Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

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Here you know we focus on fewer and better paint colors. So, on the rare occasion that we decide to add a new color to the list, we like to get feedback from our customers. We collect potential names and narrow the finalists down to a playoff-style category. Discover one of our two new shades: Blue’d Up, a bright blue that gives expression and is rich and refined. Sandy from Ellee Home, a self-confessed paint fanatic, recently used this gorgeous shade in her home and the result is a vibrant blue living room with furniture and accessories that really stand out.

Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

“I was so excited to try this new color! I always gravitate towards blue and I already have a lot of blue in my house, so there were lots of places it could fit,” says Sandy. “Our original idea was to paint our powder room, but instead we put paint on a stick and walked around the house trying to figure out where it would work best. When we got to the living room (which was painted dark gray), my husband and I realized it was too perfect and immediately agreed that it was the right room for that color – which never happens.”

Blue Room Decorating Ideas

The color change was painless; the new blue color covers quickly and easily. Here’s the really fun part of this makeover: Other than the living room’s blue walls, nothing has changed except the art above the couch—a testament to the transformative power of the right paint color! The space looks completely different now. “I think what really attracted me to this blue was that it almost had a denim feel,” says Sandy. “When you’re decorating a room, it’s like putting together an outfit, and Blue’d Up is like the perfect pair of jeans that goes with everything.” Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? They are so easy to use!

The new tone took the blue from the pillows and made the modern gray sofa and tufted chair with gray accents really stand out. She also brought out the wood tones on the gallery wall and coffee table. “It’s the perfect bold neutral and works really well with all the colors in the space. This gives me a lot of versatility going forward”, explains Sandy.

Another fun detail? Like any color, it changes with the light and time of day, but Blue’d Up does something really fun. The morning feels fresh, bright and cheerful, but the night is dark enough to be cheerful and cozy. Where are you going to use this new color?!

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How to use cool and warm colors to create the ideal atmosphere. Consider its color temperature 101.

A two-tone approach gives this green bedroom a vibrant new LifeCue, a delightful combination of extra virgin green and everyday green.

Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

Receive decorating inspiration and color tips weekly – plus you’ll save on your first paint purchase when you sign up! A summary of the 9 best blue gray colors recommended by designers with ideas for the best rooms in the house to use them.

Fresh Blue Green Paint Colors For Interior Wall

I just painted the playroom the cutest blue-gray shade and I can already imagine this precious space coming together for the girls!

This is the latest color in the Bless’er House Paint with Romabio paint collection, which we named Carolina Sky in honor of our favorite place in the world known for its soft blue.

We live right on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina, so this color always reminds us of home. (It would also work perfectly as a “blue” porch ceiling.)

This blue-gray color is vibrant enough without being overpowering, and it creates a sense of calm (which a playroom definitely needs sometimes amidst the chaos of toys).

Living Room Color Ideas And Paint Color Inspiration

Because blue grays are so calming and relaxing, they are a popular choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. While they can work for many design aesthetics, they are particularly suited to coastal-style interiors.

But they can work well in any space and any style where you want a pop of color.

Blue grays are very difficult to get right and I highly recommend testing swatches using this color selection method as different lighting in each room can change how colors are perceived.

Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

Before choosing a paint color, decide whether you want blue with gray undertones or gray with blue undertones.

The Best Colors To Brighten A Room This Winter

What may look gray on the paint sample may look light blue on the wall, so it’s important to paint a few samples on a white board and place them in the room you plan to paint to see the colors in different lights. throughout the day to decide which works best.

If you need a good place to start, here are 9 of the most designer-recommended gray blue colors we also love.

Colors that go well with blue gray are off white, cream, earthy green, gray, mustard yellow and warm brown. It’s best to incorporate a bluish gray with some details in warmer tones to prevent the room from looking sterile and uninviting. Adding warm brown furniture or cream fabrics along with blue gray can help the space feel balanced.

In color psychology, gray represents balance and blue represents tranquility. It’s often associated with peace and stability, which is why it’s such a popular choice in environments meant for rest and rejuvenation, like bedrooms or bathrooms (even bathrooms).

Match Your Furniture To The Wall Paint!

Do you have other blue grays to add to the list? Leave them in the comments to make this post a constant source of tried-and-true blue gray.

If you want help choosing a color from other color families, you can also see them in these posts: When choosing a color for your living room. Color can have a direct impact on the energy of a room. Think about how you would like to visualize your living room. Try to narrow down your options. If you have a large room, darker colors may suit your needs. If you don’t have a very large area or are trying to reduce the feeling of size in your room, you will want to use lighter shades associated with the color.

No matter what shade of color you choose, the way to be successful is to try to create a balance. Choose a wall color that contrasts with your furniture and decor. Balance is very important with dark colors. When the room has lots of windows, large decorations and brightly colored furniture, a dark color may be the best possible idea.

Grey Blue Paint Colors For Living Room

How could you refuse this super soft chair with elegant fabric and color! We love a little extra space to snuggle up, so this sofa is exactly what we want for our cozy book reading and afternoon tea with friends and family! This blue sofa from

Gray Color Schemes That Showcase The Timeless Neutral

There are many colors that combine beautifully with navy, as navy blue is a dark tone, there are different

That complement it from pastel to moody. Some classic color combinations like navy and white, navy and gray, navy and green, navy and gold etc.

The cool-toned living room has a navy blue living room accents with a teal gray sofa, navy and gray pillows, and a gray rug. When choosing wall paint colors, if you like the look of this room. There are so many shades of navy blue to choose from, just take a look below at five sample shades we’ve selected for you.

Medium Gray: Try the exposed color of Graham Brown. On display is a perfect blend of red and blue tones, creating a cool mid-gray. Exposed reveals what’s behind the geometric graphic design and serves as a stunning backdrop for modern and classic decor. Use rose gold and silver accessories to create a contemporary sanctuary.

Blue Living Room

Rich Medium Blue: Try Graham Brown’s Brave – Brave is the perfect rich medium blue to match many Graham & Brown wallpaper designs. With red pigments, Brave appears bluer than Contrast. This dark navy blue is ideal for creating a contemporary retreat, decorated with copper accessories.

Dulux – Dulux Matt Goose Down Paint 2.5 Liter is a smooth, creamy emulsion paint for use on walls and ceilings, ideal for a modern, flat finish. Chromalock is an exclusive Dulux technology that creates an invisible protective barrier

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