color as the wall. This will help make the formal ornament more contemporary. Having lots of wood trim and details on the walls will add instant texture. The eggplant tones used in this formal living room keep the space from feeling too traditional or dated. This post offers more tips on how to use living room paint colors to make your space more contemporary.

Popular Colors For Living Rooms 2015

– You are not fit. This look isn’t about using a typical color palette, it’s about bringing the unexpected into your space in a new and exciting way. Use red, yellow, blue and pink together. If you’re worried that what you’re doing together is inappropriate, you’re probably on the right track.

Artistic Apartments With Monochromatic Color Schemes

– Use neutral colors to make your saturated colors sing in the space. Add black, gray, white or ivory for a visual break from all the good colors in the room. This will make adding life to the room more impactful.

* Save time searching for the perfect gray or white color to pair with an accent wall with this list of heavenly neutrals from Paintzen:

-Use bold furniture and accessories to add saturated colors to the room. This look isn’t just about adding paint to the walls or furniture, it’s also about bright upholstery and dramatic artwork. If you prefer to leave the walls white, you can add rich colors, use stunning chairs and pair them with the perfect artwork.

Adding color is definitely a way to stand out from the decor; We love this post from HGTV that shows more. However, taking the plunge with paint can be risky. With a designer to help you consult the color and help paint the color, make sure the living room is worth the risk.

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