What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

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What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick – I’m so excited to share our first and after looks with you today! This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. They have everything you need for basic DIYs like this and more. I was so excited to celebrate the change of seasons with this big change in our home. Right now Home Depot is offering a storewide Red, White and Blue savings program that helps me get everything I need to make my summer project dreams, indoors and outdoors (eg tools, equipment, patio, storage, and of course paint sprayer!) in store and at my door. How comfortable!

A few weeks ago we had our house painted by Davis Custom Finish. Asa Davis (our friend and favorite local Nashville artist) is back today to share some DIY tips for painting exterior brick. We used the same color for the brick and details, which saved us a lot of time.

What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

Here is a before and after comparison of our home. Color makes a big difference. Other than the paint, the only change is replacing the doors with more period-appropriate mid-century inspired doors.

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Depending on the size of your home, it is entirely possible to paint your home yourself. For the size of our house, we spent about $1,000 on paint and about $7,500 on labor. So you can see here that labor is a major part of the cost, and if you take the time to paint yourself, you can save a significant amount of money.

One thing I will mention about the size of our house is that the photos are a little deceiving because it is built on a hill. So it’s one story in the front, but about three stories in the back (we have storage under the basement), so more brick had to be painted than was visible from the front. . If you have a real one-story house, this project might be something you can accomplish with one or two people in a weekend.

We chose Behr Masonry, a pre-colored and ready-made mortar and brick color, available online. It can be used indoors or outdoors (I’ll show you how we used it indoors at the end of this post). This product is very affordable and comes with a 20 year customer satisfaction guarantee (!!!!!!). I chose the Swiss Coffee color from Behr, which is a creamy white.

During our quarantine, one of our main “hobbies” was walking around the neighborhood and looking at the paint on different houses. When I painted many houses it looked a bit blind (I can only guess) off-white. But there is also a point where cream colors look very beige and dirty. I wanted something that read “true white” as you walked by, but it was a little too muted. Swiss coffee is the perfect color for this. I am very happy about that. Instead of a contrasting finish we decided to make all the trim and details white. I’m really happy with this choice and think it helped modernize our 1965 house into something “very 2020”.

Episode #65: Painting Exterior Brick

We chose this door for our front door and painted it Behr Balsam Green. I painted the door myself and it only took three hours, spread over two days. For a complete tutorial on hard dry paint, follow these steps.

Pressure wash the brick, preferably using bleach or a similar chemical, to destroy the mold growing on the brick. Wash thoroughly with a pressure washer.

Hide any other trim you don’t want painted. For our house, we painted all the siding and brick the same color, which saved us a lot of time. Consider this when choosing between a contrasting cut and a matching cut.

What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

You don’t have to spray paint, but it’s definitely an easy way to paint the exterior of your home. As stone paint is usually quite thick it is advisable to use a large sprayer with a 517 tip and high pressure.

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Depending on the porosity of the brick, you can use a roller to work the paint into the mortar joints while the paint is still wet. If you don’t have a sprayer and don’t want to buy or rent one, you can paint the edges of the walls with a brush and roll the paint onto the walls just like the interior of the room. This takes a lot of time as you have to work the color into each mortar joint.

I used a Graco Pro paint sprayer, but Home Depot now sells a variety of options in the event, red, white, and blue. You can see all the spray savings here. If you don’t want to buy, Home Depot also has a handy tool rental program where you can rent the exact sprayer I used.

My favorite feature of the house is this brick panel in the front. I’ve always loved these exposed bricks and couldn’t wait to paint them white because I knew they would stand out even more. The same thing happened when we painted our previous house. If you’ve got some cool brick details, they’ll really pop more when painted a solid color.

The whole house looks very fresh. Even the back porch. Looks very cohesive now. Every time we go home I am shocked at how good it looks. The painting added a lot of charm.

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Thanks so much for reading today! Please be sure to pin this post if you are interested in potentially painting your home in the future. xx- Elsie I’ve been wanting to paint my exterior brick ever since I put shingles on the roof. I wanted something light and bright and decided to go for it. We started it over Labor Day weekend and I’m very happy with the results.

Painting exterior brick isn’t a quick job, but it was worth the effort to do it ourselves instead of paying a professional to do it, saved us a lot of money, and tackled something new I’d never tried before. Read the instructions and DIY video.

Note that when you spray, excess spray gets everywhere!! Make sure to remove all furniture and plants. Make sure anything you don’t want to paint is covered.

What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

This step is very important. In order for your primer to adhere properly, the brick must be clean. I used our power washer to spray everything and then came back with a cloth to make sure no dirt or grime remained.

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I used frogtape and art paper to cover all the windows and doors. Take some time and glue these parts well. It’s worth it!

Spraying is very messy, so make sure all surfaces are covered. I put large sheets of cardboard, but you can cover them with drawing paper or throw them into pieces.

Now you are ready to paint. Make sure you go with an exterior primer that bonds to the brick.

After the primer dries, it’s time to paint. While I was painting, my husband came to me with a roller to smooth the paint and stick it on the brick. We apply 2 layers of paint.

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This works really easily if the two are working together. I like the result and I hope you will too.

Thanks for joining our community, we’re so glad to have you! Last step, go to your email and confirm your subscription. Our exterior brickwork is currently painted. Henry and I love painted brick and think it’s a classic, timeless look. I think a lot of people want to do this, but for some reason are a little hesitant to take the leap.

Lack of knowledge and knowing exactly what they are doing can scare some. I can totally get my bearings, so I want to give you some tips for painting the exterior of your home that will give you a little more knowledge and ease your mind. Whether it’s DIY or rental, these tips will help.

What Paint To Use On Exterior Brick

Preparation is an important part of making sure painted exterior brick is done right. Before you do anything, make sure and clean the brick with a cleaning compound. If the brick is not very dirty, a brush with a hose, stiff bristles and soapy water works well.

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After cleaning, make sure and fill all the cracks with acrylic cover. Exterior paint takes some time to dry before applying. now you

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