Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors

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Although Behr is known for its paint colors of the year that you can use in your home, it is the only company that has previously tested a wood stain color for your outdoor space. Meet Cordovan Brown, the first exterior stain color of the year. A classic dark brown shade, this stain is perfect for updating your deck.

Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors

Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors

The color is a timeless choice for chairs and stairs because of its versatility, said Jody Allen, marketing manager for Behr. And because the stains work with so many design styles, there’s no guesswork about choosing the right one. “Our goal is to simplify color selection to get the job done quickly,” Allen said. “The introduction of our first exterior stain color of the year expands our color palette and provides the color leadership customers have come to expect from Behr.”

Stain Color Woodbriar

When it comes to your home, wood stains are just as important as paint, says Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and design at Behr. “They offer an anti-aging effect on seats, balconies, doors and other things that can enhance the overall design,” he said. “Paint and stain can work together beautifully, creating a balanced color for exteriors and structures.” If you’re using this dark brown stain on a chair, steps, or other wooden accessories, paint the rest of the exterior with soft, natural colors for contrast and harmony. the article says. Woelfel.

The 2023 Behr Exterior Stain Color of the Year is available exclusively at Home Depot. This color will be available in several products, including Behr Solid Color Premium Waterproof Exterior Stain, Semi-Transparent Exterior Waterproof Exterior Stain, Solid Wood Home & Fence Stain, and more.

All the colors of the year (so far) will inspire your home paint projects in 2024. Behr’s 2024 Color of the Year – Cracked Paper – Inspires You to Embrace Dark Shades PPG just announced its 2024 Color of the Year .color of the year – see update here. These are the most popular colors in the U.S., according to Angi Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2024. Valspar’s 2024 color of the year—and that’s about to change. A Quiet Death for Your Home How to Color Your Garden Forever 25 Ideas to Enhance Your Home’s Border – For Under $100.

10 front porch decorating ideas to enhance the charm of your home. 2021 Behr Color of the Year Is Neutral 20 Front Porch Decorating Ideas Turn Your Stuff Into Home Design The Good and the Bad Vinyl Siding Is an Inexpensive Alternative to Wood 10 Homes. Articles that you’ll see everywhere from closets to herringbone in 2024: Front paint colors are trending—they’re even hotter—in 2023. Behr’s 2019 color of the year is perfect for almost any room . your home’s color for 2023: These 9 essentials combine with key paint brands and sealers to create the stunning results your customers are looking for… with easy and quick application. It’s time to help you become more productive. These six layers will help you with many basic tasks.

All About Exterior Stain

SuperDeck’s entire line of garden care products are ideal for restoring, weathering, cleaning, sanitizing, marking and sealing your decks.

This article was originally published in PPC Magazine’s 2019 Summer issue. Visit the Sherwin-Williams product line online for more product information, data sheets, customer reviews, how-to videos, and more.

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Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors

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How I Stained Our Deck With Sherwin Williams

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Professional Painting Contractor Magazine (PPC) is published by the Sherwin-Williams Company for owners and managers of commercial and residential painting businesses.

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Sherwin Williams Exterior Deck Stain Colors

Hello friends! Thank you so much for loving our yard show. The response has been overwhelming and we are very excited about our new space…well, we haven’t had that nasty and disrespectful heat wave that has hit our area with temperatures over 106 degrees for the past few weeks. Of course it won’t work. Needless to say, I can’t wait for the bus so we can spend more time outside. Since it’s been hot lately, we started feeling the heat even before the exterior was finished during one of the biggest jobs of the entire renovation, the seat upholstery. Luckily I was able to do this before a real fire broke out here. Today I’m sharing the process of how I created this project.

Superdeck® Exterior Waterborne Semi Solid Color Stain

The ultimate goal for our outdoor space was to feel like an extension of our home’s interior. I wanted to blur the line between indoor and outdoor, and I knew that painting the seat would go a long way toward achieving that. As beautiful as natural mahogany is, I didn’t want it to look like ordinary wood. I love the warm color of the wood floors in our home and was hoping to replicate it outside.

Because we used redwood, we had to wait several months after construction before we could apply a stain or protective layer to it. This allows the wood and oil to dry well enough to absorb the stain and produce a great color. Construction finished in February and we let it dry for 5 months before I painted it in July. If you’re working with a wood like pine or Douglas fir, you may not have to wait as long (if at all) before staining. After coming up with a game plan for how to approach the project, I ordered stain and material for pickup from Sherwin-Williams.

I used a series of brushes, a vacuum, a metal pan, a water pump, and Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck cleaner and stainer to finish the job.

As with any painting, a good finish starts with proper cleaning and preparation. I started by sweeping everything off the floor and sweeping. I then rinsed thoroughly. I used SuperDeck Revive Deck and Siding Brightener to clean and polish the deck. This formula is especially useful on new or ungrafted trees, red or bare trees.

Pro Tips For Applying Solid Deck Stain (plus Prep Guide)

It helped me with this part of the project because you need to make sure the product doesn’t dry on the wood during use. Naomi and I worked in small groups

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