40 X 80 Pole Barn

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40 X 80 Pole Barn – Single metal garage 40 × 80 3, 200 ft. Entering directly from agricultural or residential land. A one-of-a-kind metal home can be completely customized to fit all your needs. Built for something, the wainscot really makes this home stand out from the crowd. This is one of the homes we build for our customers, but all of our homes are built to your liking, so call us today to speak with a home expert at 1-800-244-4798.

We are very grateful to the installers who installed our house today. These guys did an amazing job and I’m happy with the finished product. Thanks again

40 X 80 Pole Barn

40 X 80 Pole Barn

We had builders help us build the garage we needed and they did a great job. They were able to build a group home in 2 days. We are happy with how easy the process went and the house turned out just the way we wanted.

What Are Our Top Commercial Pole Barn Sizes?

My husband and I decided to go straight to Big House after months of researching our store. Wow, we couldn’t be happier that we went with them, they introduced us to our dream store and really helped us through the whole process. The team was great to work with and we went through 4 different designs before settling on 54×70, which was a great size for us. The price was so cheap, they kept it and kept it. The job was really easy to work on and they installed it within a month after we finished our floor and moved into the warehouse. All things considered we definitely recommend these great titles to everyone.

We have a large building in which we have a very good metal shop. They did a great job. The installers kicked ass and installed the entire house in two days! Thanks again Basic building materials include basic and secondary foundations as well as sheets and are manufactured for your site. Working with our parts department you can customize the look of your home with a unique color scheme and increase functionality by adding parts such as doors, windows and cladding.

The door partially opens manually or with a motor on the roof track. Roll the sea gate over the drum above the opening.

Covered floors can already come with stucco material or you can add Genstone Faux Stone directly to the metal side.

Agricultural Pole Barns

Use our map tool to locate your property and measure its lot. You can also carry different metal…

“Great experience. I would have given it 10 stars if the site allowed. The sales doc was great. He really went above and beyond for my project. I’m so glad I chose General Steel.” Patrick, Putnam Valley, NY

“Great experience, received many compliments on a great building. The entire General Steel team did a great job. I have recommended General Steel to others and will continue to do so. I couldn’t have asked for a better company.!! ” Randy , Roosevelt, UT

40 X 80 Pole Barn

“The experience was amazing, I was given great information about the house, and I was given the best deal. I really appreciate your help in guiding me to the right house. Just what I needed for my goals.” Brenda, Richmond, TX

Metal Storage Building 40′ X 80′ X 11′

“Really great experience, the seller is great and explains everything in detail without being too pressured. I’m glad I chose General Steel for my project. David, Urbana, VA

“I am very satisfied with General Steel and everyone I spoke with was very helpful. I am very happy with my decision to go with General Steel for this project and would recommend General Steel to anyone looking for a steel home.” Charles, Ripon, CA

“All about customer service. All aspects of my work, concern, and support all the time! Appreciate all the attention and personal touch. It’s like talking and dealing with friends. Luke and Bruce are really helpful. Once second thank you. Metal Garage/shop last stop for home.” Chris, Felton, CA

“Really good experience, the project manager was very helpful, it was good to communicate with someone who seemed to be interested in my project. He made suggestions that allowed me to find the features I needed and stay within the budget, without high pressure without. Choose normal. metal.” Gary, Floyd, VA

Industrial Steel Building 40 X 80

Wherever you are in the construction process, General Steel has a solution for you. From our simple three-step construction quote to our growing library of project resources, General Steel is the company you’ve been looking for. Our homes range in size from 24′ x 24′ to 80 feet wide, and everything in between. With many sizes and options available, choosing a post office structure for your business location means finding a functional, beautiful solution that fits your budget.

Because of all the variables that go into creating a business, it’s difficult to give a firm estimate based on size. Call us today, and one of our expert designers will be happy to discuss your project and provide you with a cost estimate based on your specific needs.

Quality frame systems from Pole Barns Direct are within reach! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from your initial quote and getting your exact layout, to completing the construction of your dream pole barn.

40 X 80 Pole Barn

If you are in the service area, our team will also install your pole barn to adjust the system and ensure the quality and perfect structure of the finish.

Cost To Build A Pole Barn

Download the Construction Decisions Guide to help answer some of the first questions you may have as you begin the construction process.

Whether you are looking to build a small shed to store your car or equipment, or need a large shed for machinery or livestock, Pole Barns Direct offers a full range of custom structures for a variety of ideal features. without you

Although each of our warehouses are custom, you can find some options, features and price estimates available for different sizes of warehouses in the sections of this page.

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