Best Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors

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Best Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors – A little color goes a long way in the bathroom. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up some of the best bathroom colors available to update your home. From cheery greens to clean whites, read on for the bathroom wall colors we swear by (and great ways to use them).

Fresh Kicks: You can add a coat of white paint to make your bathroom look bigger over time. Paint your walls with Fresh Kicks to open up a small bathroom or windowless room or use it to activate a monochromatic space without straying from all white.

Best Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors

Best Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors

Whipped: Our best-selling bathroom color for a reason, Whipped is a white that works wonders in any room in your home. Open up a small bathroom with white walls and let your decor do the talking.

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Snow Day: Looking for a shade of white that will brighten up your bathroom and make it look bigger at the same time? Snow Day is a cool white with a touch of warmth that brightens the bathroom walls while creating a larger space.

Current awareness: Bold colors make a big impact in a small bathroom. As well as bringing personality and drama to the space, attractive wall colours, such as Current Mood, can make the bathroom look more spacious than it really is.

Wing It: If you think blank bathrooms are over, it’s time to think again. Like a neutral, a rare shade of red, like Wing It, can add a splash of color to an otherwise empty bathroom.

Black: Dreaming of a black and white bathroom but don’t want wallpaper for the space? A rich black color, such as Blackest, is a great contrast to the accent of the bathroom with white tile – no stripes required.

Bathroom Color Schemes

Dark Grey: We’re not calling this new shade of light gray the perfect medium for anything. Soothing and versatile, Seize Gray has a low-key feel that makes it a great color choice for updating everything from your bathroom walls to walls.

Headspace: Colors that evoke a sense of heaven or heaven are great for giving your bathroom a relaxing, spa-like feel. Create a peaceful atmosphere with a soft and airy teal shade like Headspace.

Irony: Never underestimate the power of bathroom paint. Case in point: This small powder room where painted shiplap panels ironically play off the colors of the prints to make a small statement.

Best Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors

Current Mood: Love the idea of ​​dark bathroom walls but not ready to paint the whole space? Try painting the lower half of your bathroom walls a deep shade like Current Mood and stick to wallpaper or a neutral color for the upper half.

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Black: When all else fails, you can paint your bathroom one color to update your bathroom in a pinch. Even dark and ominous colors, like Blackest, can add some depth and drama to the bathroom, as seen in this space with a beautiful facade.

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