South Facing Vastu House Plans

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South Facing Vastu House Plans

South Facing Vastu House Plans

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South Facing Vastu House Plans

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X41′ 3bhk South Facing House Plan As Per Vastu Shastra,autocad Dwg And Pdf File Details.

The base of this house is about 675 square meters, providing living space. The 25 feet x 27 feet 3 inches size makes the canvas for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. In this dimension, the house contains the meaning of warmth and comfort.

The shape of this house is also adapted to the south direction, it smooths the flow of energy and causes good vibrations. This arrangement aims to harmonize the house with its surroundings, creating a space based on Vastu principles.

Built according to Vastu principles, this house shows a deep respect for the spatial balance between nature and human construction. Its design harmonizes the elements of space, air and light to create an environment conducive to well-being and positive energy.

The strength and durability of this house is reflected in its walls, which are built 9 inches thick. The walls not only provide structural stability, but also contribute to the general insulation and acoustics of the building, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

South Facing House

The staircase, carefully designed according to Vastu principles, consists of 23 steps. Each step has a 6-inch rise and a 10-inch roll, offering a smooth and comfortable climb. This staircase not only connects the different levels of the house, but also serves as a model to complement the overall beauty.

As you enter this retreat, you will be greeted by a spacious living room, measuring 7 feet 9 inches by 6 feet 9 inches. The room exudes warmth and comfort, a place for relaxation, entertainment and good times with loved ones. Large curtains decorate the room, allowing natural light to flood the room and giving a view of the surrounding beauty.

Designed according to Vastu principles, the kitchen has become the heart of this small house. Measuring 7 feet 5 inches by 6 feet 9 inches it has excellent performance and functionality. With care and attention to detail, the kitchen combines aesthetics and functionality, creating a space that inspires creativity in food and nutrition.

South Facing Vastu House Plans

The house consists of two bedrooms, both places are peaceful and comfortable. Each bedroom measures approximately 11 feet 7 inches by 11 feet, providing ample space to relax and rejuvenate. Both bedrooms are equipped with wardrobes, which provide storage solutions to maintain a comfortable living environment.

Unique 2 Bedroom South Face Plan With Vastu

With modest proportions, this small house incorporates skylights that attract natural light and fresh air. The windows, well designed, add to the overall feeling of openness, connecting inside and outside and giving the living space a sense of energy.

Reaching for the sky, the building stands proudly 12 feet tall. This vertical aspect ensures plenty of headroom and a sense of spaciousness inside the home. This unique house plan is by Shivam Consultants, a renowned name in construction expertise. Expertise in combining basic design, function and Vastu principles is reflected in every aspect of this small house.

In the realm of architectural wonders, this tiny Vastu house is a testament to the beauty and harmony that can be achieved through thoughtful design and construction. From measurements and instructions to careful attention to every room, this house shows the perfect integration of aesthetics, functionality and Vastu principles.

In a limited space of 25ft x 27ft 3in, this house has a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and amenities, all created in detail. The living room invites comfort and relaxation, while the kitchen embodies efficiency and balance. The bedroom is a place of peace, encouraging restful and restful sleep. Throughout the building, the cabinet offers an integrated solution, preserving the unused environment.

X67 Vastu House Plan East Facing || 2 Bhk Plan 082

The combination of windows ensures the use of natural light and fresh air, creating an encouraging and pleasant environment. Solid 9-inch walls provide structural integrity and transparency, contributing to the home’s overall comfort and durability. The stairs are carefully designed, according to the principles of Vastu, to guide people easily and gracefully.

At 12 feet high, this small house embodies integration, emphasizing a sense of openness and spaciousness in modest dimensions. The layout, specially prepared by Shivam Consultants, shows how to create a living space that blends design principles with Vastu principles.

If you are inspired by this beautiful Vastu small house and want to build a similar shelter, don’t hesitate to contact Shivam consultants. Our expertise and dedication will help you realize your vision, creating a home that combines aesthetics, functionality and the timeless principles of Vastu.

South Facing Vastu House Plans

In an often underrated world, this tiny Vastu house shines as an example of harmonious living. Practical design, practical design and adherence to Vastu principles show that a small space can be transformed into a place of peace and balance.

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