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Home Direction As Per Vastu – Vastu never says that North is the best direction to build your house and West is a bad direction. According to Vastu experts, your house is all good, regardless of the direction. Because of the 23.5 degree tilt of the Earth’s axis, it changes frequently.

Determining the correct west direction will be difficult, but that is not the most important thing. If your house faces west, it is a west facing house. You stand in front of the main door or entrance of your house to fully understand it. If you face west, you live in a house facing west.

Home Direction As Per Vastu

Home Direction As Per Vastu

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You should make sure that your main entrance door is placed in the west or north center of your house. It is best to design metal elements on the west door such as metal nameplates, metal bells or some works of art. Vastu is important when building or buying a house facing west. According to Vastu, there are eight Padas in the West. Among them, the two pandas Sugriva and Pushpdanta are best suited for the main entrance of the house facing west. They will help you get enough financial benefits and profits in your business. Other plants are not suitable for the west side of the house. 2. Bedroom on the west side of the house:

It is best if your master bedroom faces southwest. This familiarity improves understanding between partners and reduces conflict between couples. If your house has multiple floors, you must have a master bedroom on the top floor. One should ensure that the bedroom is in perfect harmony with the natural elements, to achieve quality sleep and peace. The southwest corner is considered the ideal direction for the location of the master bedroom in a western house. 3. Kitchen in the west:

The kitchen is an important area of ​​our home because it is responsible for the health of the family. It also contains the element of fire, which helps maintain balance in the family; It should be placed in the right part of the house as Vastu in the west side of the house. Its location in the wrong direction can cause financial and health problems in the family. You need to make sure that your kitchen faces east, because it is better to face east while cooking. 4. Pooja room on the west side of the house:

Temple or Pooja room is the main place where you worship or pray to your deities and channel all the energies around you. Instead, the statue faces west so pilgrims can find the idol facing east. Make sure you have the same in your home as well. When it comes to west facing house vastu, northeast area is very strong and best place for pooja room. 5. Bathroom in the house facing west:

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Bathroom should be in northwest direction and chest of drawers should be in southeast or northwest direction. The dresser should be built several feet off the ground. The bathroom should not be directly under the stairs. 6. Clean environment for west facing house:

Avoid collecting garbage in houses facing west. Create space for more sunlight. Large windows can be installed for this purpose. 7. Suitable colors:

Yellow, white, beige, silver and similar neutral colors are suitable for houses facing west. They are a wonderful color and are said to increase wealth. Advantages of west facing houses The following are some of the advantages of west facing houses

Home Direction As Per Vastu

1. You should make sure that your main door or door is placed in the Sugriva and Pushpdanta Padas of your west side. 2. If you have a multi-storey house, the bedroom should be in the southwest, but make sure it is at the highest point.

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3. The north-west side of the kitchen can also be chosen as another option, if the south-east side does not have a cooking area, the west side according to Vastu house.

4. You should make sure that you have a kitchen located in the southeast corner of your house.

6. West Facing House According to Vastu, the south and west sides should be more and longer than the east and north sides.

7. There should be more windows facing north and east to help balance the flow of energy in the family. No:

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7. For the kitchen, avoid the southwest area of ​​the house. The best location of the living room according to Vastu

When arranging the living room in your house, it should be recommended that it all be in the direction North west or south. It is important to avoid placing the bedroom in the southwest, as this is considered inauspicious according to Vastu, an ancient Indian architectural practice that emphasizes harmony with natural forces. The southwest is believed to have negative energy and may disturb the comfort and well-being of your guests.

By choosing the north-west or south direction, you will not only follow the principles of Vastu, but also create a more pleasant and harmonious environment for your visitors. Deep consideration of room space can lead to a positive and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Vastu Guidelines for Children’s Rooms in West Wing Residences

Home Direction As Per Vastu

Just like the importance of the master bedroom, the children’s room has a unique meaning in the house. Creating an environment that supports the growth and well-being of children is a priority for many. As far as west facing houses are concerned, following the principles of Vastu is essential for designing children’s rooms.

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For the children’s room in the western house, should consider south, west or northwest. These guidelines believe that there is a favorable flow of energy, which plays a positive role in the development and overall experience of children living in space.

The south side is often associated with stability and growth, which can balance the child’s growth. Western direction in Vastu means creativity and innovation.

By placing the child’s room on the west side of the house, you can stimulate their imagination and encourage their artistic passion. Similarly, the northwest direction is related to opportunities and advice. This guide can help develop communication and adaptation skills in children. By designing their room in this way, you can create an environment that supports their learning and social interaction. According to Vastu placement of stairs in the house facing west

In the area of ​​vastu ideas for west-facing houses, the stairwell has an important place in the basic arrangement. Let us consider some new tips for laying stairs according to Vastu principles:

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Interior staircase for West-Fingering house: An interior staircase not only adds a distinctive touch to the beauty of the house, but also requires careful consideration of the space. In Vastu, it is suggested that the internal stairs should be arranged in east to west or north to south direction. These orientations facilitate the flow of energy in the house. However, deviations from these guidelines can have negative effects, including negative effects on the health of tourists. Therefore, it is important to follow the recommended guidelines to ensure the well-being of the family members who live there.

External stairs for west facing houses: The location of the external stairs also carries a lot of weight in terms of Vastu effect on the living space. Placing an external staircase directly in front of the entrance can disturb the energy balance in the house. To avoid this imbalance, it is recommended that the best direction for the outdoor staircase in the west-facing house is the southwest corner. This place is believed to counteract any negative energy and maintain a more favorable flow of energy throughout the residence. Vastu direction for windows in the house facing west

According to Vastu Wisdom, it is recommended to install windows in north and east direction in houses facing west. The reason for this direction is based on the understanding of the movement of energy and the effect of the orientation of the sun. North and East directions are considered lucky and have positive meanings in Vastu philosophy.

Home Direction As Per Vastu

By placing windows in these specific directions, homeowners want to achieve a balanced and harmonious flow of energy throughout the home. It is believed that the sunrise and the beginning of a new day bring positive vibrations and energy to the east. The windows here allow the entry of morning sunlight, which not only illuminates the interior, but also fills the space with rejuvenating energy.

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On the other hand, North is associated with magnetic force and is considered a source of constructive energy. Placing a window on the north side allows cool, fresh air to enter

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