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Farrow And Ball Paint Samples – During last year’s spring shutdown, decor and mural artist Rachel Spelling was frustrated that she couldn’t work on a large mural for a client, so she turned to smaller projects instead of stairs. Starting with the Farrow & Ball color cards, Rachel painted 132 small murals – one for each color block. When Farrow & Ball saw the artwork on Instagram, they approached Rachel and asked her to paint a new thumbnail to promote their 12 hottest colors for 2021, inspired by the story behind each colour.

“There is something about the 2020 lockdown that makes everything seem smaller,” says Rachel. “Our home became our whole world, and the little things became very important. I had a ton of color palettes and one day I painted a fish Farrow & Ball blue. It felt like I was painting a small mural so it was familiar but also true – really new at the same time It’s a quiet job I can do at the kitchen table and can’t undo because of Covid so I drew a few more – hats, eyes, apples, snakes – then I got really carried away and painted them all…”

Farrow And Ball Paint Samples

Farrow And Ball Paint Samples

The work was well received when Rachel shared it on Instagram, with many people wanting to know how Rachel chose the objects for each square and if she had any system. “I work very instinctively,” he replied, “and I get so lost in my work that ideas come to me instantly. I try to mix the scales so sometimes one color is the whole landscape and in another box it’s an image next to fruit or buttons. This gives the work an almost cinematic effect and allows Rachel to bring many references. The influence of her favorite artist, René Magritte, is also evident, particularly in the pipes in the Dorset Cream block, but the design is a true celebration of the color and variety that affects our lives, making it the perfect antidote to this difficult abstinence. This article lists 10 of Farrow and Ball’s favorite green and blue paint colors. Some of my former interior decorating clients have asked for Farrow & Ball in their homes, and as I got to know the brand more and more, it was time to share that knowledge with readers!

Medium Colour Book / Fan

Farrow & Ball has an excellent reputation for deeply pigmented colors, depth of color and high quality lacquers. Although the brand is based in the UK, the paintings can be ordered in the US from local stores and online from stores such as Anthropologie. Personally, I think their paint color names are beautiful! And I love that there are reviews for each color on their website.

In this article, I share information about each color with examples for interiors and exteriors. The photos of the rooms below are shown with written permission and are quoted and linked to the original source of the photos.

This article contains the LRV values ​​for each paint color. On the LRV scale, 0 absorbs all light (black) and 100 reflects all light (white). Below I have arranged the paint colors from lightest to darkest.

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Help Me Pick A Living Room Paint Color!

The lightest paint color in this article, borrowed light, is a soft light blue. This color will look great in a bathroom, children’s room or beach-style home. LRV: 67.51

More complex than the name suggests, Light Blue is a beautiful medium light paint color with a hint of silver. A good choice for bedrooms, kitchen cabinets and hallways. RLV: 46.61

Pigeon is a popular medium color described as blue-gray by Farrow & Ball. Reviews show that the color changes to green, gray and green-blue depending on the lighting. Pigeon is a good choice for cabinets, doors or living rooms where you care about color depth. RLV: 31.89

Farrow And Ball Paint Samples

According to Farrow & Ball, Oval Room Blue is a dark historic blue. From LRV in the 1930s, this is a neutral color and is a great choice for a playroom, children’s room or living room. LRV: 31.08

Farrow & Ball Sample Pots

Breakfast Room Green is a cheerful green paint that is ideal for doors, cupboards, shutters and any space where you want to add a cheerful color accent. It is a medium color and was listed in Farrow and Ball’s 2022 Trend Forecast. LRV: 30.09

Blue stones will add character to the room. According to reviews, it is dark blue and light, but not too dark. This color can be used almost anywhere, from the door to the living room to the kitchen cabinet. Stone Blue was also included in the Farrow and Ball 2022 Trend Forecast. LRV: 27.85

De Nimes is a beautiful blue-green gray that changes color throughout the day. With an LRV of 20.9, this color is bordering on medium to medium dark. This color is a good choice for bedrooms, living rooms and doors. LRV: 20.93

Green Smoke is a classic medium dark green. Its deep color will give a comfortable atmosphere in your room. Consider this color for a bedroom, panelling, kitchen cabinets or dining room. VLR: 17.26

Best Neutral Paint Colors That Never Go Out Of Style

Stiffkey Blue is a sophisticated ink blue. It’s a dark paint color but lighter than Hague Blue. This color can be traditional or contemporary depending on the furniture and is a good choice for painted furniture, living room, cabinets and dining room. LRV: 10.75

Hague Blue is the darkest color in this item. It is dark blue with green tones. It’s a rich, deep color that will look amazing on cabinets, exterior doors, and interior spaces. LRV: 7.55

For Farrow & Ball, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. It’s a great way to experiment with paint colors, and the material is stretchy so you can wrap it around corners. I direct

Farrow And Ball Paint Samples

This article has been written to help you narrow down the selection of the right colors for your home. I love blue and green, depending on the shade it can be soothing and calm or moody and dramatic. Do you paint with Farrow and Ball paints? Looking for the perfect white Farrow and Ball paint? I got you! It starts with the true story of a young girl who doesn’t like walking around the city after school with her mother. They will go to their favorite decoration shop until it’s time to go home and cook dinner.

Farrow And Ball Paint Colours In Real Homes

Still on the road, they passed a Farrow & Ball store. It is situated in a 19th century Victorian terraced house between a music shop and a fine bakery. This girl stopped to look out the window at the damaged Farrow and Ball paint line. Something about that delicate palette, so few colors but so consciously, called out to her. One day, he told himself, I will paint my house with this paint.

Fast forward twenty years, and this girl – yes, that’s me – finally lives in a home worthy of the promise she made many years ago. Our windows are huge, the floors shine, and the walls are begging for a fresh coat of white paint.

Before we got our keys, I rushed to buy a sample at Farrow & Ball in Pasadena. (It would be a long trip back to Toronto!). My attention was drawn to all the sample jars, tiny miniatures of the larger boxes lined up along the display.

With inspirational images of minimalist and airy décor in mind, I selected four variants of Farrow & Ball white paint to try before making a decision:

Choosing Paint Colours And Decorating With Farrow & Ball

I finally went with Wevet. The color is cozy and cool in the morning light, refined and crimson in the sunset, and crisp and clear at any time of day.

I’ve painted many houses in my time (remember, I decorated with my mother since I was a child!), but I’ve never used a paint as beautiful as Farrow and Ball white. This makes sense considering the company uses the highest concentrations of pigment binders and resins to achieve the brand’s signature depth of color.

Their paint applied so easily and evenly that we finished the entire room in no time, even the ceiling! The icing on the cake is that we do it without headaches, because Farrow & Ball’s organic formula does not emit any harmful fumes. Sounds weird, but the paint really smells like blueberry yogurt!

Farrow And Ball Paint Samples

It seems like a minor thing. But our freshly painted walls make me smile every time I walk through the door. I feel like I’ve reached my teenage design enthusiast goals – with such beautiful results! – quite satisfactory. It was the perfect solution to this chapter of my story.

Visiting With ‘the California Collection,’ Farrow & Ball® X Kelly Wearstler — Silk And Sage Design Studio

It’s time to start the next one: refining the furniture, putting art on the walls and

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