Vallejo Paint Color Chart

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Vallejo Paint Color Chart

Vallejo Paint Color Chart

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Vallejo Created 20 New Paint Colors For Your D&d Miniatures

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Vallejo Studio Acrylics Hand Painted Colour Chart

Return to main page | View more details about “Vallejo Acrylic Paint #70834 Model Color – Clear…” With the help of painting legend Angel Giraldez, Vallejo has not only transformed, but reinvented its venerable game color paint series. Matte finish, good pigmentation, lots of new colors, but lots of old colors have disappeared or changed. I wonder if the new game color formula is really an improvement, or if it just caters to the needs of professional painters like Angel and ignores the needs of us casual painters. Was the color gamut of the old game so bad that it had to be redone from scratch? I answer this question and more in my review of the entire new Vallejo Game Color series.

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This review is available in video format, so I recommend watching it because there are many examples of use here:

Vallejo Paint Color Chart

In October 2022, Acrylicos Vallejo relaunched its brand to release the new Express Color and Game Color collections. They have a fancy new logo and it looks like Angel Giraldez has become Vallejo’s new brand ambassador, which has had a big influence on the development of the new paint collection, especially the new game color collection. Vallejo and Angel have completely improved the formula and the new toy colors have a matte finish, improved opacity and pigmentation, and longer working and drying times.

Th May 2023] Vallejo Model Color 17ml Acrylic Based, Hobbies & Toys, Stationery & Craft, Craft Supplies & Tools On Carousell

For those who don’t know, the original game color paint set was created after the previous Citadel paint set which was discontinued in 2012. Urban legend has it that Vallejo was commissioned by Games Workshop to produce his paint set. But when nothing happened, Vallejo is said to have launched a color range of his own called Game Colors. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but today if one manufacturer blatantly copied another manufacturer’s paint color range there would probably be quite a storm.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the new series. There are 136 colors in total, divided into 80 regular acrylic colors, 9 metallic colors, 12 ink colors, 8 wash colors, 8 fluorescent colors, 12 special FX paints, 7 additives and varnishes, and we have 24 new round colors. Stepping out of the 160 range of paints. . According to the Vallejo website, the collection is designed around a base-shade-triple layer system, but frankly, I don’t see any of that. Yes, some colors are arranged in triads, but some are in tetrads, and you’ll always see a color or two in them. There are also no printed guidelines on the labels, although Vallejo’s color chart points you in the right direction as to which colors go together.

September 2023 Update: Vallejo has added a section with suggested trilogies to the Game Color Handbook which you can download from their website.

If you depend on any of these paints, stock up now while the older range is available. Some older colors have been renamed while keeping the original production numbers: Bronze Leather is Bronze Brown, Cadmium Leather is Skin Tone, Heavy Warm Gray is Warm Gray, Cool Gray is Neutral Gray, and Heavy Charcoal is just Charcoal. Also note that due to the new formulation and finish, the old colors carried over to the new range will look slightly different, more on that later.

Hand Painted Color Chart: Model Air, Washes, & Primers Vallejo

With a total of 44 colors, there are also a number of new colors in some gaps in the old range. However, the game’s color gamut is much smaller than Citadel or Reaper, and I still have petroleum colors, more gray tones, dark skin tones, and fair and natural skin tones, like all fair skin tones. It is very pink and peachy in the game’s color range.

For a better comparison, I created hand-drawn digital color swatches of all 136 game colors as well as 59 colors from the Express Color Set. The stand also includes a game air range.

This comparison chart is available for a small donation in my Patreon store or by joining the Aspect Warrior class. By the way, I made more hand painted patterns, for example. For all contrast/speedpaint/single coat paints, there will be other swatches compatible with the Citadel color range, 2 coats, thin coats and more.

Vallejo Paint Color Chart

Well, with that aside, let’s explore the scope of paint. The new Game Colors come in more durable bottles made from recycled PET, which I really appreciate, and also contain more paint! The old game color bottles hold 17ml of paint, while the new bottles hold 18ml, although the bottle looks a bit smaller. The plastic used in the bottle is completely transparent so you can better judge the colors, and it also feels a bit thinner, which makes the bottle more compact, so beware of accidental paint explosions. The tip is thicker, which makes them less likely to split, which I welcome.

Mm Acrylic Paint Bottles Premium Colors Vallejo

First let’s look at 80 regular acrylic paints. This covers most of the bases of primary and secondary colors, bone tones, brown and skin tones, and grayscale paint.

And spoiler alert: acrylics are gorgeous! Very smooth and creamy consistency, and no, they didn’t just convert it into a model color formula. The new toy colors are thinner so they don’t require much, if any, additional attenuation, but that’s not at the expense of opacity as the coverage is amazing. The midtones and darker colors cover medium gray base coats in one or two coats and lighter colors in two to three coats, and are very easy to apply, whether for base painting or subtle color, it’s a joy to paint. highlight

If you are only familiar with Citadel colors, I would describe the new game colors as freshly exposed Citadel layer paint with a bit of water, while retaining the opacity of the base paint. In terms of pigmentation and creaminess, it definitely tops paint ranges like AK Interactive 3rd Generation, Two Thin Coats and ProAcrylic Paints. The colors that disappointed me a bit in terms of opacity were mostly yellow, orange and yellow green. Since the other colors cover so well, I was hoping that Vallejo had finally cracked the code to make a yellow and orange paint that didn’t bother donkeys, but alas…nope. The game’s yellows and oranges still require several layers to become fully opaque. At least they are slightly better than their counterparts in the castle, but don’t expect miracles.

Because of their extremely smooth consistency, the new toy colors airbrush well even with a slightly thinner airbrush, and because of their high pigmentation, they also airbrush well, even if you want to leave them on a dry palette. A minute or two until slightly thickened.

Set Vallejo Model Color 16 U. (17 Ml.) Folkstone Specialist

I have noticed that the new game colors formula has a longer drying time than Citadel and Army Painter. Perhaps this is where the Angel Effect comes into play, as the longer working time makes the paint more suitable for more advanced painting techniques such as blending. But if you want to paint your small pictures quickly, the long drying time when applying a base coat can be a little annoying, even if you’re painting all at once. When dry, it’s brighter than the old game colors, and certainly brighter than Castle. However, I found out that Matt was not

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