Blue Colors For Exterior House

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Blue Colors For Exterior House – House blues run the spectrum from almost black navy depths to muted pastel colors. Whether you’re going for a bold and moody look or an airy and fresh look, our designers can help you find the right shade of blue for you.

While we are happy to explore every point of the color wheel for all exterior textures, our designers typically use blue paint on vertical and horizontal/overlapping panels or moving sides.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Blue Colors For Exterior House

At Brick & Batten, our experienced facade designers will help you find and visualize the right paint color for your home before deciding on such a wide range of designs. We will work with you every step of the way to help you find a project that meets all of your goals. Learn more about what we do.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For A Beautiful Home

If you’re looking for navy on the lighter side, Sherwin Williams’ Needlepoint Navy should be on your radar. With the LRV 13, the shade has all the boldness that blue has to offer without being too bold or too saturated. It will be a great companion for natural elements like wood and stone.

Our designers love using Benjamin Moore’s Hell Navy to make a statement. It is a sophisticated and elegant shade of true navy blue. Hell navy is versatile and looks especially stunning in classic home styles like the historic home above and at the beginning of this post. It looks great with brass, wood and stone accents, and we’ve paired it with both dark and light colors. Pairing with white trim is one of our most trusted palettes to create contrast and enhance coastal appeal.

If you’re looking for a deeper shade of hell navy, Sherwin Williams’ Navy is one of our favorites, next to black navy blues. It has LRV 4 so it is really dark. With stunning purple hues, naval looks amazing with natural stones and purple plants. Its depth also allows bold colors to be incorporated into the design, such as Benjamin Moore’s Wasabi we use for the front door in this rendering.

Interested in James Hardie Siding? Great choice. The dusky blue paint on the top lends a dramatic glow to this two-story home. You can pair this stunning navy with wood and copper accents for a bold rustic feel, or choose a light gray and off-white pairing like this one to add contrast and create a chic aesthetic.

Best Exterior House Paint Colors 2022 Most Popular Home Color Ideas

When it comes to blue exterior paint colors, our designers aren’t limited to navy blue. Bravo Blue by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful pastel shade that pairs well with lighter body colors that are bolder than white or gray. As bright as this blue can be, pairing it with white creates a clean, crisp feel that enhances both the stunning architectural style and beachy beauty of this home.

Sticking to Beach Vibes: What better palette for a beachfront home than shades of the beach? Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue is the perfect shade of blue for this coastal home. With light gray stones and white accents, this color scheme is light and refreshing.

Benjamin Moore’s Westcoat Navy is a slightly darker gray than navy, but it’s still one of our favorite blue outerwear colors. With dark colors, it gives a moody atmosphere and leans more towards dark grey. But when used with lighter tones (as in this project), its rich dark blue color is even stronger.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

There are plenty of outdoor blues for you to explore, but don’t count out gray in your search for the perfect match. You can find a variety of grays with a strong blue undertone, and one of our favorites is steel wool from Benjamin Moore. In this offering, our designers paired it with wood and stone accents for an updated rustic look.

Exterior Paint Colors For A Better Looking Home

Aleutian by Sherwin Williams is an attractive cool blue that works well for traditional homeowners who want a splash of color. Its average LRV (39) makes it an excellent pairing for both dark and light accents. Above, our designers chose dark doors and curtains with white trim.

Blue exterior paint colors can be used in any home style, including contemporary designs. This rendering is architecturally stunning and features dynamic landscapes and high-impact elements, so our designers wanted the paint color to stand out. This is where Sherwin William’s Outer Space came in. It’s a saturated gray-blue that creates a tough environment against all the different textures and dark finishes. We love how fun and purposeful this design looks.

We’ve already talked about James Hardie siding in deep navy, but if you’re looking for something lighter, try Boothbay Blue. This soft blue pairs perfectly with white and wood accents to create a serene aesthetic for the waterfront property above.

Are you looking for an almost black paint color that will give your body a unique character? Benjamin Moore’s Raccoon Fur is an inky color that helps create a bolder look. Just remember that it has strong blues and violets – these gentle shades can work in your favor, so don’t be afraid of them! But be prepared to test this paint color before making a decision.

Exterior House Colors

Does the exterior need a makeover and are you thinking blue? Although this summary includes some of our favorite shades of blue, there are many more colors that our designers can explore with you to help you find the one that best suits your home.

Are you itching to improve your look? Our stylists are ready to help you achieve your style dreams. Get started today! Blue and gray have been popular exterior paint colors for the past decade. Designers are now combining these two tones to create a blue-gray tone, which makes for a beautiful color choice for the exterior of the house. The shade is the perfect complement to masonry and wood finishes.

An emerging trend is to paint the house in two colors that are not usually found in the same exterior color scheme. For example, try gray paint on the sides with turquoise accents, or warm green with shutters in a cool shade of green.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

Mix and match red, blue and yellow to create your home’s exterior colors. Try sunny yellow with dark blue.

How To Choose Exterior House Colors

Warm up almost any home exterior color with wood that works well with medium to dark colors. Try wood siding, wood shutters, or a wood garage door.

Prepare your home for a color change. Bright yellows are on the brink of extinction, but deep mustard yellows are prevalent. Mustard shades go well with both brown and white for your home’s exterior. Try Classic Gold (PPU6-17) from Behr.

Instead, use bold exterior colors throughout the exterior of your home. And try stain, which works with many home styles. Then use a bold color on your front door.

Greenery, especially olive oil, works well in Craftsman-style homes. And while the color is rich, the green lets the home design shine. Then try Renwick Olive (SW 2815) from Sherwin-Williams.

Picking Exterior Paint Colors: 4 Things To Know

White as an exterior color never goes out of style. A classic look can be updated with a bold front door and colorful landscaping.

Ocean blue-green and aqua colors are a welcome update to the pale blues of yesteryear. Prepare your home’s exterior for painting and try combining a shade of coastal aqua with ivory for a fresh look.

Not quite pink, not orange. Trendy peaches and apricots evoke a warm mood and work well in almost every part of the country. Pair peach with black and white for a classic look, or try green for an unexpected twist.

Blue Colors For Exterior House

With the explosion of modern minimalist styles, layers of black are becoming popular as a striking color for the exterior of the house. Black goes well with brick and wood and will work both with the primary colors of the home’s exterior and with gray as an accent.

Exterior House Color Schemes For Every Architectural Style

The home’s classic exterior colors such as light browns and beiges are enhanced. Whether your home is a Victorian, colonial or traditional Craftsman bungalow, a warm beige-gray or brown will look great. Try this Colonial Revival stone (SW 2827) from Sherwin-Williams. It goes well with doors painted in classic black and white, as well as deep burgundy or classic stain.

Bright and simple greens, yellows and blues can make your home look bigger. The use of warm shades of a simple white color theme brings the house visually closer to the sidewalk to make it stand out from the neighborhood. Once you’ve chosen a basic color, it’s easy to create several different, warm versions within the same family. All you have to do is combine this color with a neutral color to make it warmer or cooler, lighter or darker. This is called shade and shade. Tint means lightening a color by adding white. The shadow darkens the color

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