28 X 50 House Plans

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28 X 50 House Plans – Here is a compact, comfortable and modern floor plan for a 3 bedroom two story home with approximately 1586 sq ft. ft. This beautiful two-storey house can be built on an area of ​​1400 to 1500 square meters. ft. The client had a 28x square meter space and wanted a modern, spacious and space optimised. There is a parking lot in front of the house and a landscaped area.

This east facing duplex house has approximately 801 m² on the first floor. It has a spacious entrance hall (dining room and living room), a very spacious bedroom with a balcony to the rear, a large kitchen and a separate living room. bathroom with shared toilet.

28 X 50 House Plans

28 X 50 House Plans

A first floor staircase leads to the second floor of this two story home. The ground floor of the house has an area of ​​approximately 785 m². It has a large living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom. To the front there is an outdoor seating area with potted plants.

Free House Plan 5 Marla 28 X 49 || 27 X 50 || 3d [new Plan]

The exterior of this modern duplex home is stunning. We used several colors including lime green, brown, gray and off white. The exterior of the house looks stylish and at the same time very modern and Indian.

This house plan is completely editable and can be customized according to your space needs and priorities. If you like this house plan or facade design and would like to customize it to your needs, please contact us.

Built surface approx: 785 m². ft – 2 bedrooms, bathroom, living room, sitting area and balcony.

This house plan project can be modified to suit your needs. If you like this photo and need some cosmetic changes, tell us about the changes you want and we will help you get it right. Click the button to let us know your needs or call us on 75960 58808.

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Browse our huge collection of home plans and designs, choose the one that best suits your needs and place your order. Alternatively, you can order custom house plans and house design services directly. If you’re still unsure, you can contact us with your questions by submitting this simple inquiry form.

House Plans and Designs consist of the complete architectural drawings and blueprints needed to build a house the way you want it. Depending on the package and additional services selected when ordering, there may be a house plan with furniture arrangement, a 3D facade project of the building, a structural plan, a functional plan, relocation, electrical plan, etc.

You can also request a free mockup photo package to view various architectural drawings and designs included in the complete house plans and designs.

28 X 50 House Plans

Any design you choose can be modified and changed to suit your needs as long as the size, placement and orientation are the same. Orders are limited to minor adjustments without changing the structure or direction of the design.

Traditional Style House Plan 5334: Sadhill

If you think you need a major makeover, it makes more sense to order a full custom house plan and design.

Delivery times may vary depending on the packages and add-ons you choose, as well as any changes or modifications you wish to make to the house plan. But generally it can be completed in 2-2 weeks. Timely feedback and prompt communication will help you move projects faster.

Standard method of delivery is email or other suitable digital platform. But you can request a physical hard copy by postal or post office only by paying nominal postage and handling charges of Rs.1150/-.

No. You must apply for permits and fines yourself. But if there are coordination problems related to drawing the basic plan of the house, we will help you overcome it.

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Different cities and states may have different building codes. While we closely follow standard processes, if your local state or municipality has specific building codes, you must let us know and we will take them into account when developing or modifying your floor plan or design. pre-built house.

We do not offer site visits or monitoring services. But we can help connect you with independent architects and facility managers in cities of your choice.

No. We are an online architecture and interior design services company, so we can help you with house layout, building elevation, and interior design services. But we can help connect you with an independent building contractor near you in select cities.

28 X 50 House Plans

As you know, we offer a variety of services, and when you place an order, we start working on it, so it is not possible to return or cancel an order. But we will work closely with you and be satisfied with our work and results.

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If you have any further questions or suggestions, please email us at: help@ or call +917596058808. Key Features:- This home is a 4 bedroom living plan consisting of a large modular kitchen with dining area, 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. bathroom and large living room.

Bedroom:- Bedroom is where people sleep. A typical bedroom includes a bed (single bed, cot, king bed, queen bed), wardrobe (almirah, dresser), dressing table, bedside table, desk, etc.

Bathroom: – Bathroom, bedroom with shower, wash basin and toilet. It is the most important part of the house e.

Floor Plan Detail

Living room:- Living room is the place where we spend most of our time watching TV while doing our normal work. The living room is the heart of the house, so it should be spacious and well organized.

Kitchen:- Food and water are what give us strength for our daily work. Therefore, it is important that the kitchen is easy for everyone in the house. The kitchen is where we prepare food. It can be a pantry, refrigerator, sink, cabinet, stove, etc.

Canteen: -Nowadays everyone is busy with work. No one has time to have lunch or dinner for the whole family, so the dining table becomes the most important thing in the house.

28 X 50 House Plans

Please send us the size of your land (length, width), the direction of your land from the road and your requirements. This house plan is built on a 28 by 28 house plan area ie. 784 sq ft. In this plan, the house has 2 bedrooms, a separate room is made into a corridor, kitchen and bathroom, both rooms have a combined bathroom and storage. It is an open space on both the front and back sides of the house. There is parking and a lawn for gardening.

House Floor Plan

Now let’s look at the size of all the rooms in the house in order, the first thing is the parking space of 15×27, it is very big, this area can be used for small functions of the house. . Also next to this area is a lawn where you can plant your favorite plants and the size of this area is 33×11.

Located on the 27th square, here you can install a TV and make a wardrobe, in this room you can make interior decoration to make the room very beautiful. After the picture, the zone leads into the living room, where you can place sofas and couches, the size of this zone is 28×11, and behind it is a dining area of ​​​​10×13. Leave a dining table with 6 seats. Here’s a 13×10 kitchen, it’s a modular kitchen.

This house plan is built on 784 square meters. Two blocks were built according to this plan. It was built on a plot of 28 by 28 houses facing east, so let’s see how it was built, both parts are still the same. We understand both of them together, the parking lot, in the first building of 2 blocks, the size is 10×12, the stairs are also made, there is a living room at the entrance, its size is this. The room is 15×14. Can be redecorated, 9×8 kitchen outside, 12×8 dining room in front, also has

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