Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint

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Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint – Difference between period and emerald color. While the interior and exterior colors offer excellent features, Emerald is considered a premium product due to its advanced technology and efficiency.

Sherwin Williams is one of the biggest names in the painting industry. The brand produces an amazing collection of colors that serve different purposes in the home. The company’s two best products are Emerald and Duration, both acrylic latex paints designed for outdoors.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint

Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint

However these two colors are very different, they have some similarities, but how do they compare in terms of price, quality and so on? We’ve put together a comparison to help you understand both options and see which is best for your project.

EmeraldĀ® Interior Latex By Sherwin Williams

We’ll start by looking at Emerald, a new two-tone just released in 2012. In fact, many see it as an update to Duration, which has been on the scene since 2002. As an exterior color, Emerald has many features you’ll love:

There are also Emerald Rain Refresh products that take things to the next level by offering self-cleaning technology. When it rains, it washes the dirt off the paint, leaving the exterior in immaculate condition.

On the other hand, we have duration. Now, when this product was first launched, it created excitement in the industry due to its flexibility and coverage. In fact, the holding power is so thick that it can be applied to just one face without using anything else from the back. At the time, it was a revolution in reducing paint costs around the world. Some of the main characteristics of this color include:

Both are self-adhesive acrylic paints and are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

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Additionally, they feature similar qualities such as drying time, stain and mildew resistance, and ease of cleaning.

Additionally, they are compatible with VinilSafe, a range of colors specifically designed to prevent distortion and discoloration when applied to vinyl surfaces.

The price of the two is similar, just over $60. Overall, the general consensus is that Emerald is the more complete product. After all, it’s actually presented as an update over time, bringing many of the same qualities to a more advanced product. Sign up for a free personal subscription to Pintor PRO Magazine. Each issue will be sent directly to your inbox.

Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint

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Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior

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Sherwin Williams Emerald Interior Paint

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