Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

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Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen – I love a green paint to bring “nature inside” the house. It can be fun and playful, relaxed, boho or sophisticated.

A soft sage green that will always be a timeless classic. There is a gray undertone that cuts through the green, but there is also some warmth. This color goes well with fresh white, gray, yellow and even pink in a girl’s room. Here it is paired with Chantilly Lace.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

This is another sage green with shades of gray and warm. This color looks great on cabinets with fresh white tops and backsplash.

Is Sherwin Williams Clary Sage Sw6178 The Perfect Sage Green Paint Color?

This muted medium green is a soft backdrop for any room. This color has a shade of gray and can also be considered sage.

This medium to dark green has shades of gray and blue. Green has an olive tone and will look good against white, black and wood colors.

Another cool sage green…I seem to be attracted to them. This deep green has a hint of blue that creates a rich green atmosphere that gives you the feeling of pine. This color goes well with white, neutral, gold, black and warm wood.

A rich warm green that can add punch to any room. I love this color when mixed with copper, white and black.

Inspired Home Omaha By Omaha World Herald

If you like green with drama, this might be the color for you! This deep green has a blue undertone that makes it feel like a hunter green. This is another beautiful one in white, black and cognac.

If you’re brave but don’t want true black, this is a great alternative. It has a slight green tone that makes it more natural and warmer. It feels sophisticated and unique and is a great contrast to the white. Tired of the white kitchen? Green may be your new favorite color for the kitchen! Check out all the examples below!

It may come as no surprise that my favorite color is green. I used green in my website branding for So Much Better with Age and Jamie Lundstrom Interiors.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

And recently I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​painting my kitchen cabinets green. I love the deep, rich color and it looks great against white, black, gold and wood, making it a really classic color for the kitchen.

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With so many green colors on the market, I share real examples of green kitchens. Most have a paint color listed (sadly some don’t), but I’ll share my favorite colors at the end of this post.

I think it’s pretty hard to have a post about green kitchen cabinets and NOT include an example from Devol Kitchens. Their custom cabinets come in a variety of fun colors and there are many, many examples of beautiful shades of green like the one below.

Kelsey Leigh Design Co. created this gorgeous green kitchen with black countertops and gold hardware. I love the symmetry of the tall cabinets on either side of the range.

Chelsey Freng’s kitchen is very simple. It is a stunning deep green without being the deep hunter green. It goes very well with light wood accents.

Saybrook Sage Hc 114

Angela Rose Home designed a beautiful green kitchen in the best green/black colors. In some photos it is almost black. I love it!

Elizabeth Roberts creates beautiful homes and this kitchen is no exception. The beautiful deep green complements the gold pendants and gold marble countertops perfectly.

Minster Green from Farrow and Ball (but I don’t see it on their website so I’m not sure if it’s an old color they don’t sell anymore?)

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

What do you think? Are you ready to have your own green kitchen? Let me know in the comments below!

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. Ok Read more Sage green is considered the new neutral color. It looks incredible when paired with other soothing tones like earthy browns or muted blues. However, sage green can also be mixed with bolder colors for a more dramatic design. It’s always nice to add a pop of color to a neutral kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

In addition, sage green is also known as an organic and calming color. Every shade of green essentially represents energy, rejuvenation and renewal. It’s more than just a trend. Green, especially sage green, can provide a classic look as well as a modern feel in equal measure.

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So, if you’re tired of a crisp, shiny, spotless white kitchen, you might find inspiration here. It is good to transform your kitchen with sage green cabinets as the main color.

This Tuscan kitchen is complemented by beadboard cabinets painted a relaxing sage green. It turns out that sage green combines well with a brown terracotta tile.

In addition, these cabinets are also finished with a light brown glaze as tops. By the way, this material is quartz.

The light brown color goes well with the color of the floor. Brown seems to be the accent color in this kitchen. Also look at the door and window coverings.

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If you are interested in the tile, it is a 12″ x 18″ cast terracotta tile. When combined with the style of beaded built-in cabinets, this floor offers the perfect rustic design look.

However, in this kitchen, the cabinets and terracotta tiles are also complemented by the sleek and modern look of white walls, a wooden ceiling and pendant lights.

It’s hard to see from this angle that this kitchen is actually connected to the outside area. There is a back door leading to the gardens which you can see outside these kitchen windows. The thought of having a kitchen with a beautiful view from the window is always tempting.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Kitchen

That’s why this kitchen is mostly painted green. This is to match the view of the plants outside. The C2 colors in this kitchen are Ecru, Morris Green and Sage. The tops of the cabinets are made of reclaimed wood.

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FYI, this reclaimed wood was found at the bottom of the Ohio River. It was later stained dark to leave traces of low spots before it was finished. The table in the middle of this room can also be used as a kitchen island. It was built by Staples Cabinetmakers in Plainville, MA.

The shelf you see in the base is a piece of hemlock. It has two drawers on the side of the stove finished with two vintage basket pulls. Later the peak is set to leave an overhang. The console is a room for three.

The floor of this kitchen is cork. It complements the table because they both have the same color of brown. The cabinets are made by Crystal complete with molded doors. Glass doors create the perfect vintage and antique look for cabinets and add an extra unique design to the overall look of the kitchen.

This kitchen offers an edgy and romantic look

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