Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

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Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter – I’m a big fan of gray wall paint. It’s a great neutral and gives almost any space a clean, modern feel. However, I have come to realize that not all shades of gray are created equal. When we first moved in, we painted most of our house in Brooklyn a very cool gray (Sherwin Williams Lattice, to be exact). Although it’s a nice color, it still looked a little cold and sterile for my taste. This set me on the hunt for the perfect gray color that isn’t too cold but also doesn’t fall into the building paint beige color category. Here are my favorites so far. 🙂

This is the darkest of the colors in this post, but I think it would just be gorgeous in a large space that could use a little darker color. This paint color is quite popular on Pinterest, and it’s easy to see why! I think this color looks great paired with crisp white trim and bold accents. I would be careful not to use this color in the furniture too dark, otherwise the room can feel heavy.

Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

I think this is my favorite so far! It’s light, which is good because we usually work with smaller rooms. It’s a very warm color, but I feel like this color will be very interesting in different types of light throughout the day.

My Top 5 Gray Interior Paint Colors

Okay, maybe I lied. This might be my favorite. Also, if Shea McGee says it’s his favorite light gray, it must be good. 🙂 A little cooler, but just as beautiful. I think this color would be very versatile and could be more gray or beige depending on what you pair it with.

This one is pretty close to the two above, but looks more purple beige than gray to me. It is perfect if you are looking for a beige color that is light and airy. It is a very nice color and would work well in a traditional home or new construction that already has a lot of beige.

I think this polish lives up to its name – really beautiful! It’s more gray than beige, which I like. It’s not super dark or super light, and I think it would look amazing just about anywhere.

This leans on the beige side for me and is almost a lighter version of Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter which is great if you like the color but want something a little lighter and less intense.

Beautiful Rooms Painted With Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter Paint

I always think it’s good to compare colors when they’re side by side, so here’s a little reference picture. My two favorites are Behr Silver Drop and Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist. Have I missed any other nice greigers? I’d love to hear what colors you like!

Want more information on how to choose the best colors? Check out this post for a whole house color scheme (with pictures). Be sure to check out the other painting tutorials below!

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Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

Saffron Avenue – Walls: BM China White. Base cabinet: BM Revere Pewter. Finishes and upper cabinets: BM Simply White

Best Gray Paint Colors For Interiors

If you’ve been searching for the perfect gray color, chances are you’ve heard of Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. It has been a very popular gray color among interior designers for over a decade. This is definitely listed here as one of the best grays.

Painting a house in Revere Pewter was also believed to guarantee a quick sale in the past. And maybe he did! This belief alone was a major selling point that made every homeowner and real estate agent choose this magical color over any other color.

Because it was so incredibly popular, many associated RP with that period (about 10-12 years ago). So you may have heard that it is now an obsolete paint color.

But you can successfully use 100% Revere Tin in your home in 2022. and still work great!

How To Use Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter In 2022

You probably want to know if this painting will work in your space.

While there is no perfect universal paint color, we hope this article will give you the information you need to help you decide whether or not Revere Pewter paint color is right for you!

. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about shades later because they’re very important! They also say it works especially well with open plans.

Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

But Revere Pewter is much more than just “grey”. It’s a really fascinating picture because it has a lot of variety. Grays can be especially tricky because they act as “chameleon” colors, and Revere Pewter is no exception.

Sherwin Williams Anew Gray Review!

Revere Pewter is sometimes called “dirty”. This can scare people because the term dirty has a negative connotation. In fact, the phrase “dirty color” is just a term used to describe grays, browns and other “mixed”, saturated colors – there is nothing wrong with that. It just means it’s not a clean and pure, bright color!

It is very important to remember that gray/beige/brown color will change a lot depending on the exposure of your room, the artificial lighting you use, as well as the color of the floor, furniture and decor you use. room. Place

So just because Revere Pewter looks good on Pinterest doesn’t mean it will in your home! There are many factors that determine how color plays in a room. Not to mention the professional lighting, staging and post-processing involved in professional photography. So keep this in mind when looking for photos online or in magazines.

It may seem counterintuitive to consider a palette with shades of green as warm – isn’t green a cool color?! Well, it depends on which green you are talking about! The shade of Revere Pewter is similar to olive green, which is a warm green. So the color is considered warm gray.

Revere Pewter Coordinating Paint Colors

It appears to have a slight green tint, giving it an earthy, saturated, soft and dull feel. If that bothers you, you’ll probably want to stay away from this painting! Or you may not even notice the green shades. It depends on your color sensitivity!

I would also avoid using Revere Pewter in a room with pink-toned tile or carpet. A color behaves in relation to the colors around it. Since red and green are complementary colors, if you pair a color with green undertones to a floor with pink undertones, your walls will look very green and your floor will look very pink.

What color looks good with Revere Pewter? This is a very common question. Understandably, many are wondering the answer to this – the array of colors can be a bit overwhelming!

Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

About 10 years ago, mostly sage green, shadow blue and brown were combined with Revere Pewter. Although they were nice tiles, they feel a bit dated now.

Calming Paint Colors To Help You Relax At Home — Liven Design

Our decade is still RP in a modern way – and let me tell you, it looks like a brand new color! I think it looks best with deep, vivid colors that contrast the gray.

If the modern color combinations above do not suit your situation, but you still choose a modern choice, you can also use Revere Pewter: I recommend combining it with a heavy dose of white.

If you are looking for a white finish to pair with a Revere Pewter room, you can look for any of the whites I mentioned above.

Also, be sure to look at the shades of your curtains and other elements in your room when choosing a color finish.

New 2015 Paint Color Ideas

Revere Pewter has an LRV of 55.51, so in between the amount of light the paint reflects and the amount of light the paint absorbs.

Well, if you’re considering Revere Pewter for a room that doesn’t get a lot of light, you have to remember that this color doesn’t reflect a crazy amount of light (since it’s right in the middle of the LRV range).

So if you want to decorate your room this would not be the best color choice – choose a color with a higher LRV (colors above 60+ LRV).

Paint Colors Similar To Revere Pewter

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray LRV is larger than Revere Pewter, sitting at 60, which means the color is lighter and reflects more light.

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