Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

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Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets – Yes already! When it’s time to decide on the right shade for your home’s wood surfaces – floors, cabinets, stairs, beams, furniture – it’s an opportunity to use the science and art of design to complement natural elements and your personal style. Now that’s fun.

When I walk into a new building with a client, I say, “Oh, I love the color of the unfinished floor – can we keep it?” Many times if you hear it. Or something like, “I’d like to put my grandmother’s antique chest in here, too. Can it be used as inspiration for staining existing hardwood, sheathing, and beams? The answer is yes, but it takes will, knowledge, and experience to do it right.

Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

Where to start? Let’s start with a big clean breath. Choosing a stain can seem difficult because it is quite durable. Of course, there is a way to change it later, but nothing is easy. So it’s better to take care of the front end, so we’re here to help! In this post, I’ll share my stain expertise gained from formal design studies, project experience, and lots (and lots) of trial and error. now let’s go.

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Like many natural products, wood is dynamic and each species has its own characteristics. For example, walnut is durable, but light. Cedar is soft and sometimes knotty. Maple is very hard and has flat grains. It’s worth noting how each wood species differs in its porous structure and absorbency, not to mention its age and original color. And these features may vary from place to place! My intention is not to scare you, but to introduce you to the need to understand the nuances of each wood to be stained. Just like in nature, a tree can surprise you when you think you know it. That’s why we’ve created samples (and samples and samples) to make sure we can find the perfect stain for you.

In addition to the complexity of the actual wood stain, it is important to think about the design elements around it. This includes paint colors and trims, natural and artificial light, and other types of wood, textures and colors. Placing the stain next to the yellow color will absorb the color, while adding the blue-gray color to the red wood will help neutralize the color. Finding the right stain requires not only the number of samples, but bringing the samples into the design environment where the stained wood comes to life.

We’ve done our homework here by testing eight popular stains (from Sherwin Williams) on six different types of wood (38 supplied by Woodworks). There are hundreds of stain colors to choose from, with Sherwin Williams being the most popular brand and my go-to for most projects. Notice how each stain reacts differently to each type of wood, rolling or dampening the grain of the natural wood. The top half of each block represents the stain, while the bottom half shows what it looks like when thinned with paint thinner (or water-based charcoal). See, science can be fun!

Choosing the perfect stain combines the properties of the wood, the science of color theory and the skill of thinking about how your entire design board works. Ultimately, you aim for an overall palette that looks thoughtful and compact. We hope we have helped to complete the process and make this daunting task possible. If you are ready to choose the right stain for your home, we will help you by taking into account the design, character and harmony of each element. It’s something we do.

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When asked, Becca Gaines described her hometown of Memphis as “soulful, authentic, confident and comfortable, but also strong and flat-hearted — a vibrant place that celebrates individuality.” Understanding means understanding Becca and her creative approach.

After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in interior design, Becca began honing her aesthetic under the tutelage of Southern designers such as Rozanne Jackson and Rhea Crenshaw. In 2010, he opened his own company, B. Gaines Interior Design doors. Before long, Becca opened her own store, fielding calls from customers looking to purchase more furniture, linens, and unique accents to use in their homes. Hey Rube is a design lab where you can shop in person or online for things like Verellen furniture, Libeco linens, Curated Accents and BGID decals.

Grateful for the privilege of helping clients create designs that reflect their personality and lifestyle, Becca thrives on building collaborative relationships. Each project, client and story becomes a fiber in the fabric that forms the identity of B. Gaines Interior Design. If you’re planning to give your kitchen a facelift in the near future, you might be thinking about which wood stain color to choose. Use it in your closet.

Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

There’s no doubt that choosing a cabinet color can be a stressful decision because it’s a big and expensive commitment. Start by gathering inspiration.

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Here are a few things to make sure the process goes smoothly and you are confident in your decision:

Customers prefer sawn oak cabinets, where the wood has a clear water-based protective coating without dyes.

Sometimes the color is added with a transparent stain such as Minwax Fruitwood, Classic Gray or Simply White.

Oak cabinets are back, but not orange oak with heavy, open grain. Instead, we see natural water-based stains applied to oak panel and oak panel.

Stain Color Desert Wood

Rubio took the design world by storm. The transparent stain is easy to use, does not smell harsh and is a high-quality product. Here are Rubio’s top stain colors:

Minwax wood stain is popular with many contractors because of its price. The downside to Minwax is that the color selection is not as sophisticated as Rubio’s, and contractors using Minwax primarily use oil-based stains.

This is the perfect wood stain for cabinets (and floors). As always, be sure to test the stain color and look in different lighting conditions to see how it looks in all settings. The sky is the limit when it comes to colors. Painted booths are very popular and color trends are changing. As a semi-custom cabinet manufacturer (read our blog on the differences between custom and semi-custom cabinets), we offer not only standard paint colors, but also custom paints through our ColorSelect program. We have partnered with Sherwin-Williams to create a collection of paints available in our product line. And if you need a paint color that isn’t available, we can work with your local Sherwin-Williams partner to match the color of your choice to your cabinets!

Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

But what about custom stains? Sometimes we are asked to combine stains that are not part of the standard range. So can we do custom coloring or match specific colors from photos on Pinterest or other online sources?

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If you don’t see the stain you want in the showroom, what are your options? You can order it unfinished so that a local professional can finish the cabinet in the color of your choice.

Please note that Showplace is not responsible for finish issues or damage to the cabinet that may be caused by someone else refinishing our cabinet.

So let’s start a new wardrobe look! Click the button below to find a local fair near you.

All images above include custom paint colors on display. While we offer a wide range of standard colors, the ColorSelect program offers thousands of colors to give you a variety of options.

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Showplace, a leading developer of semi-custom cabinets, is proud to announce the launch of Vita, the latest addition to the excellent Character Stain range.

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Sherwin Williams Stains For Cabinets

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