30 X 20 Floor Plans

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30 X 20 Floor Plans – House plan 20 x 30 ||: house plan 20 x 30 2bhk ||: Floor plans 20 x 30 ||: PLAN NUMBER: – 193

This house is a 2 Bhk residential floor plan consisting of a modular kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a living room.

30 X 20 Floor Plans

30 X 20 Floor Plans

Another piece of information we need to design a small house is the direction, which is north and east. Any two non-opposing directions are required for planning a house in India, such as north and east, north and west, south and east, etc. Since some people believe that the consideration of Vaastu and its direction is helpful in designing rooms with as much daylight as possible and ventilation. We can draw a plan of the house taking into account the direction of the wind in the area, for example north winds blow from north to south. The following article provides details on the 20 x 30 2bhk house design.

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The bedroom is in many ways the most important room in the house. For Salvatore, the bedroom is a space that requires a delicate approach to light and tones.

Bedroom 2: – 10″ x 10″ King size bed Almirah (clothes storage) Walk-in closet TV (if needed)

A shared toilet is also very important in all homes. It is prepared mainly for business travelers and guests. If there is no shared toilet, passengers must also use the toilet in the bedroom.

When planning a new home, it is very important to first determine the location of the kitchen based on Vaastu, the Southeast version of the kitchen and the second Northwest version.

By 20 House Plan

7’1″ x 7’4″ Large Window Lower Cabinet Upper Cabinet Large Fridge 4 Burners with Chimney Sink

When designing stairs, it should be taken into account that the stairs should always rotate clockwise, according to Vaastu, the opposite is considered inappropriate. First, parking is outside the house. . In front of the house there is a beautiful exit to a balcony measuring 2.5 x 6.0 m. As we leave the front door, the small living room with kitchen 2.8 × 4.0 meters is very ideal for up to 4 people in this house, it is comfortable and modern. Bright kitchen 1.5×2.0 m, clean and beautiful. Several bathrooms measure 1.8 x 2.2 meters. Washing machine + storage is outside the house.

The master bedroom is 3.0 x 3.7 meters and is designed like a hotel room, with sliding glass doors, a double bed, a dressing table and a wardrobe. 2 bedrooms measuring 2.6 × 3.0 m.

30 X 20 Floor Plans

Finally, the hip roof type is made of Zine brick that covers the plasterboard ceiling above. It makes the house look simple and modern.

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Similarly, for the color of the roof edge, we choose a combination of dark and light colors along with a large glazed door and window to make the house look beautiful and modern.

1 Bedroom (2) 2 Bedrooms (10) 3 Bedrooms (44) 4 Bedrooms (28) 5 Bedrooms (9) 6 Bedrooms (3) Free House Plan Download (1) Table Lamps (1)

2 Bedrooms 3 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms 5 Bedrooms 6 Bedrooms 18 Units Apartment Aquarium House Plan One Bedroom Narrow House Single Story House Model Outline Model Outline Three Story House Two Story House Villa Design This house plan is built on 600 square feet, The width of this plan is 30, and the length is 20, this is a 1BHK 30 x 20 house plan, everything is done from the parking lot to the laundry room, and this is the east facing house plan. The plan starts with a car park where you can park your car and stairs will be made to this area, the whole area is 8×16. At the entrance there is a 10×18 hall, this space can be used for both a living room and a dining room.

This floor plan has 3 bedrooms, only one bedroom has a bathroom, now we can see the dimensions of all rooms. The dimensions of the first bedroom are 10×11, this room can also be adapted into a children’s room, this room can have a double bed, a desk for children to read.

Oak 5 Bedroom

This house plan is a 2BHK ground floor layout. This plan is built on an area of ​​600 square meters. This floor plan is a south-facing home design. The first in this plan will be a parking space measuring 8×12, where you can park a car, bicycle, stairs leading to the terrace, and a toilet under the stairs.

Also the rest, which is 3×6. At the entrance there is a 10×20 corridor, from this room there is a gate leading to a toilet built under the stairs. The living room leads to the first bedroom in the layout, which has dimensions of 8×10, it can also be used as a children’s room.

Going down the corridor there is a 4 meter wide gallery leading to other rooms and kitchens, then first there is the 8×10 kitchen and next to it is the laundry room. that:

30 X 20 Floor Plans

After the kitchen, there is another 10×10 bedroom, and next to this room there is a 7×4 shared bathroom. None of the rooms on this floor plan share a bathroom. This room is followed by another 14×10 bedroom, TV cabinets are made for all rooms in this plan, you can place them where you want to put them, this plan is made with full modular equipment. This house plan is built on a plot with a house plan length and width of 30 × 20.

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