Paint Colors For Large Rooms

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Paint Colors For Large Rooms – Finding the right design for a large, open floor plan is a challenge, and finding the right paint color can be downright difficult. The solution will usually be a neutral shade that will serve as a backdrop to your interior and flow seamlessly from one room to another. But neutral doesn’t necessarily mean stark white. Check out these picks from 13 interior designers.

“I think a lot of people will find my answer a bit boring… but in a BIG room, I love Benjamin Moore Super White! Super boring, right? But wait, I promise it’s not because I would suit a painted floor, fantastic fabrics, an amazing carpet and bold art. Super White suddenly becomes the perfect, sleek backdrop for any color fantasy you want. It gives you the freedom to play and have fun, and fun is my favorite part of the decor! -Eric Hughes

Paint Colors For Large Rooms

Paint Colors For Large Rooms

“My favorite shade at the moment is Cornforth White from Farrow & Ball. I’ve worn it a few times recently and I find it light and bright enough to feel soft and airy, but rich enough to have some depth and soul something big. that space often demands. Benefits: It is a truly amazing shade of gray that suits both warm and cool tones. – Jacquelyn Clark

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“A large space needs the perfect backdrop to tell the story within it. Sometimes patterns and colors can be overwhelming in very large quantities, and I love a pure white backdrop to showcase beautiful artwork, architectural materials, lighting silhouettes and of course furniture .The aim is to balance a sense of ease with more valuable items in my design. Domingue Lime Wash is the most perfect chalky white texture, which seems to absorb light naturally and radiate it with an ethereal glow. ” -Bennett Leifer

“My favorite color for a large room is without a doubt Farrow and Ball’s Pointing. It is a light ivory color with lots of depth and looks good in almost any room, at any time of day. Many ivory shades look too yellow or too dull for me.” , but this one is perfect. It looks particularly beautiful paired with blue and gray or red and pink, as the warmth balances out the cooler tones.” -Alyssa Kapito

“For me, the most important factor in choosing colors is lighting and flow. Not all rooms are the same. For a north-facing room with little or no direct natural light, try Birch. This soft, warm gray makes your lighting The space feels warm and cozy.” -Jamie Davis

“I love painting a large room Cottonwood by Ralph Lauren. It is a creamy latte color that can be used in any style: modern or traditional and everything in between. I designed and I painted the entire first floor Cottonwood One homeowner insisted she wasn’t a “brown” person until she saw her huge Blue Willow collection against it. It’s a tranquil setting, true to colors and makes EVERYTHING stand out. – Kimille Taylor

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“My favorite paint for a large space is white. The color white gives you the opportunity to express yourself through art, textiles and furniture. White is timeless. I have two favorite shades of white. One of them is Simply White by Benjamin Moore .It’s clean, crisp white, soft and cozy. The other is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, which for me is similar but a little warmer. I like to bring in natural woods, global elements and soft fabrics to warm the space. -Beth Dana

“Our favorite color is Crystal Haze from Dunn-Edwards. It’s a chameleon color that works with many different shades. Cooler tones have a hint of warm gray, which lends itself to blues, grays, browns and more. Bold. It’s a timeless, time-tested color that suits a wide range of interior styles and palettes.” -Robin Strickler

“Farrow & Ball’s Elephant’s Breath is the softest shade of gray that really allows light to bounce around the room and is perfect for large spaces. For those who want a neutral shade that isn’t white or ivory, this subtle shade will work without being overpowering. room.” – Anne Maxwell Foster and Suysel by Pedro Cunningham

Paint Colors For Large Rooms

“My favorite color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore. It’s super creamy and not too white. Once decorated, it goes with everything and keeps the room neutral. Walls that are too white feel cold and end up looking too stark with most cream-colored carpets and cushions.” -Tamara Magel

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“Benjamin Moore’s Silver Half Dollar for walls in a sleek white finish, like Benjamin Moore Simply White, has a sleek, classic look.” -Lauren Soloff

“I think Ancestral White from Pratt & Lambert is one of my favorite whites for large rooms. It has a real warmth that can shine through in the afternoon as the sun streams into the room. I think neutral rooms are the best way to” new space.” large first This way you can see how the light moves through the room over time while you live in it. Personally, I prefer to add color to the room through the use of my fabrics, objects and furniture. This way you can transition over time and not get stuck with one color. -William Mclure

“Sherwin Williams Repose Gray has the perfect balance of warm and cool tones. It is airy and earthy, effortlessly elegant. This gray is the perfect neutral to match your story, your journey, your memories. It can capture the drama of color and vibrancy of texture. This ideal paint color will always match your favorite cozy yet stylish sweater. -Lauren Warnock

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Choosing the perfect paint color for your living room can seem like a daunting task, and you don’t want to do it wrong. After all, many of us spend a lot of time in this one room besides the kitchen!

Paint Colors For Large Rooms

If you’re starting from scratch with decorating your living room, you can simply choose a paint color and then incorporate the furniture.

Best Paint Colors For High Ceiling Rooms

But if you’re painting a room that’s already furnished and decorated, it’s important to think about the items needed to work with the new paint color.

For any environment, it is first important to understand how exposure can affect paint colors. If you have a north-facing room, the light may be grayish and have a blue tint, which can bring out unwanted tones in your chosen paint color.

South-facing rooms are filled with bright natural light, which can make warmer paint colors feel too warm. East-facing rooms have a lot of light in the morning, but little light in the afternoon, and vice versa in west-facing rooms.

Once you know where the windows will face, think about the furniture, flooring, and other elements of the room it will be in.

Wall Paint Color Ideas For Home Trending In 2023

For example, if you have a navy blue sofa, you don’t want sunny yellow walls. If your sofa is cool gray, you’ll want a paint color in a similar shade that suits you well.

One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to search Pinterest and save images that I like.

I usually look at the color of the paint and whether it is a warm or cool color. Then I narrow down my favorites and pull out a few examples from Samplize to see how they look in my space.

Paint Colors For Large Rooms

Keep in mind that paint colors will look different in different rooms depending on the lighting and color of the furniture around you.

How To Paint A Room With More Than One Color

It’s also important to think about what you want the room to look like, because different colors evoke different moods. Neutral wall colors are a great blank canvas for your furniture and accessories to shine, while a darker, more moody color can create a warm and inviting space.

If you like brightly colored accessories, keeping the walls lighter can make it easier to swap out other accessories.

With that said, here are some of my favorite and most popular paint colors for living rooms in 2023.

Let’s face it: not all white paint is created equal, and that makes finding the right white for your home challenging, to say the least.

Living Room Paint Color Trends

Shoji White might be one of my favorite white paint colors: it’s a warm, creamy color

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