What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

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What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors – Natalie Malik · July 18, 2014 · Furniture & Accessories, Home Decor, Tips & Trends · 1 Comment

Dark wood floors can be incredibly elegant and sophisticated, bringing richness and shine to a room. However, when combined with the wrong furniture and colors, these floors risk making the room dark and heavy. If you’ve been wondering what to wear with dark floors to bring out their best features, try these ideas.

What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

White walls and light wooden furniture. For the most harmonious look, choose wooden furniture that matches the warmth of your floor, but is a shade lighter.

How To Match Wall Color With Your Wood Floor

Match the furniture legs to the floor. With dark floors, you don’t always need contrast – matching your wooden furniture as closely as possible to the color of your floors is an easy way to give a room a stylish and coordinated look.

Rich wall color and kilim rug. If you want color, pick a shade you like in a rich, pigmented shade and paint the walls or back of the bookcase with it. Echo the color in a patterned kilim or other plain woven rug.

Dark carpet, light walls. A rug printed with a dark pattern will make your room richer and more interesting without drawing too much attention.

Marble, white, bronze and wood. Dark wooden floors in the kitchen can be very elegant. Keep the overall effect sleek and light by balancing dark floors with white cabinets and walls, warm bronze metals, and wood accents just a few shades lighter than the floors.

Buying Guide Flooring

Light tone more white. The key is to balance lots of color with lots of white and keep other colors to a minimum.

“Muddy” tones and layered textures. For a sophisticated urban look, try mixing different textures such as leather, leather and velvet in soft, muddy tones – think grey, ‘greige’, taupe and sage.

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What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

Animal Skulls Antique Architectural Lighting Art Awards Biofilt Design Bold Cabinets Colorful Console Table Cork Wallpaper Sofas Interior Design Philosophy Design Rules Interior Design Vacations Interior Design Japanese Design Kitchen Storage Lake Tahoe Lake Tahoe Interior Design Shades Lighting Budget Metallic Wallpaper Mixing Metals in Design Modern Modern Tahoe Home Mountain Decor Mountain Interior Design Vintage Homes Painting Wicker Furniture Reclaimed Wood Rugs Safari Rugs Scandinavian Design Subway Tiles Vintage Summer Wallpaper Wicker Furniture With the popularity of dark furniture showing no signs of slowing down, it is a great choice for anyone looking to create a modern and trendy living space in their home. Of course, there needs to be a certain degree of coordination when designing a room, and this is especially true when it comes to the shade of your floor, which will affect the overall feel of the room. Laminate flooring is a stylish and easy-to-maintain option to match dark furniture, but which colors are best?

Popular Wood Floor Colors Perfect For Your Next Project

One option you might want to consider is matching your furniture with a dark laminate floor. A deep, earthy palette can bring a sense of warmth to a living room, promoting a relaxing and cozy atmosphere while maintaining an air of modern elegance.

Tegola Exquisite Stirling Oak laminate is a particularly stunning choice with a dark grey/brown tone that exudes effortless glamour. Whether you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen or are looking for the perfect floor shade to match dark brown or black furniture, this elegant laminate creates a classic slab effect without the maintenance that real earth tables require! Dark shades of laminate are trending right now, especially in the New York interior design scene.

Although darker browns may be particularly trendy right now, that doesn’t mean other shades have fallen out of favor: medium brown tones for laminate flooring are still a popular choice, giving your space a classic look that creates an atmosphere of true calm. . . A medium brown wood-effect laminate that provides a subtle contrast to the darker furniture helps give the room a sense of symmetry: “The stunning smooth light brown oak laminate is light enough to make a room feel more spacious and provides a relaxed backdrop , which really pops against a black or dark brown sofa or other focal point in the living room.

If you really want to offset your dark furniture to make it stand out, light wood effect laminate is the perfect way to do it, providing a good balance to give your room a refined look. The light shade of the laminate floor, which straddles the line between modern and classic, will give your living room an elegant touch without losing the important feeling of home. A popular choice is TheImpressive Patina Classic Oak Gray laminate, available in .

Which Floor Color Do Like More? (would Change Out Furniture With The Light)

For a bolder approach to interior design, consider installing black laminate flooring. If you want to create an ultra-modern and stylish living space, then black laminate flooring is the perfect starting point; it creates an impression of depth in the room, while providing a fantastic background for dark-toned lights and fixtures. Ceramic Slate Black Laminate Exquisa is a true expression of a stone effect look that boasts simple class.

If you are looking for the perfect laminate floor to complement your dark furniture, you are sure to find the right one; why not call or visit us today to find the perfect laminate flooring for you?

Whether you’re dreaming of the vibrant green-green hues of the Mediterranean or the dramatic blue-white splashes of the Atlantic, blue is definitely back.

What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

This versatile trend offers a wide range of colors, from the brightest yellows and oranges in the sun to the hazy pinks and purples of the sunset.

Ways To Decorate A Living Room With A Dark Brown Sofa

The “Modern Classics” trend offers sophistication and respect for classic materials such as stone and marble, but with an updated modern twist.

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We take the same room and show how small changes can have a big impact on the same room. A review and pros and cons of hand scraping dark hardwood floors in your home, plus cleaning tips.

I’ll tackle a question I get asked a lot: all the details plus the pros and cons of dark hardwood floors. Dark wood floors can add a timeless and elegant look to any home. They are very durable and will last for many years with proper care. Although they may require more maintenance than lighter wood floors, the long-term beauty of the floor far outweighs any minor drawbacks.

These Are The Best Wall Colors To Complement Your Cherry Wood Floors

When it came to choosing new floors for our Massachusetts Colonial, I always had a very clear idea that the house would have very dark wood floors. While the popular choice in flooring today is light wood floors with wide planks such as white oak, there is something timeless and traditional about the warmth and depth of darker wood floors. They are the perfect contrast to the lighter colors elsewhere in the house.

That said, there are some downsides and things you might want to keep in mind. Here are all the details plus pros and cons of living with dark hardwood floors!

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What Color Furniture Goes With Dark Floors

First, the exact land we bought ten years ago for this project is no longer available. But looking at the specs, I can give you several similar sources. These floors are 5-inch wide hardwood planks of varying lengths with a hand-scraped matte finish. Hickory is a rustic wood with some grain, knots and color variations (although this is less noticeable with darker stains). While I love the look of pine, I knew such a soft wood wasn’t practical at this point in life (or maybe ever).

Ideas For Wall Colors That Go With Brown Furniture

Rated at 1820 on the Janka hardness scale, hickory is the hardest species of wood native to the United States, making it ideal for high traffic areas and busy homes with kids, dogs and things falling on it, something that is sure to fit the bill to our home.

Oak is not as hard as hickory, but with a hardness of 1300 Janka, it is still very durable and one of the most popular floors for a reason. While I couldn’t find a similar source of walnut floors to ours, these Mocha Finish Oak Floors are a good approximation of achieving this look. They are hand scraped to a satin sheen and have a lovely core and warmth.

Upstairs we had to use treated hardwood so the long nails wouldn’t affect any plumbing or utilities under the floor. Imagine the nightmare if we play hookah! Again, the exact floor we used has been discontinued, but this oak source is extremely similar

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