Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

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Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors – When choosing an exterior color scheme, it is important to consider the parts of your house that are not painted, such as brickwork, stone and the roof. The material and color of your roof really play a big role in formulating the look of your home. After all, you can not hide it!

Gray is one of the most popular roof colors for homes of all styles. Whether it’s asphalt shingles in dark charcoal or tiles in lighter gray, it’s a great neutral tone that provides a good base for a variety of color palettes.

Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

The beauty of white is that it goes with almost everything. An all white house with a gray roof is a classic look. This simple palette works best with traditional style houses, but it can also work well with some modern styles. If everything is too white for you, you can use another neutral light such as cream or soft beige with sharp white edges for better contrast.

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If you have a darker gray roof, you can look to natural brick colors for inspiration. These include reds from light to dark reds, rich orange shades and some yellow elements.

If your shingles have a green undertone, amp it up by painting your house a shade of green. Lighter greens like sage or light olive go well with shades of gray. For a more subtle look, pair your solid gray roof with a greenish gray paint color.

Yellow and gray is a classic color pairing that can be used in all types of homes. For a more traditional look, the bright yellow lights pair well with the gray roof. For a sharper look, try a lighter yellow with a dark gray roof. A very light mustard (or similar yellow) can also be used as a door accent with a gray monochromatic color scheme.

If you have a gray roof, you might want to try a monochromatic color scheme. This means using shades of gray that are either a few shades darker or lighter than the gray of your shingles. The key to achieving this look is to make sure you don’t use the same shade of gray. If the colors are too similar, you can end up looking either too washed out or too heavy. Just remember that you always want a clear definition between your roof and paint color.

Top Colors For To Paint When Selling Your House

Another thing to consider if you’re going with a monochromatic look is the undertones of your roof color. You will want to choose a gray that brings out the color. For example, if your gray shingles have brown undertones, your paint color may be a warm dark gray.

If you have a gray roof, do not choose muted colors like beige or brown. When paired with gray, these colors can make your home look too washed out. The key idea is to create some contrast, so you want something to stand out.

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Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

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Sherwin Williams 8 Best Dark Gray Paint Colours

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Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

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Beautiful Dark Gray Exterior Paint Colors In Action (with Paint Color Names)

We will do a thorough inspection before you leave and check in afterwards to make sure you are happy. Our work is backed by a 2-year warranty! 15 Top-Rated Color Combinations for Your Home’s Exterior Ahead, find inspiration for a whole new palette of exterior colors. One of these attractive house color schemes will highlight your home’s best features and enhance your curb appeal.

Choosing a color for the exterior of your home can be difficult enough, but trying to find two or more shades that work well together in a whole-house color scheme makes the decision even more challenging. Whether your goal is to highlight architectural details or simply find a complementary shade for shutters and trim, the choice is important.

“Color can have a huge impact on the look of a home,” asserts architect Jim Rill, principal of Rill Architects, in Bethesda, Maryland. For inspiration, consider the style and scale of your home, as well as the typical architectural style of your neighborhood and area. “The best exterior colors are contextual with their surroundings,” notes Reel. Here, 15 color scheme combinations that hit the mark.

The deep natural color that recedes into the landscape is typical of Craftsman style homes. For this renovation, Rill Architects chose Benjamin Moore’s olive duo: Gloucester Sage (HC-100) and Dakota Woods Green (2139-20). The yellow-orange stain on the front door provides a bright line of color. “A front door should always have character and draw subtle attention to itself,” points out Jim Rill.

The Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

“A balanced look always adds a lot of appeal,” says interior designer Kerrie Kelly, director of the Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, in Sacramento, California. “Starting with a neutral hue in straw yellow sets a welcoming palette, while accents in sage green give a vibrant look to traditional architecture. This combination is a classic approach throughout the year.”

Older apartments in the neighborhood guided the color choices for this Midwestern home. “We chose a soft neutral body for the house that allowed it to stand out, but complement the other houses around it,” reports Kristen Schammel, interior designer for Highmark Builders, in Burnsville, Minnesota. “The exterior is simple, traditional and appreciated!”

“Red is a classic color,” says interior designer Cindy McClure, owner of Grossmueller Design Consultants, in Washington, DC. “I love using it in smaller homes because it works well with color. Black accents like front doors and shutters look great when set off with white trim.”

Gray Brown Exterior Paint Colors

“Grey is a great neutral color that works with any home style and is a great complement to brick,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Slightly more saturated shutters and doors add a sophisticated accent and bring in the tone of the sky and the sea.” Here you can see Sherwin-Williams Comfort Gray (SW 6205) and Rain (SW 6219).

Exterior Paint Colors For House With Brown Roof

“Green, cream and burgundy combinations are favorites for Victorian-style homes,” reports Erika Woelfel, director of color marketing for Behr Paints. “The bold color scheme gives this home a dramatic yet warm look.” The trio of Behr colors used here are Ivy Crown (QE-46), Terra Sol (QE-20) and Country Lane Red (QE-07).

A great way to make a bold color statement in a modern homeβ€”even the smallestβ€”is to start with strong neutrals and add a pop of color to the front door. This house, designed by Ana Williamson Architect, in Menlo Park, California, combines two shades of Benjamin Moore: Gunmetal (1602) for the sides and Tequila Clay (2028-30) on the doors.

You can still achieve a modern look without shocking shades if the colors are not for you. Here, gray – it’s gray and beige – with turquoise doors and natural wood and stone accents give a modern touch to a traditional neighborhood house. The combination still looks warm and welcoming without feeling dated.

Blue is a popular exterior color for homes in coastal areas like this one. Add red

An Office Building’s Dated Exterior Colors Are Reborn Into A Dark, Modern Gray! β€” Designed

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