South East Facing Apartment Vastu

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South East Facing Apartment Vastu – Many people read articles where they get great information or valuable advice before buying real estate. This blog about south facing houses is for you (if you are thinking of buying a south facing vastu). Most people have a strange story about the big house facing south. But is it just a myth or is there truth behind it? Find out about every level in this south-facing main house blog. Let’s see:

Since the south side houses the house of Lord Yama, the god of death, most people give up the idea of ​​buying when they think that the house/property faces south. But wait! There is no auspicious or bad face prescribed in “Vastu Shastra”. To this day, the great house of the south gets a bad name or reputation. According to vastu shastra, buying a house depends on many important factors like balance of Pancha Tattva (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), proper position of main door, location of toilet, kitchen, bedroom, stairs. .

South East Facing Apartment Vastu

South East Facing Apartment Vastu

As mentioned earlier, all good and bad things are based on the guidelines or rules of vastu shastra. After that, it brings good results in people’s lives, and if not, it can condemn your life. So in this article we will try to give a general idea of ​​how to determine the current left side? And it covers everything you need to design your home, with valuable information and great advice. Let’s see:

East Facing House Vastu Its Significance And Benefits

The rule is same in all directions according to vastu shastra. Easy. Imagine looking to the left as you exit the house through the front door. He lives in a large south-facing house. You can use the pass for accuracy. It is better to ask our leading experts for better guidance in this regard.

It is true that people living in a spacious south-facing house sometimes face illness, financial loss, indiscretion and accidents. But according to vastu shastra any initial value can be created. Don’t blame the damage and call it bad. Problems may arise with defects in the house. Therefore, like many other stories, this story also sees the large buildings on the left as a negative result due to the knowledge of the wrong size and the lack of expert guidance. It is great among people. If you can follow the general rules when designing your house, any house can bring prosperity to your life. According to vastu shastra, the position of 32 deities in the Vastu Purusha Mandala governs everything. Therefore, when buying a property, we must pay attention to these, along with other information, and make sure that we do not make a decision without the opinion of a great expert.

On the other hand, a southern castle is not for everyone. Therefore, before starting a business, evaluate the knowledge of the residents of the house with their business and star sign. Business Intelligence So which job or business is the right home? The planet Mars is the ruler of this direction and represents fire. Let’s find the corresponding company:

The suitability of a south-facing property is determined by the astrological signs of people in addition to good things. Check out the special zodiac signs that are suitable for a large south-facing house:

Best 4 East Facing House Vastu Plan For A Peaceful Life

The main door or front door plays an important role in every home because it acts as a gateway between energies (inside and outside). So, as a home owner, you need to be careful about the placement of your main door. If you are familiar with the idea of ​​a Purusha mandala sized Pada, you should know that not all pads are suitable for all places. But if you are not familiar with this concept, don’t worry! Our Vastu experts will help you with accurate information about this concept. However, many Vastu consultants say to avoid left-hand vastu because of the complex nature of the pads. Therefore, it is better to turn to an expert who knows better and makes the best of everything. Out of the 32 Padas of the Vastu Purusha Mandala, only 8 Padas belong to the left side. They are: Anila, Pusha, Vithatha, Gruhakshat, Yama, Gandharva, Bhringraj, Mrigha (From top to bottom – S1 to S8, see figure below). Out of the 8 Padas, only 2 Padas: Vithatha, Gruhakshat are suitable for the south facing main door of the main house. These 2 padas are believed to bring great prosperity and fame in the native’s life. Gruhakshat Pada is essential for actors and media. But vastu completely bans other padas from the main gate.

For the general rules for south-facing houses, the north and east corners of the house are the best options for bedroom placement. The master bedroom is the focus of the distinguished professionals. So according to the south facing rules of vastu, vastu experts say to consider southwest and west bedroom as master bedroom. The northeastern part of the property is suitable for a children’s room, and the northwestern part is suitable for a living room.

The kitchen is a sacred place, the food prepared here gives us strength and energy to carry out our daily work. That is why the proper layout of the kitchen is very important in every large house. The south-facing open house is no different. In any case, the opinion is widespread that southeast, northwest and west are the best in the kitchen. While this area represents the nature of fire and we all know that, the kitchen is about the nature of fire. Therefore, creating a spacious kitchen requires a perfect balance between the two. But sometimes it doesn’t work as you think because the right direction or location changes the style of the house. If you live in the deep south, southeast is your best bet for getting the right balance of fireworks; and ensures a healthy life. If this space is not available in the kitchen, you can also consider the northwest corner.

South East Facing Apartment Vastu

I know you? The bathroom is the most used room in the house like any other room in the house. An inappropriate toilet can cause material loss, health damage and minor damage. How can we leave the toilet without problems? The most important things about the deep connection should not be left out: the septic tank and the drain. According to the vastu for the toilet, Applied vastu experts recommend the bathroom in the North-West (WNW) area. Remember that due to the size of the south house, there should be no water reservoir or water inlet on the south side of the house, which will cause financial problems and court cases. For a septic tank, south of the southwest (SSW) corner is ideal.

East Facing House Vastu: Tips For Apartments Facing East

Many people do not know that the staircase is an important part of the house. The best place to make stairs in the house is east, west, north or southwest. We know that most people have the misconception (as a reminder) that the south-facing stairs of the house can only be built on the left side. Because of this, they usually work on the front side of the house. As a general rule, in south-facing buildings, access under the stairs should be avoided at all costs. We must also pay attention to the type of scale or aspect ratio. Hence, it is highly recommended to consult a vastu expert before making a staircase in your vastu facing house.

The house of Puja, the house of the Gods in many houses is like a temple which is the epicenter of good divine energies. So you have to be very careful to place your home puja at the right place. It is best to build a puja hall on the east and west side of the main house as the main Puja hall of the south facing house. It is also the perfect choice for creating a puja room. But due to the limited space, if a separate puja room is not possible, you can use a small part of the living room (the western part is also suitable as a living room) for the room.

The function of the horizontal slope is the same for every building, regardless of its orientation. The slope of the house should always be North, East or East. So make sure you stick to the left side rather than the north/east side. You should not think that the size of the slope is irrelevant to the size of the open house. Your ignorance can bring unwanted problems into your life.

There are specific instructions in the vastu shastra that we should consider when painting the rooms of the house because each room symbolizes another.

East Facing House Plan As Per Vastu Shastra Download Pdf

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