Popular Interior House Paint Colors

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Find out why choosing whole house paint colors in 2024 can dramatically affect the flow of your home, as well as what the most popular whole house paint colors will be in 2024.

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

Choosing just one or two colors for your entire home can seem like a tough decision. After all, whether you’re DIYing or hiring, a painting job takes a lot of time and effort.

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When I moved into our current home, I researched paint color routes throughout the house and learned what colors went well with different finishes, decorating styles, and all kinds of tastes.

Instead, I learn from past mistakes. In our first house, I painted all the rooms different colors…raspberry blush in one room and mint green in the other, not pretty!

Setting the tone in your home with the right whole-home color palette means that paint colors can serve as the perfect backdrop and blank canvas for other elements of your home to really shine.

Before choosing the perfect paint color for your home, take some time to decide whether you want to choose one color for each room, or one color that is open to color ideas for your entire home. Spaces like the kitchen, dining room and living room, followed by a harmonious color palette for bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces.

Tips For Choosing Interior Paint Colors

While the first way is the easy way, the second way will give you the same flow but more contrast as you enter the room.

If you’re painting your house before moving in, you may not yet understand how lighting affects every room in your home. If you choose the wrong color, this can be a big problem later.

For example, if you’ve chosen a warm gray color for all the open spaces in your home, take a look at the paint swatches in the afternoon and you won’t be surprised to see the same color. The first thing you see in the morning is light blue.

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

Room exposure (whether the room faces north, south, east, or west) can have a dramatic effect on highlighting the original tone of a paint color.

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If you can’t stay at home and see how the colors change and react during the day, it’s important to choose paint colors with as few tones as possible (that’s where I’m here to help!).

As a general rule of thumb, I generally recommend avoiding strong blue and yellow tones when choosing whole house paint colors.

Blue can make a room feel cold and boring, and while a drop of yellow is a great way to warm up a sterile white, most people don’t want to see their full color palette.

Don’t get me wrong – some of my all-time favorite paint colors have a strong blue tint. It’s not a color I would rely on to use as a whole house color.

Popular Paint Colors For Your Home

It’s perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and other spaces that are closed behind doors — or where you know how light can affect color.

The safest colors to choose for a whole house color scheme are neutral paint colors, light earth tones or shades of white.

Of course, neutral and white groups have their own challenges. Finding dominant undertones is always a major concern.

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

That way, any cool lighting will offset the warm tones, and warm lighting won’t completely wash out the colors.

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This is my all-time favorite paint color because it can be used anywhere! My entire main floor was originally painted repos gray and I then repainted it and lightened the color by 50%.

I was amazed at how bright and bright each room was. It’s the perfect neutral background, warm enough that it never feels cold in any room.

While Repose Gray technically has green/tupee undertones, I find it too earthy. At full power, you can see a hint of green coming through the shade, but nothing major.

At half power (50% dim), the colors remain warm enough to have the same underlying color, but no longer stand out in any lighting conditions (at least I’ve seen!).

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The best thing about Repose Gray is that it matches a variety of accent colors and furniture colors. I have seen light wood and dark wood. Accent colors of cream, blue, green and white look great together.

Gray rest reduced by 50%. This kitchen gets light from east and west. The photo was taken during the day with the sun above so you can see the darker tones in the upper right corner. The island color is BM Boothbay Gray and the wainscoting/trim is SW pure white.

Other shades that work well with Repose Grey: SW Mindful Gray and SW Chelsea Gray both make great contrast on an accent wall next to Repose Grey.

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

Pleasant Gray is a very popular gray paint color. Similar to Repose Grey, but warmer. I love this color because it can read warm or cool depending on the light. Sometimes it looks more gray and other times it looks distinctly gray.

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Like the color depth for Repose Gray at half strength, Benjamin Moore’s Paper White is my choice for east- and west-facing rooms, where you get warm light for half the day and cool light for the other half.

Despite its name, Paper White is a very light dove gray with hints of green that never feels cold. Paired with bright white trim, it complements the entire home’s color scheme.

Just like the lighter version of Repose Grey, I find it lighter and brighter in dimly lit rooms. If you remember the colors in my kitchen (pictured above), paper white never looks warm or saturated.

White BM paper pantry walls (replace 50% light gray walls with 3 light switches).

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If gray isn’t your style and you want a warm neutral, classic gray is the perfect choice. This color is much warmer than the others mentioned above, but still gray enough to call it a day

As an acceptable shade of gray, classic gray can look like a chameleon, appearing warm or cool depending on the available light. You can see in the image above how light and bright the dining room is with lots of natural light.

I personally love this aspect of the color because it feels like you have different shades when it’s the same color all the time!

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

SW Pure White is one of the safest shades of white available. It’s a beautiful white with a hint of warmth so it doesn’t look washed out.

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It works just as well on walls as it does on trim, and gives you a clean white look without worrying about funky undercoats that make an ugly impression!

This is Benjamin Moore’s lightest white, so if you want a very bright, pure white, Chantilly Lace is the color for you.

This bright white color does not have a clear base tone, but will pick up color from the surrounding environment. So keep that in mind!

I like Merpati Putih because the whole house is white. This paint has a lovely creamy softness and is perfect for use in north-facing rooms where white paint can look dull and flat.

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If you have another bright white, the white dove will look more creamy next to it, but not yellow, with a very soft warm undertone.

Shoji White has become extremely popular over the past year, and for good reason. If you can’t settle for gray or beige, Shoji White is for you.

It has a nice warmth to it, but still works as a light, bright color. I can see this being a more popular color this year.

Popular Interior House Paint Colors

If you stick with classic white trim, you’ll want white for all trim work on your home, including doors, moldings, and casing.

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If you choose a bright white color for your walls (such as pure white or Chantilly lace), it’s best to use the same color for the trim, but with a different sheen. Typically, we do a washable matte or eggshell sheen on the walls, then a satin or semi-gloss for all trim.

SW Pure White and BM Chantilly Lace are great white shades if you choose gray or another neutral color for your walls. Always pure white

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