How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

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How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles – Yes, we may not talk about it, but we all see it. you have ugly 80’s terracotta floors and you can’t hide them or you can… I lived in 3 houses with them and always hated them. I’ve also decorated a lot of houses with them, and there are ways to make them mmmm, shall we say, not so obvious.

But they are back in fashion again, who knows? So how do you make them work in your home and bring them back to life and trends in 2022? The terracotta that is popular today looks much more natural and dull than the 1980s variety, so unfortunately they can still be “styled”.

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

Everything else in the space (furniture and decor) is also dated. However, terracotta flooring is a timeless material that is perfect for Spanish homes or spaces with a Mediterranean vibe.

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Terracotta means “baked earth” in Italian. The tiles are made of a special type of clay with a high iron content that gives them a reddish color. Terracotta tile colors range from yellow to dark brown tones. The color depends on where the clay was obtained. Terracotta is a ceramic tile, but less bulky than other ceramic tile options. Terracotta tiles are porous. Therefore, it is necessary to close them to avoid stains. But if you care for your tiles properly, they can last a very long time. unfortunately why are they still in your house from 1982 or last century…

I’m sure they were in vogue when they were installed, but the 80’s style terracotta hasn’t aged well. They’re big, have an unusual color for the style, and look like eh-veh-ree-where. They are also expensive to dismantle and replace. So if you’re renovating or just bought your first home and you’re on a tight budget, or even about to sell and want them gone, there are ways to read…

What should I do if I have terracotta floor tiles and still cannot afford to replace them?

Luckily for you, there are ways to lessen the visual impact of terracotta floor tiles if you don’t have the budget to remove them. I see this quite often in my styling, and I’ve come up with some foolproof ways to divert attention away from spoiled floors and into the better parts of the house.

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First, get a LARGE CARPET. I use them all the time to decorate a space and distract from the floor. We’re talking about buying rugs that are large enough to extend to the edge of the room; is a quick and easy way to convert at no cost.

I also try to draw people’s eyes into the room rather than down to the ground through careful use of mirrors, art and lighting. I’m finding more and more that most people don’t even notice the terracotta tiles when we walk in, they’re too busy looking at the rest of the space and how well it works.

Terracotta has a lot of pink and orange hues, so it’s good practice to avoid these colors (and any redwoods) in the same room as the tiles. You’d think this would help tone down the color throughout, but all it does is accentuate the pinkish orange more. Orange complements blue on the color wheel, so terracotta is a great accent in areas decorated with shades of blue.

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

Working with contrasting colors and taking advantage of the distinct terracotta garden vibe, abundant greenery with plants works wonders. They are bright, distracting and make the room look really stretched.

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In pigment paint for walls, you want to add bright colors without yellow or red, accented with bright white trim, blinds and shutters to distract the eye.

If possible, do not bring dark or light woods into the room as it also brings out the colors of the terracotta, making it look lighter than it is.

In addition, terracotta is one of the interior color trends in 2019. God help us.

Need help darkening the terracotta tiles and brightening the rest of the room? Make an appointment now for an interior design consultation “Floorboards and a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.” Every new homeowner or first-time remodeler has come across this statement at least once.

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There is no doubt that new floorboards and a splash of paint will transform a space, but such changes can be costly.

If you can’t look at your current floor tiles but can’t find an affordable solution, why not try painting your floor tiles? This is an easier and much cheaper solution than laying floorboards over 1960s tiles throughout the kitchen and bathrooms.

Painting floor tiles can transform any room, allowing you to customize the color and completely change the aesthetic.

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

The best part. It is entirely possible to do it yourself. Something like that though. has its own set of potential problems that you should be aware of before embarking on your floor tile painting adventure.

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Tired of your tile floor? Why not give them a fresh coat of paint? It can change the world of your interior. Image: Dulux

By following the right preparation and staining steps, breathing new life into your tile floor can be easy and very rewarding.

We asked color experts Clayton Kerwick, CEO of Refined Painting Projects, and Nigel McKenna of Top Coat to tell us how it’s done.

“It’s a great way to refresh a room and give it a fresh new look on a budget,” says Nigel

How To Paint Floor Tiles In 6 Steps

“Tinting floor tiles offers many color options, and most of them on the market can be tinted any shade imaginable,” says Clayton.

It’s important to understand the process, materials needed, and time to paint your floor tiles.

As with any reno job, it’s important to choose a good quality product to ensure it’s both good looking and practical. The Dulux Renocation line is famous for its combination of durability, color and non-slip surface. It starts at $69.90 for 1 liter. Image: Dulux

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

Choosing a floor tile color can make or break an entire DIY project (no pressure).

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According to Nigel and Clayton, the choice of paint is critical to the overall durability and success of the project.

Not only do you need to look for a paint that will last as long as possible, but you also need to make sure that the product you choose will work best with your tiles.

When buying paint for floor tiles, you should consider its durability, color and anti-slip properties. Clayton and Nigel both agree that Dulux has the best products for this paint style.

“Dulux recently launched a product specifically for painting floor tiles as part of its new renovation range,” says Clayton. “It’s pre-mixed with a non-slip adhesive and can be painted any color you like.”

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As always, a little market research can go a long way before applying paint to the tile.

Brands like Dulux have great products that can transform even the oldest, most worn tiles into brand new tiles.

“Keep in mind that the non-slip grains in floor tile paint can sometimes be a bit rough underfoot,” explains Nigel.

How To Paint Terracotta Floor Tiles

“If this applies to you, you may only want to stick to tile floors in smaller rooms like bathrooms and laundry rooms, not a full living space or entire home.”

Terracotta Cleaning Polishing And Restoration

Although painting floor tiles is a DIY job, if you are unsure or short on time, it is always best to seek professional help.

“You can do it yourself, but a professional painter will give you a quality job and will still be cheaper and faster than new tiles,” says Nigel.

“As long as the floor tiles are in good condition, you can get a great finish by painting them with minimal effort and cost compared to re-tiling or installing a brand new flooring system,” he says.

When it comes to painting a tile floor, there are a few steps you don’t want to miss. From prep to finishing, here’s how to paint floor tiles.

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Check it out before and after the Instagram post. I get asked all the time if Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™ can be used on floor tiles. While not recommended, I thought I’d give it a try in my master bathroom, what have I got to lose, I can’t stand those terracotta tiles. So I have to say that the application was very easy. First, I cleaned the tiles with soap and water. Two coats of Bin Zinsser Stain Blocker applied over a white primer. Two coats of pure white Annie Sloan Chalk Paint™.

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