Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

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Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets – Learn how to choose colors that complement your oak cabinets and I’ll share my favorite wall paint colors that go with oak cabinets. Updating an oak kitchen doesn’t mean painting your cabinets!

Take an old kitchen and turn it into a showpiece with an inexpensive update by painting your walls, not your cabinets.

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

What can you do when your kitchen is outdated but the kitchen of your dreams is nowhere to be seen? Maybe for you, a partial change is possible – paint the cabinets white, install a beadboard or subway tile, and update the counters.

Picking The Right Paint Colors To Go With The Wood In Your Home…color Theory

Or maybe these updates aren’t an option. Maybe it’s out of budget or you don’t have time. Maybe you rent and are not allowed to make permanent changes to your property.

I was there a few years ago. After a stressful summer of remodeling, we decided to wait to redo the kitchen. However, I knew I wanted to make changes without committing to painting our oak cabinets orange.

My goal was to make simple, inexpensive changes that would help me embrace our imperfect kitchen until we were ready to remodel. I had to find simple and clever ways to update the space. Lucky for me, I love being creative!

I was determined to find wall paint colors that would complement the oak cabinets, that would complement the orange colors rather than compete with them.

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But first, here are some before pictures of our kitchen. It worked and helped us in many ways. However, it is outdated and not what I want. I know I can improve it with a few simple changes.

Our kitchen is like many others from its time. It is full of oak cabinets from the 1980s, a dark green cabinet that makes the room heavy and narrow, light brown drawers built into the cabinets and only a small window above the sink.

The kitchen has things going for it. The cabinets are in good condition, for one. And even though the counter is small, it doesn’t compete with the cabinets or the floor. That was the beginning!

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

First, I knew I had to paint the walls. Today’s colors – blue and red – do not compete with the orange oak cabinets, but are dark and heavy in the dark area. I want to simplify things.

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Painting is one of my go-to tricks for adding light to a room. There’s nothing like a can of paint to brighten up a dark room and make it look clean and fresh! Plus, painting is cheap, easy and quick – you can paint your kitchen as a weekend project!

I love a nice warm or soft white cream on my walls and trim. Sometimes I even paint the walls and keep them the same color, to really open up the space and make it feel bigger and more cohesive.

In this kitchen, I painted the sofa, walls and ceiling a beautiful soft cream. It also matches the cream tones of the back tile. The dark green finish makes the kitchen feel heavy and makes the space look cluttered.

Painting the soft creamy white instantly makes the kitchen feel more open, bright and airy – it’s amazing! The soffit meets the ceiling and almost disappears, indicating that the ceiling is higher.

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Because it’s so close to the color of the backsplash, the whole room looks very small, which makes it look very big and bright!

I also painted the trim white for a nice finish. The crisp white floorboards and trim around the doors and windows reflect the cream walls and accentuate their beautiful soft color. The end result is a clean, fresh, bright and airy kitchen!

The problem comes when many homeowners, who prefer cool tones, ignore their homes and paint their oak kitchens in gray or blue colors. Or maybe they think they’ll play it cool and paint the walls white – choosing only white with cool tones.

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

Make the cabinets look more – not less – orange! Now those drawers you didn’t want to start with will stick out like a sore thumb.

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The trick is to paint your walls a color that softens the orange tones of the oak, don’t overdo it.

The warmth of the wall color will complement – not compete with – the cabinetry, which will also create a cohesive feel.

Here are some of my favorite whites. I use all of these in my home:

Here are some of the neutral colors in my house, with more color in them than white. All paint colors that match oak cabinets:

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You want color, why not try a natural color like Sherwin Williams Rosemary or Pewter? After all, green is in style now.

I know, in my small kitchen I painted my sofa dark green. But if your space is open-minded, a warm green in olive tones can be the perfect combination with your oak cabinets.

To offset the orange or yellow tones of oak or maple, choose a calm, clean neutral that’s warm enough for balance but soft enough to distract.

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

Although I would argue that good quality wooden cabinets are always in style, it is true that the orange-yellow finish of the 80s cabinets is not very popular these days! Play with the finish by choosing a muted paint color!

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Will painting your kitchen walls the right color help your oak cabinets last longer? Frustrated with finding the perfect wall paint color for your oak cabinets? Look no further, I am here to give you all the information about paint, how and why you should use these colors to enhance the look of a high quality oak kitchen.

Work with your oak cabinets instead of fighting them. Read this after choosing the best paint color for your oak kitchen.

Before we get into my pick of two bold colors, let’s talk about a few things to consider before picking up a brush.

The most common complaint I hear about oak is that the wife wants to paint the cabinets or trim, but the husband loves the wood and refuses to paint it.

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So we’re stuck in a situation where even though you know if you should paint the cabinets or cut out the white or cream to brighten things up and modernize your kitchen, you can’t.

First, show your loved one the difference painted cabinets make, using photos on Pinterest, or take them to a restaurant, home improvement showroom, or kitchen showroom. But sometimes it’s not enough and you don’t want to apologize instead of asking for permission.

The first question to ask is how much oak do you have? Are your baseboards, floors, wainscoting, cabinets, island, counters and all your furniture oak?

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

If the answer is yes, we need to cut down some of that oak. With materials that have the same tone as the wood (or variants of the wood) we want to emphasize some parts of the kitchen and minimize others. We also need to make a visible break in each oak.

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And even though the only oak in the room is the cabinets, we need to add color to bring out the oak because the cabinets take up a lot of space in the kitchen. This can make them feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

So whether it’s cabinetry or flooring and trim, you need to decide how much oak you can live with. I recommend that if you have all of the above list of wood shades, you finish some of them.

We knew we were going to paint the walls. My next recommendation is to paint the trim a warm white

. Next, you should replace some oak furniture with wood painted in black, cream, white or even color.

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I am not asking you to change the floor, but we can reduce the amount of oak by adding a kitchen floor and a rug under the kitchen dining table. If there is an adjacent living room or dining room, you should buy a large rug for that space as well.

Next, the question of painting the cabinets. If you have the option of 1) paying a professional to paint them or 2) painting them yourself using professional instructions, I always recommend that first.

I personally linked Kayla Payne’s Paint them course because it is #1 in teaching the right way to paint a closet.

Paint Colors To Go With Oak Cabinets

Plus, since you have warm oak tones at your disposal, you don’t have to choose a solid white, but a warm white, like this one.

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Avoid gray cabinets because lower tones don’t play well with oak floors and trim. Unless the only oak in the room is the cabinets, in which case paint it.

Also if you choose to paint it

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