Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations

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Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations – We are big fans of brick painting. But natural brick also looks good with the right color choice for trim, siding and the bottom. Here we share a combination of exterior bricks and paint for the house with painted and unpainted bricks. These exterior designs have won the hearts of our designers and customers.

Painting brick can be intimidating. It can help to see the new color of your home before you decide. A virtual exterior designer will create a custom exterior design for your home and mock it up so you can compare before and after photos and proceed with your renovation with confidence. From now on!

Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations

Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations

These Benjamin Moore classics are two of our favorite whites. In fact, we named Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl our exterior color of the year. With an LRV of 77.95, Seapearl is white. Simply White’s LRV is 91.7, so it’s brighter. (Learn what LRV is and why it’s important, especially for whites.) Although these same colors create a monochromatic color, their different hues provide a bit of contrast. Simply White (painted on the trim here) provides a warm glow that both complements and contrasts with the Seapearl gray (brick color).

The Key To Color Combinations For Your Home’s Exterior

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a great alternative to brick. This color reads in a different way with textures, making it a good choice for use in a variety of exterior materials. Our designer used Alabaster on the bricks, cladding and facade pictured above. When going this route, we recommend adding dimension and depth with accents in a darker color, such as Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. Tricorn Black was used on the garage door and front entry door. Alabaster is not very white, and Tricorn Black is also not very black, so it is not a combination like black and white checkerboard. This combination of brick and paint is modern and offers a subtle history.

This combination of warm brick and earth brings a sense of harmony to the facade of the house. Instead of contrasting, these colors complement each other. Olympic Mountain is the brick centerpiece, Jockey Hollow Gray adorns the soffits and fascia, and Simply White completes the look by accenting the trim.

A brick house with an orange roof looks fresh and modern when the bricks are painted beige or white. Such a unique roof should be the focus of the exterior, and the red brick can compete with it. One of our designers’ favorite beige options is Grant Beige by Benjamin Moore. In this example, accents in Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams add depth to the space between the lighter beige and the full shingle color. (Urbane Bronze is one of the top Sherwin Williams exterior colors for 2021, mainly because of its versatility.) Pro tip: Bronze or bronze gutters and downspouts look amazing with roofs. clay and beige color.

#5 // Classico Limewash by ROMABIO with Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore and Natural Choice and Porpoise by Sherwin Williams

Stunning Exterior Brick And Paint Color Combinations

If you are dealing with bricks that have not yet been painted, you have the option of trying a surface wash. This beautiful product gives an old and historic feel to a house, with the brick elements still showing. In the house above, our designer proposed the Classico limestone casting from ROMABIO. The color with warm color complements the warm brick that enters. And this home has many beautiful architectural elements to highlight with color. Here, the designer offered accent paint in Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore and Natural Choice and Porpoise, both by Sherwin Williams.

Not that you need our permission, but as you can see from our recommendations so far, we often recommend using Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors together in a design! When painted on properly prepared brick, both brands perform well. Seapearl looks best on brick because the bricks facing each other appear white and the cracks between the bricks appear gray, giving an interior dimension. In this home, the bare brick wall paint in Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams and the trim and accents in Onyx by Benjamin Moore provide a rich, deep contrast and bringing out the color of Seapearl.

If you keep the brick red au naturel, greige trim can give it a polished look. It’s one of the best brick and paint combinations in our book. In fact, many of the bricks have gray and beige stones in them, and often the debris is visible from a distance. Paint your paint job with Benjamin Moore’s Jockey Hollow Gray paint to bring out these tones.

Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations

With a little color, the mixed media works as a partner rather than a competitor. This house has brick additions, shake siding, and natural stone — all beautiful materials in their own right, but the color palette made it a little overwhelming. In this situation, the right color combination of brick and paint can make a big difference. By painting the brick in Benjamin Moore’s neutral Revere Pewter, our designer allowed the natural details of the stone to emerge. Mount Iron on the rocker gives the house more dimension – see how much flatter the facade is in the before picture compared to the back? – and bring out the gray and blue color in the stone. The onyx color on the block gives a glimpse of the contrast.

Stunning Exterior Paint Colors For Brick Homes

We always recommend trying and testing colors before making a decision. Factors such as natural light, red color and the equipment you have will have a big impact on how a color will look on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer a larger 9 x 14.75 color swatch of our favorite outdoor colors. Order your “Real Paint, No Mess” sample from Samplize here.

Does this color combination look familiar? It is similar to number 8 above, but it looks very different when combined with bare brick. Revere Pewter, Iron Mountain and Onyx are three neutral colors that work well together. These paint colors help define the home’s architectural features without feeling too overwhelming, even with the red brick and light mortar contrast.

A pale brick or glue wash isn’t for everyone. If you want to renew the brick with a new white, Alabaster is a good choice. The warm beige color helps it play well with the natural wood. This combination, along with black Marvin windows, completely modernizes this home.

Here are some important tips for combining brick colors and colors that apply regardless of the current look of your home: Bricks often look good painted white, beige or greige. Natural brick works well with warm neutral colors. Lighter tones bring out the texture of the brick and add a bright green color to the block and trim to create contrast.

Stunning Paint Colors That Will Make Your Brick Exterior Beautiful — True Design House

Not to scare you, but once you put paint on the brick, it’s almost impossible to remove. The professionals at brick&batten will help you make color and design choices you won’t regret. Take us a photo of your home, tell us what you’re looking for in a quick survey, and we’ll give you an exterior renovation plan, including the before and after mockups we’ve featured in this article. Plus, you’ll get a clickable resource list with color recommendations, suggestions for materials to use, links to patio furniture we love for your space, and more. Our accessories give you the guidance you need to tackle your home’s exterior renovation the way you want it. Starting today.

Tips for reading to the end: The brick and paint used in the design of the house at the beginning of this article is natural brick with Benjamin Moore’s graph and eaves, base and trim painted black by Benjamin Moore. We’re big fans of brick paint, and we’re here to help you find a color palette that works if your brick needs a makeover. BUT we also understand customers who want to leave their bricks natural! A red brick house can be beautiful; However, it is a powerful design and can be one of the most difficult to use, especially for a color palette. We get customers writing in all the time asking us about what trim color we recommend for their red brick home, what is the best siding color to complement a red brick facade, and more. . We thought this collection might help some of you make decisions about how to renovate your red brick home.

Having trouble figuring out how to renovate your red brick home? That’s why we created our virtual design service. We help you see what a facelift will look like before you make the decision to give yourself a new look.

Vinyl Siding And Painted Brick Combinations

This two-story traditional red brick home has beautiful architectural lines – it just needs some updated accents to update and dress it up. Benjamin Moore paints provided the new color: Revere Pewter on the trim, Dragon’s Breath to paint the wood, and black on the windows. Darker roof paint, new wood-look garage doors and copper gutters

Classic Exterior Paint Colour Combinations — Melissa Grieve Interiors

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